Keroro Gunsou 49

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 49
(Sgt. Frog 49)

SPOILER Summary:

Natsumi rushes home one rainy afternoon to get the laundry in, only to discover that Kururu has already done it, freaking Natsumi out. Fuyuki is looking for a certain book but can’t find it. However, Kururu shows up with it, having rescued it from Natsumi who was going to throw it out. This freaks Fuyuki out. Meanwhile, after Keroro and Giroro get into a fight over the lack of progress on the invasion, they discover that Natsumi and Fuyuki treat Kururu with a great deal of respect and even give him gifts. When asked, Kururu simply states that he did something he wouldn’t normally do. Tamama tries this at Nishizawa’s place by cleaning his room instead of the maids and receives a reward of candy. Keroro tries to do all sorts of things he wouldn’t normally do (including almost destroying the Earth by accident) and receives nothing. However, he eventually discovers that Kururu’s kindness came with a price (Fuyuki’s book had an important page removed and Natsumi’s clothing became all weird), leading the kindness of Fuyuki and Natsumi to turn into wrath as Kururu gets a beating. Later, Giroro tries to impress Natsumi by doing something different, namely dressing in a tux with a wig, asking her to tea. She refuses.

It is White Day in Japan and Fuyuki has given Nishizawa a bag of cookies, which she has placed in a display case and is dreamy about. Paul decides it is time to move things to the next phase where Fuyuki confesses his love to Nishizawa. She’s not sure, but Paul has the latest super computer hooked to a simulator that has all the data plugged in, thus insuring success. Nishizawa goes into the simulator and the first simulation has some thugs come up against herself and Fuyuki. Paul envisioned Fuyuki battling the thugs, but he runs off with Nishizawa in tow. Paul is embarrassed, but Nishizawa states that this was the right thing to do.

So, Paul decides to go the alien route, arranging for an actor to play an alien where Fuyuki will run away and hide in a manhole, thereby confessing to Nishizawa. Rerunning the simulation, Fuyuki is excited to see the alien, but is prudent and runs away as predicted. However, Keroro is in front of a shop and ruins things. Paul orders a Gunpla factory purchased to ensure that Keroro is occupied with model making. The simulation reruns, but Tamama shows up and ruins things. Paul orders special candy to be given to Tamama to insure he doesn’t interfere. Paul runs the simulation many times, each time being forced to order something to ensure people don’t interfere with the plan (including purchasing buildings to make sure Fuyuki can’t run down a back alley). Once the simulation is perfected, they try it out in reality. Things go according to plan until Fuyuki and Nishizawa enter the manhole. There, before Fuyuki can confess, Kogoro races through the water in the sewer on a tricycle. Sadly, Paul did not know about him and thus had no data, meaning the plan failed.

Thoughts: The first story is a slightly modified manga story which I’ve always found amusing. The anime version was no less amusing and in fact, may be a bit more amusing because I can hear Kururu’s “KU!Ku!ku!ku!” laugh. *lol* Actually, next time I read the Sgt. Frog manga from TokyoPop, I’m going to try to remember to think of Kururu’s laugh whenever it appears on the page.

The second story was new to me, but was one that made me laugh a few times. I get into that “if you fail once, try, try again” humor because there will be lots of failures and restarts to get it right. It may be weird, but that’s me. Every time Paul had to make another purchase and teh simulation started over, I just laughed and waited for the next failure point.

So, all in all, this was a pretty good episode.

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