Macross Frontier 05

マクロスF Episode 05
Macross F Ep. 05

SPOILER Summary: Ozama is furious with Ranka for being expelled from school and for her wanting to be a singer. As a result, she runs away from home, refusing to return until her oniichan apologizes. Meanwhile, Sheryl has Alto at his school, where they have to hide from being seen while Ranka tries to contact Alto-kun. Ozama is waiting for Ranka but instead gets a visit from Lt. Glass, who summons him to a special briefing. As such, he calls Michel (aka: Mikhail) to find Ranka no matter what, something Michel is not keen on doing.

Michel calls Alto to see if Ranka is with her, but of course he’s still with Sheryl. He’s surprised to learn that Ranka got suspended. Ranka has left him a voice message, stating a desire to talk but sadly, her phone is offline when he tries to return her call. Michel does find Ranka, who’s happy to see him but still refuses to return home. Michel has no choice but to follow her. Elsewhere, Alto and Sheryl continue their “date” of sightseeing where Sheryl remarks that the one thing she likes about Alto is that he doesn’t treat her like the celebrity “Sheryl.”

Alto takes Sheryl to the Zentradi section of the ship, where they see some hippo-cow farmers at work before heading into the city. Also in the city are Ranka and Michel where Michel buys Ranka a soft serve ice cream cone and they talk. Michel wonders why she likes talking to Alto so much (because he listens to her) and if Ranka can truly sing in front of a crowd the way a Zentradi was doing when they first entered the plaza. Elsewhere, Sheryl has a moment of inspiration and begins writing on a giant pair of panties as Alto and Klan (in normal form, who’d just joined them) wait. Alto makes a paper airplane and launches it while down below his location, Ranka trembles at the prospect of singing in front of strangers. However, seeing Alto’s plane gives her courage and she is able to sing.

The singing is shown all over and Sheryl is proud of Ranka’s progress. Sheryl returns the charm she stole from Alto and promises to give him tickets to her final concert before she leaves to return to Macross Galaxy. She gives him a farewell kiss on the cheek, which is seen by both Michel and Ranka, the later being in a state of disbelief over what she saw.

Meanwhile, while all this was going on, Leon is briefing Ozama and the others (whom he describes as survivors of the 117th Investigatory Fleet) and reveals to them an intact Vajra in a giant tube. He reveals that what they are seeing is either a low-level life form or a controlled bio-weapon. As the briefing continues, the Vajra suddenly comes to life and begins trying to break out of the glass. It succeeds in cracking the glass before Leon is snapped to his senses by Ozama and seals the glass withing a metal casing, where an energy discharge within appears to “kill” the thing, leaving Leon to wonder how this happened.

A ship folds in to report that Macross Galaxy is under massive attack by the Vajra.

Thoughts: I see all the fansubbers have name-switched “Mikhail” to “Michel.” *_* Granted, that is what it sounds like people are calling him but…*sigh* The hideous, all-knowing, all-seeing, superior to you losers Wikipedia still has it at “Mikhail.” Whatever.

The scene in the lab with the Vajra reminded me of a similar scene in Independence Day. I am curious to learn more about the Vajra.

I can understand Sheryl’s attraction to Alto, who treats her like any other person. I understand any attraction Alto may have for Sheryl, who’s a hot, popular singer. That said, I want Alto and Ranka to end up together. I’m hoping that there won’t be much negative fallout from Ranka witnessing the kiss.

I liked the trip to the Zentradi part of the ship. Even though we didn’t get to see a whole lot, it is neat seeing how they are just normal, if giant, people. As the story progresses, I’m looking forward to seeing the humans and Zentradi working together.

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