Negima! Vol 24 (Ch 217) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 24 Chapter 217 (manga)

Summary: Negi, in Nagi form, races to see Chisame (Chibi-Chiu) because of Ako’s confession to Negi that she likes Nagi. Chisame’s advice is that “Nagi” turn down Ako. Chisame feels Ako can recover from that, but the one thing Ako must never learn is that Negi and “Nagi” are the same. After all, their priority is to get everyone back to Earth. All of this is overheard by Akira. Negi heads outside to try to clear his head when Jack arrives, holding a picture of Ako-chan and teasing Negi about her. He learned this after Chisame accidentally let the cat out of the bag to Jack. Jack somehow managed to get Negi’s pactio cards and teases him about all the cute girls (some of whom he’s now met) before shifting to teasing Chisame for having kissed Negi and obtaining a pactio card.

Once things calm down, Jack wants Negi to try out the dark magic, but sees that Negi is still unstable using it. Jack tells him not to worry about it with everything else on his plate, including Asuna. Negi wonders what Jack is driving at, but Jack states that as long as Asuna took the medicine, everything would be fine. Negi wants to know more, but Jack isn’t telling more since Negi’s supposed goal is to get everyone home. Negi isn’t satisified and demands to know what Asuna has to do with his father, the Magic World, and more. Jack challenges Negi on his having to have noticed Asuna’s abilities & her lack of parents, her being closely watched by Takahata-sensei and Konoka’s father.

Though Negi is getting angry, Sayo’s arrival (in doll form) with news that Nodoka (Honya-san) and her companions are under attack by powerful bounty hunters and in desperate need of assistance. Negi is without his staff so getting there seems to be a problem. However, the arrival of a ship containing Paru (who actually owns the ship), Ku Fei, chibi-Asakura, chibi-Chachamaru, as well as Chamo (who found Negi’s staff) emerge. They tell Negi to go on and that they’ll catch up. Jack asks if Negi is going to use “it,” which Negi confirms. Jack advises him to be careful and he’s off on his staff. This is all observed by Tosaka.

Thoughts: During the school festival arc, I felt that at some point, Akamatsu-sensei just decided, “You know, I’m tired of this already. Let’s just move this puppy into the final phase.” With this chapter, I got a similar feeling with the sudden arrival of Paru and the others, including Chamo. Now, the forthcoming fight with the bounty hunters would seem to indicate that while Akamatsu-sensei is ready to just get everyone together, he is willing to take time and possibly score Negi some new allies (Nodoka’s companions).

Speaking of which, why wasn’t Nodoka using her artifacts? Seems like this would help them tremendously. Maybe she was, but the one image of her close up and from a distance didn’t seem to indicate that she was.

The Ako-Nagi thing seems to be swept under the rug for the moment. I still say that Ako will prove to be something different.

We got more teasing about Asuna. The amazing part is that before, it seemed that Negi actually knew something about Asuna and her memory flashes. However, his confrontation this chapter seems to indicate that he knows nothing.

You know, I’m surprised that Chamo didn’t go with Negi after their reunion. Seems like this would be something he’d do.

Finally, Tosaka. Will he betray turn in Negi or will he not? I still say he will.

Ultimately, a good mix of comic relief with Jack, some intrigue with Jack, and Nodoka in trouble. An enjoyable chapter. Too bad Akamatsu-sensei is taking next week off. ^_^;

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4 Responses to “Negima! Vol 24 (Ch 217) *SPOILERS*”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I liked this chapter too. I am eager to know more about Asuna and why Rakan won’t say anything to Negi.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Should be fun. ^_^

  3. al103 says:

    1. Tosaka can’t betray – he owns nothing to Negi. So he has all moral right to do it – by the laws of MW Negi is criminal now.
    2. Range of Nodoka’s artifact in v5 was 7.5m. It could be changet with time – but range of bountyhanters is stated as 3000 of something and i don’t think it’s less than 1km.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    (1) You are correct sir. Betray is a poor choice of words. I’ll go back and fix that. Thanks. ^_^

    (2) I’d forgotten what the range of her pactio artifact was. Still, in combination with her two new artifacts, I thought she might be able to do more.

    Thanks for keeping me straight. ^_^

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