Honey and Clover Manga Volume 2

Honey and Clover Manga Volume 2

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Honey and Clover Manga Volume 2In the 10th chapter, Takemoto returns home to find his mother is ill. His step-father Kazuo takes him to a batting cage where Takemoto comes to understand him more before seeing his mother. Chapter 11 has Hanamoto-sensei being forced to take the gang on an onsen trip, with interesting results. Chapter 12 has the gang visit a zoo with Mayama having learned more about Rika-san. Chapter 13 has a ton of things happen in it, including Mayama and Morita faced with their graduation projects, Takemoto working on doll house furniture for Hagu-chan, and a drunk Ayumi confessing to Mayama. Chapter 14 takes a look at Hagu-chan’s past and the gang helps her look for a four-leaf clover to give to Hanamoto-sensei before his extended leave. Chapter 15 has Hagu-chan prepare a meal for the gang, a twisted game of Twister, and Mayama begins stalking Rika-san. There’s also an evil poodle named Midori-san.

Thoughts & More:

Story-wise, I forgot how much the live-action title had to strip out and how much the anime included in their adaptations of Honey and Clover Manga Volume 2. The anime looks to have been pretty tight on the adaptation for the most part. Being a fan of Honey and Clover, it is fun reading the original source material. Umino-sensei really struck a nerve with this title, considering all of its adaptation, including a complete anime run (over three series, one being an OVA), a live-action TV series, and a live-action movie. It really is quite amazing.

Umino-sensei has the evil poodle give a story recap. I’m not sure why this is at the end of the manga instead of the beginning. Actually, to be more accurate, I don’t know why this isn’t at the beginning of Volume 3, since it takes into account stuff from Volume 2.

Umino-sensei also wrote a four-page manga called “Otaku’s House Call” (in English) where she does what many manga-ka do — draw themselves in another form and basically tell us things about themselves or the people they know and work with. “Otaku” is the proper name because clearly, Umino-sensei is one, or at least, a wannabe one. *lol*

From the Viz aspects, they again keep most of the honorifics. I can’t say how many things were modified. Previously, some “Morita-san” sayings became “Morita-senpai” and some kun honorifics were dropped. I get the feeling this may have again been the case. I do know that Hanamoto-sensei is sometimes called “Professor” and sometimes called “Sensei” though. In my opinion, just use “sensei” throughout, even in honorific form.

Viz again has translator notes, which is a good thing. So kudos to Viz for finally coming to the modern age of manga publishing, even if reluctantly. I would just tell them and their adapters, “It is OK to use all honorifics as the original Japanese had them.” 😄

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2 Responses to “Honey and Clover Manga Volume 2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi. long time lurker who has read your comments on the h&c jdrama, now has a question about your statement:

    a complete anime run (over three series, one being an OVA)

    i’m not aware of an OVA for honey and clover. i only know of anime season 1 and 2, plus some extra episodes (like ep F about fujiwara design, etc). can you tell me more about the OVA?

    thanks 🙂

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for writing. The OVA are the extra episodes you refer to (Chapter F and Chapter L). I would say that these aren’t OVA’s in a more traditional sense but since they were created as a direct-to-video releases, I guess people consider them as such. ^_^

    Hope that helps.

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