Gunsmith Cats 02

ガンスミス キャッツ Ep. 02 (OVA)
Gunsmith Cats 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Gunsmith Cats 02A security guard notices activity that shouldn’t be at the dock and is “shot” (projectile knife) by a butch Russian woman as a shipment of illegal weapons is unloaded. Over in Chicago, Rally and May are visiting a worried Washington in an ATF safehouse in Chicago. He asks the ATF agents to leave the room and then disables their listening device. He tries to convince Rally and May that his life is in danger and that the ATF can’t be trusted. They aren’t buying it, so before the ATF agents force their way back into the room, he gives a Rolex and an address with phone number to May to give the watch to his daughter.

Gunsmith Cats 02After the pair have left, the agents tasked with guarding Washington (who’s going to turn State’s evidence) watch a news spot showing their boss with state senator Edward Haints, who’s going to run for mayor of Chicago. They’ve been working on putting out illegal drugs and guns. About that time, the Russian chick arrives and cards into the safe house, registering as agent Bill Collins. She takes out all of the ATF agents before making to Washington and killing him. Bill’s boss, Mr. Black, takes him off the case because of this. The Russian chick returns to the place where she is staying and receives a new target, this time May and Rally. The price the Russian chick is charging is a case of heroine, which will be sold in Russia.

Gunsmith Cats 02Rally and May make their way to the address left to them by Washington. However, it turns out to be a false address and the Rolex is a fake. They return home, joined by Becky, and discuss the matter. When May notices their home is bugged, they carry on a fake conversation while Becky brings a pizza out to the ATF truck outside where Bill has been listening in. Rally is not happy with this and wants the license Bill promised her. When the truck takes off, May was underneath and set up a small bomb, which goes off a short time later, disabling the truck. With that, May, Rally, and Becky head to the Gunsmith Cats shop where Becky figures out what Washington passed to May. It is a porno site, which is used as cover for a ledger to track illegal gun and drug shipments. One is arriving that very night. Little do they know that Bill has tapped their computer and now has the same information.

Gunsmith Cats 02Arriving at the warehouse where the deal is to be done, Becky remains in the car while Rally and May go in, confirming the shipment. They are busted, but the two are prepared and after donning shades, May drops a flash grenade, allowing Rally to take out some thugs. She’s targeted by the Russian assassin but is saved when Bill shoots at the Russian chick. She gets away but then takes May hostage and escapes in a car. Rally is after them in her car along with Becky. May sees Rally is in pursuit and so launches her own plan. As Rally and the Russian chick race and exchange gunfire, May has planted a bomb using plastic explosives. When the Russian tries to kill her with the knife, May sets off the bomb, which blows out the back window allowing her to escape. She lands on Rally’s car and is grabbed by Becky. As the Russian chick’s car flies off a drawbridge and explodes thanks to a second bomb left by May.


Gunsmith Cats 02Thus far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this little series. For starters, it is amazing what good animation will do for one’s enjoyment of an anime (it’s not the only thing mind you). Normally, the average stuff we see is good enough, but then we get good animated stuff like this series and it is a real treat.

As to the story, I am interested in what is going on here. However, if there is a spy within ATF, they aren’t very good. Actually, I should say, “Why kill so many ATF agents as part of whatever scheme is going on?” Since this episode introduced a political element, I suppose the politician could be behind things (assuming there is a mole in ATF) to get elected. We’ll see what happens though.

While May and Rally are a good pair, I have to say that May is my favorite of the two. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her after she was kidnapped. The evil grin she gave let me know that fun times were ahead, and indeed they were. There’s no way some Russian chick is going to get the best of her. Doom on the Russian chick for not checking May for bomb-making materials.

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