Keroro Gunsou 40

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 40
(Sgt. Frog 40)

SPOILER Summary: After the main cast and announcer wish the audience a happy new year, Keroro breaks out the Jomon water from Yakushima, Kyushu, which apparently meets with the platoon’s approval. After having quite a bit of fun at Giroro’s expense, its time for new year’s resolutions, where Tamama finally makes a love confession. However, Keroro misunderstands it to be a general love from the troops for their leader. Finally, Keroro has prepared a mochi soup, which has a purple glow. Moa drinks it and it makes her drunk. She forces it down Tamama’s, Giroro’s, and Kururu’s throats. Dororo, who’d been forgotten, is happy for once to be excluded as Moa is about to make the terrified Keroro drink.

Sometime after this, Moa reads the new years cards, but one is a warning to Keroro for being late on sending in his homework to HQ. The platoon learns he has mountains of homework to do. They send him to do it, but Keroro keeps finding other things to do rather than the homework. So, the platoon takes it to watch him in shifts until he gets it done, punishing him when he goofs off. He finally gets it done, but sadly, he missed the final deadline and HQ has sent punishment of their own — the Nyororo creature, which absorbs water from Keroro, leaving him flat like a sheet of paper.

Thoughts: I was mostly bored by this episode, though the New Year’s card that made fun of Kururu, causing him to do the voodoo thing on it, was funny. However, I learned the importance of doing one’s homework on time, which I suppose is something seeing as how I’m in a Japanese class. ^_^;

There was a new ED theme song, which doesn’t do it for me. That said, it was neat seeing how to draw Keroro.

The saddest part about this episode was the reminder that it came out in 2005. That shows you just how smegging far behind I am. ^_^;;;

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