xxxHOLiC Kei 07

xxxHOLiC◆継 Episode 07
xxxHOLiC Kei 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

xxxHOLiC Kei 07Watanuki is not happy having to pump water so that an outdoor shower can flow onto Yuuko-san, who’s lounging in a kiddie pool. Neko-Musume drops out of the sky and lands on Watanuki. She recovers quickly when Maru and Moro spray her with water. She offers an egg to Yuuko-san in exchange for gathering water from a well. She won’t gather it because cats don’t like water and she’s a cat girl. Watanuki is drafted for this task and is lead to a mansion by Neko-Musume. He’s concerned about trespassing and seeing a woman in an upstairs window, he freaks. However, she makes no move and so Watanuki gathers the water and returns. Yuuko-san sees the water and has an understanding. As such, Watanuki must gather more water. He’s reluctant and ends up having to draft Doumeki to assist in the task.

xxxHOLiC Kei 07Doumeki comes with Watanuki to the mansion and the two can see the woman still in the window. Neko-Musume also joined them, but only to watch. At school, Doumeki and Watanuki discuss this with Himawari-chan. Doumeki feels something is familiar about the woman in the window. At the end of the school day, Himawari offers to help Watanuki, who turns her down. She makes a pinkie promise with Watanuki that he won’t overdo things. He notices something odd happens with when their pinkies meet but pushes it aside.

xxxHOLiC Kei 07That night, he and Doumeki come to gather water and have emptied the well. Watanuki loses the carrying cloth when his pinkie gives him a sharp pain and is blown by the wind into the open window of the mansion. Doumeki and Watanuki enter the mansion (the door being unlocked) and find it dark and empty. However, when they finally reach the room where the cloth flew into, they see the woman still there. Watanuki approaches and wind blows the woman out of her chair. Yuuko-san enters and Watanuki thinks that he woman is a mannequin. In fact, it is a corpse, supposedly preserved because of all the preservatives in the foods we eat.

xxxHOLiC Kei 07Outside, Neko-Musume finds what she’d seen before — a dead kitten. Watanuki wraps he kitten’s body in a cloth and hands it to Neko-Musume. Back at Yuuko-san’s place, Watanuki discusses things with her, including the storage of the water for now. Even though the cops came and took care of the woman’s body, things still trouble Watanuki. Yuuko-san asks about what lead Watanuki to enter the mansion and discover the body. He then remembers his pinkie promise with Himawari-chan. However, before things can go much further, Mokona comes, complaining about a lack of a favorite adult beverage. Watanuki gets into an argument with Mokona on the subject while Yuuko-san reflects on the egg given her as payment.


Ah. So we see how the writers disconnect xxxHOLiC from Tsubasa since the egg came from Sakura in Tsubasa and the water was something Yuuko-san just requested Watanuki get since she apparently knew she’d be sending it to the Acid Tokyo world in Tsubasa (in exchange for the egg). As time goes on, the xxxHOLiC story will have to be excised from the Tsubasa one. It can be done, but it will also be a different overall story at that point.

Anyway, Neko-Musume makes a wish for some water and pays with an egg. Then Yuuko-san sees the water and decides, “Lets get more.” OK, how was that part of Neko-Musume’s wish? Oh. She’s not going to say and they are going to conveniently empty the well but somehow never see the dead kitten therein. And then the water has to be stored for some whacked reason. See, that’s the problem in unlinking xxxHOLiC with Tsubasa. Purposeful things become pointless things done just because they were done in the manga. Now if someone had never read the original, would they question it like I do?

Oh well. The episode wasn’t bad, but just not as good as the original manga and actions make less sense in the anime.

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