Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 26 (finale)

魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 26 (finale)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 26 (finale)

SPOILER Summary: As Nanoha, Hayate, Rein, and Vivio are sealed within the Saint’s Cradle, Fate (with help from Shari) prevents the self-destruction of Scaglietti’s lab. However, some falling debris nearly takes her out but Elio races through and saves her just in time. In the Ground Forces HQ, Agito mourns the loss of Zest and is angry with Signum for killing him. Nevertheless, Agito recognizes that it was an honorable, warrior’s death and since Zest’s final wish was that Agito work with Signum, Agito will do that. Agito promises that if Signum does not live up to Zest’s expectations, she will kill Signum. Signum states that she will allow Agito to do so if that should be the case. With that, Agito forms a unison with Signum and they are off to join the fight in the skies.

As Alto orbits the Saint’s Cradle in her helicopter, a second helicopter containing Vice, Tia, and Subaru approaches. Vice uses his sniper ability to clear an aerial path to the ship (there being a number of Gadgets having been launched from the ship) so that Subaru can use her Wing Road ability. Then Tia and Subaru take Vice’s motorcycle and ride Wing Road to the ship. Since the motorcycle is non-magical, the strong Anti-Magic Fields don’t affect it. They race through the corridor and encounter a wounded Vita along with two mage troops who’ve been trying to get to where Nanoha and the others are trapped. Tia and Subaru race passed saying they are going to rescue Nanoha and the others. While Tia’s magic is gone, Subaru still has her cyborg abilities combined with Mach Caliber and Blitz Caliber, the two get to Nanoha’s location and rescue all of the trapped people. Once everyone has evacuated the ship, Chrono’s fleet arrives to destroy Saint’s Cradle.

After what became known as the JS Incident, Scaglietti, Uno, Tre, Quattro, and Sette were sent to various planets in orbital detention facilities (the Numbers sent there because they refused to help the investigation). The remaining Numbers were sent to a rehabilitation facility along with Lutecia and Agito who voluntarily went there. Lutecia’s mother was placed in a hospital where the staff began treating her, believing that she would eventually revive without the use of a Relic. The 6th Mobile Division had their HQ repaired and returned to them. Vivio was examined for a time and then returned to Nanoha (who appears to have adopted her).

A year after being formed, the 6th Mobile Division disbands, its primary mission having been completed. All of the staff are to be reassigned but for fun, Nanoha gathers the combat personnel at a cherry orchard, were the sakura are in full bloom. After Vita praises the former rookies for having become strong, Nanoha suggests one final mock combat. Fate isn’t sure about this, but agrees when Elio and Caro state their enthusiasm for the exercise. So with Hayate, Ginga, and Vivio watching, the fun begins.

After disbanding, Hayate transfers to the army (from the navy) and works on special investigations. The Wolkenritter appear to transfer with her and joining them is Agito, who’s master is now Signum. Agito and Rein still have a rivalry and will get into little harmless skirmishes from time to time. Enforcer Fate returns to the Interstellar Navigational Bureau with Shari and now has as Tia as her aide. Lutecia had a magic seal placed on her and was sent to an uninhabited planet for observation along with her mother and summoned critters. Alto becomes a full-time helicopter pilot and Vice regains his license to carry special arms again, thus he’s a sniper again as well as a pilot. He also has patched things up with Laguna.

Dragon Summoner Private Caro returns to her formal position on the Outland Environmental Protection Squad. She’s joined by Dragon Knight Private Elio, who requested the transfer. Their job is to protect against poaching. Vivio is officially adopted by Nanoha and enrolled into a magic school run by the Saint Church where she is a normal girl. Ginga takes a job at the rehab facility where she works with the Numbers placed there. Subaru transfers to the team of first responders who work on disasters and the like, where she’s shown rescuing two young children from a damaged ocean ship who are about to drown. Finally, Captain Nanoha is offered a huge promotion but turns it down so that she can remain a front-line aerial mage and combat instructor.

Thoughts: I liked how the writers brought back Tia and a motorcycle. The writers have been really good about table setting, then paying it off.

If Lutecia is on an uninhabited planet, how’d she get one of her droid insects to send a flower over to Erio and Caro, who are not on an uninhabited planet? Oh well.

I think I enjoyed most seeing how everyone did once the 6th disbanded. It was cute and sweet seeing Elio and Caro still together. However, her being a Dragon Summoner and he now being a Dragon Knight makes their “being a couple” (for lack of a better term since they are still young) a good match. Also on the cute front was having Agito join with the Guardian Knights and have her rivalry with Rein. I wouldn’t mind seeing an OVA or something that featured Hayate and her knights on a mission.

I’m glad Nanoha officially adopted Vivio. Considering that Yuuno (as well as Arf) were with her when they were taking secret pictures of Vivio in class (and subsequently busted by Sister Schach), I like to think that maybe she and Yuuno have a thing going on. Then again for all I know, he and Arf have a thing going on. *lol*

Looking back, I see I was completely wrong about the Asura. I thought for sure it would be engaged in combat with Saint’s Cradle before all was said an done, but that didn’t happen.

Also looking back, I see how strong the theme of family was a part of this series. It has been in the earlier titles as well and the writers never just throw it in your face. Nevertheless, it is there and because of all of the family incidents (Fate adopting Elio and Caro, who’d been removed from their families, Nanoha taking Vivio under her wing, Subaru and Ginga having lost their mother,
Lutecia desperate to revive her mother, the Numbers relating to each other as sisters, etc.), the family theme is larger in scope this time. I liked that.

Overall, a really enjoyable series despite some weak dialog at times.

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6 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 26 (finale)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t mention how Signum does her Xellos impression. 😉

  2. al103 says:

    >If Lutecia is on an uninhabited planet, how’d she get one of her droid insects to send a flower over to Erio and Caro, who are not on an uninhabited planet?

    Most summoners are good at teleportation magic, it was stated long ago in series…

    About oficial adoption – that’s why i hate when in translation or fanfics they change from japan to european namestyle (luckily not here – but many times in Nanohafics) … Nanoha the best example that it has a big importance, Takamachi Nanoha (japan name – japan style) Alisa Bannings (european name – european style) Fate Testarossa (Mid name – mid (european) style)… than we have Nakajima family who have japanese names but european order – and this is important because they are not japanese, but midchildans of japanese ancestry. And at last Vivio, who at first Vivio Takamachi and in the end Takamachi Vivio – feel difference…

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I guess I didn’t realize that they could teleport from such great distances, but considering they are summoning their critters from some nether region, maybe this isn’t such a big deal.

  4. al103 says:

    Hmmm? Guardians used multydimentional teleport all second series, Arf did so in first…

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    That’s one of those little details which I’d forgotten. Now that you mention it, Fate teleported in from that hidden base of her mother’s to Earth in the first series. So yeah, now that you remind me, it makes sense. ^_^

    I guess forgetting is what happens when one sees so many anime titles. ^_^;;; (That and I’m just naturally forgettable.)

  6. al103 says:

    >and I’m just naturally forgettable.

    So am I…

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