Keroro Gunsou 55

Keroro Gunsou 55
ケロロ軍曹 Episode 55
Sgt. Frog anime, episode 55
Keroro Gunsou anime, episode 55

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Natsumi wakes up to find out that Giroro has planted giant, alien plants all over the city. Since Keroro can’t control him, Natsumi decides to put an end to Giroro’s actions. She encounters a couple of large plants which would eat her, but she defeats them. She’s then snared by another large plant, but easily escapes it. She sees a band of small flowers, but in fact, they are an early alarm system for Giroro, who’s on the Tokyo Tower. Natsumi climbs up the giant vines to get to Giroro but a giant Venus Fly Trap opens beneath her and she’s nearly eaten. However, Keroro arrives to help. Natsumi uses him as a launch to send herself to Giroro and punch him. The platoon sprays herbicide on the plants and the city returns to normal. Natsumi confronts Giroro, saying she wants him close so she can keep an eye on him, so he returns to the Hinata home and is greeted by Neko.

Keroro Gunsou 55

Fuyuki gets a package from his grandma which contains carp kites (flags) and an old kids samurai helmet. While Keroro and company are very interested in this, Fuyuki feels he’s too old. So Keroro rectifies this by shooting him with a gun that makes him a small kid again while Kururu makes the kites into craft. As such, Fuyuki is now enthused and after taking the samurai helmet from “Keroro Shogun,” he tells the platoon it is time to take over the world. They start with a small playground but soon take over a large part of the city. The platoon get caught up as they appear to be finally making ground and agree to invade the Diet. However, when evening comes and the Japanese National Anthem is played, Fuyuki cries about being late and returns home. When Fuyuki is in bed, Natsumi and Aki-san talk about the events as Fuyuki will return to normal in the morning. Natsumi reveals that the aliens are now hanging from the poll, dressed in the carp kites.

Keroro Gunsou 55


Well, I was wrong about one thing. I thought the anime might go for quite some time without picking up a manga story. However, the second story with “Keroro Shogun” and the younger Fuyuki was from the manga. It was funnier seeing the Keroro Shogun moment in the anime. Beyond that, pretty normal stuff. I did enjoy hearing the Japanese National Anthem played. We used to hear it every evening when I lived in Japan.

Keroro Gunsou 55

Ditto for the first story, where things just facilitate the return of Giroro to the platoon.

Now that FUNimation has the license for this series, I guess we can expect to see something possibly by year’s end.


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  1. ED says:

    Sounds like a interesting anime…

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