Macross Frontier 07

マクロスF Episode 07
Macross F Ep. 07

SPOILER Summary: Macross Galaxy support warships Dulfim and Kaitos are under massive attack from the Vajra as the SMS Skull Squadron and the SMS Pixie Squadron launch. Lt. Glass reminds the captain of the Macross Quarter that the need to collect information on the Vajra is almost more important than aiding the two warships. As Sheryl’s concerts starts back on Macross Frontier (with Ranka having arrived, wondering where Alto-kun is), the battle to save Dulfim and Kaitos is on. Kanaria, flying the König Monster (“King Monster” for those who don’t know German), sets up shop on the deck of the Dulfim where she transforms her bomber to artillery mode and begins kicking bottom.

The battle is going well for the SMS folks and Sheryl, taking a break before coming out for more tunes, gets a briefing on the battle from her manager Grace, who happens to have tapped into the feed for the battle. In the audience, Ranka gets a recorded message from Ozama and realizes were Alto-kun is. As Sheryl returns to the stage, the SMS folks suddenly face a new threat as a Vajra mother ship folds into the combat zone. It destroys the Kaitos and captures Luca’s fighter, appearing to devour it. Alto is enraged and despite the protests from the others, rushes in to attack, somehow making it within the giant Vajra ship. He finds evidence of destroyed Vajra inside and doesn’t understand what is happening but soon finds where Luca, still within his fighter, is being held.

Meanwhile, thanks to the data Luca sent up until his capture, the bridge crew of Macross Quarter feel they now can successfully take on the Vajra mother ship. Lt. Glass protests, but it is decided to show her why the ship bears the “Macross” name. As such, the ship transforms to bring its Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon to bear. Meanwhile inside the mother ship, Alto has found Luca unconscious in his fighter, which is restrained. He beings to fight to free Luca when through Sheryl’s earring, her song can be heard, which is also heard by a mysterious alien guy in a fighter nearby. Said person is touched by the song and from a distance, helps Alto free Luca by shooting attacking Vajra. Alto still loses his fighter to the Vajra but manages to escape the mother ship with Luca as does the mysterious person, who then flies off. Macross Quarter attacks and destroys the mother ship. Ozama both chastises and praises Alto for his work and the crew of the Dulfim thank the crew of the Macross Quarter.

Thoughts: I’m not sure what that glow reaction was between Ranka’s stomach (I presume it was her stomach) and Sheryl’s earring. Maybe it was nothing and just dramatic license as I presume the bit where the two seem to be floating in space with astral bodies happened to be.

The intermix of the concert with the battle wasn’t too distracting as I feared it would be. Being a Macross title, some alien has to hear the songs of the human. This time Sheryl’s final song somehow appears to be transmitted to her earring in Alto’s fighter, which somehow the alien (guy?) in the alien fighter (whom I assume may have been the cause of the destruction of Vajra units within the mother ship) hears it. We’ll see where that goes.

I liked that while the writers allowed Alto to be successful, it came at a price, namely the loss of his fighter.

As to Lt. Glass, I’m sure her role was to keep the S.M.S. folks under some sort of control. I can’t shake the feeling that her boyfriend Leon will end up being a snake in the grass. I hope not because I like being surprised.

Mostly eye-candy this episode, but very enjoyable eye-candy.

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