You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle 17

Taiho Shichauzo! Full Throttle Episode 17
逮捕しちゃうぞ フルスロットル Episode 17
You’re Under Arrest anime

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: It is evening and as Miyuki finishes the snacks, Natsumi gets wasted on one beer, much to Miyuki’s surprise. Since this is not normal, Miyuki checks and discovers Natsumi is running a fever. Miyuki comes in late the following day as she takes care of Natsumi. She’s briefed by Tokuno-san and Kachou about a new bugler with the English name “Spider” who’s able to leap from building to building and climb up-down buildings to access luxury apartments for robbery. Since Natsumi is out, Tokuno-san is a bit worried about the plan to have Miyuki do her part to keep an eye open for the criminal, but there’s no helping it.

As Aoi-chan and Yoriko discuss Natsumi’s illness and dreams, Natsumi first dreams of going to a luxury restaurant and deciding to try everything on the menu. However, she soon discovers that the restaurant is completely out of food. Waking up hungry, Natsumi discovers that her fridge is empty, meaning no making any food. Natsumi then dreams she spots an expensive sports car violating road rules and uses her Motocompo to stop it. However, she discovers that inside sits a laughing Strike Man and she can’t open the door of the car. She wakes up and in hunger, tries to open a jar of pickles, but cannot do so. In her third dream, she’s climbing a cliff and sees Strike Man, who taunts her. She gives chase and comes to a cabin, where she opens the door and finds Strike Man waiting for her.

Elsewhere, Miyuki and her partner are doing some patrolling and checking with residence who might be targets or who’d been previously robbed. Aoi-chan and Yoriko decide to pay Natsumi a visit while Miyuki spots Spider on the move. She and her partner give chase on the road below but eventually, Spider loses them on the roofs. Miyuki sees Natsumi’s Motocompo in the back of their mini-patrol car and wishes Natsumi was here.

Natsumi has awoken from her third dream and steps out on her balcony where she spots someone prowling around on a balcony on a floor above her. Spider sees he’s been spotted and he takes off to the elevator and heads to the first floor. Natsumi races down the stairs and makes it to the first floor just in time. However, when the doors open, there’s no one. Natsumi feels ill and remembers her 3rd dream and looks up to see Spider clinging to the ceiling. Natsumi stumbles inside the elevator as the doors close and Spider drops to the floor. Spider is going to take out Natsumi but her sneeze takes him out. The doors open and the criminal falls out while Natsumi collapses as Aoi-chan and Yoriko arrives on scene.

Aoi-chan and Yoriko get food for Natsumi, who feels revived now. Aoi-chan hears Natsumi’s complete adventure, to include the dreams and states the dreams are premonition. Natsumi returns to work the following day all happy, but as she and Miyuki enter the office, they discover everyone is sick. Apparently, Natsumi gives her illness to Aoi-chan and Yoriko, who in turn gave it to everyone else. In jail, Spider also finds himself sid.

Thoughts/Review: When Natsumi had her dream, I hoped that she’d find Shouji in them since he’s been MIA in this new series (which sucks). Strike Man was an unexpected surprise though and for the story, that worked well.

Still, the episode reminded me of one of the elements that has been so lacking this time around — heart. You’re Under Arrest! 2 had heart in it. I liked Shouji and Natsumi’s relationship and the anime dealing with them gave that series heart. I liked Saori-chan because she’d come over from the first series and as an officer, gave a fresh look to the police department. She helped provide heart as she learned the ropes. Nakajima’s dad and young step-mom also helped add to that heart, as did the addressing of the Nakajima-Miyuki romance (though it was frustrating that so little progress was made).

You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle has no heart. Thus far, I would compare it more to the 2nd TV series, You’re Under Arrest! Specials. The only difference is that (1) Full Throttle has full episodes while Specials has shorts with one full episode and (2) Miyuki isn’t a loser in Full Throttle. What I’m getting at is that Full Throttle just goes through the motions with the characters, but there’s no depth, no heart, no character growth, and not much else to make me care. Unlike the 4th Slayers TV series, where the writers appear to be trying to get things right, the 4th YUA! TV series has the writers unconcerned about getting it right.

I’ll keep plugging along as I’m able in the name of fairness and completeness. However, I don’t hold much hope that things will get any better.

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2 Responses to “You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle 17”

  1. EG says:

    Hmmm….As a fan of Taiho Shichauzo since 1985, I didn’t the second season….and this 3rd one is iffy. I didn’t enjoy it as much as it never really carried the true essence of the original manga. There times where it just got too amazingly sappy. Being an avid fan of the manga what attracted most readers during our time was the wacky hijinks, bit of an ecchi-ness factor and Fujishima’s detail with vehicles.

    The later seasons of Taiho doesn’t seem to reflect any kind of influence for Fujishima as well. Natsuki “hardly” ever rode her Yamaha RZ250 and the character’s sense of fashion just wreaked (keep in mind that Fujishima was an avid researcher and viewer of Women’s fashion magazine during the height of the manga as he used that as a basis for Miyuki’s and Natsumi’s attire.

    I’m also quite disappointed that Atsuko Nakajima deviated so much from Fujishima’s original designs. I mean one can automatically tell “who’s who” but it doesn’t have that same grit as Fujishima’s work. Only the original OVA’s had a glimpse of that as far as designs go and even the OVA stories were overly tame compared to the manga chapters. They should have just stopped at the Taiho Specials…those were about the only ones that carried the true Taiho Spirit.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    You know, I confess that I’ve never read the manga. I think that Dark Horse were only allowed to license the final two volumes. I’m not sure if there are unofficial translations out there or not. I guess I should look. I am curious to see how things went in the manga vs. the various anime titles.

    Despite being disappointed with what I’ve seen thus far, I’d like to be able to finish watching this 4th TV series but unfortunately my own limitations are an obstacle in that regard.

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