Negima! Manga Volume 18

Negima!: Magister Negi Magi, Volume 18

Read the chapter summaries and individual reviews for volume 18 here (scroll down and they will be displayed in reverse order after this volume review).

With volume 18, the Mahora School Festival mega-arc comes to an end (there having been several sub-arcs within the main one). When I was reading this arc on a week-to-week basis, I was ready for it to be over but as I re-read the series, by the time we get to volume 18, it seems to be alright.

Chao’s return to the future may not be the last time we see her. I strongly suspect that she’ll show up again before the manga ends. I loved the how she imagined traveling with Negi and the battle harem on a quest. I wonder why Akamatsu-sensei didn’t include Kaede in this image but did include Ku Fei.

The tea party was pretty fun with Al having fun with Eva after Eva has some fun with Negi. However, it is a shame that Negi didn’t get some answers he wanted due to the others Al invited arriving. There’s still no information on why Al has been living there for 10-years though.

The 2-chapter Misora and Cocone story is a real hoot. I’m glad that Akamatsu-sensei gave her this time after having her play a role in the battle against Chao. I hope we learn more about Misora and Cocone’s relationship at some point. Some fans suspect that based on Misora saying that Cocone is her master, Misora has a pactio with Cocone. I’m not convinced since Cocone doesn’t come off as a master. Also, Cocone is shown with a pactio card in the sketch of the back image along with Misora. Sister Shakti on the other hand does come off as a master. Indeed, it is she who punishes both Cocone and Misora for the fake priest thing.

The near-silent chapter is a lot of fun too. I like how Akira gets a feature. It suits her that she’d be in such a chapter considering she doesn’t say much (well, at least at this point). I didn’t mention this in my chapter review, but Zazie took part in the keep-away game with Negi and appeared to get punished by Akira at the end. Considering how mysterious Zazie is, I find this very interesting.

As to the Del Rey adaptation, my “favorite” adapter Ikoi Hiroe does this volume. Ikoi keeps the honorifics this time for the most part. Konoka is for the first time addressed as “Lady Konoka” rather than “Konoka-ojousama” though, which I disapprove of. There’s only one instance of this though due to Setsuna not having much of a role. However, Misora would address Konoka as “ojousama” because nearly everyone who knows her does so. Also, they don’t have Fumika call Fuka “neechan.” Minor things to be sure, but for sure, next volume we better see “ojousama” return to the adaptation. Oddly enough, a lot of other things did survive (“boya”) so why not “ojousama?”

Bottom line: a nice conclusion to the Mahora arc with some nice “downtime” chapters for Akamatsu-sensei and staff which are still very entertaining in addition to providing some character growth for featured characters.

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