スレイヤーズREVOLUTION Anime episode 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: A rich woman walking her poodle by the lake at night is horrified to find the dog disappears into the lake after jumping in. In town during the day, Lina and Gourry are at a restaurant engaged in an eating contest with the loser picking up the tab as Amelia and Zelgadiss watch in resignation. Lina is getting close to winning the contest when Wiser arrives and flings one end of a long-chained handcuff on Lina, attaching the other to himself. He accuses her of being a serial pet abductor and when the patrons of the restaurant hear Lina’s name, they flee in terror thanks to the rumors that Wiser has planted.

Wiser presents his case of missing pets in the hopes that Lina will be touched and confess. Lina gets angry at being accused and punches Wiser through the roof into the sky. However, since she’s chained to him, she goes flying as well. Still chained together, Wiser and Lina along with Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadiss are going to investigate (Lina in it for the money in addition to proving her innocence). However, the townspeople refuse to talk to any of them and Wiser denies having spoken to these people. Gourry discovers some animal tracks heading for the lake where in the center, a small island with twin towers is.

That night, they take a boat into the lake when they are attacked by a giant jelly fish. Lina is about to counter with a fireball, but Wiser prevents her from doing so, stating this is just a ruse by Lina to have her creation attack. The boat is destroyed and Lina is left to fly both Wiser (to whom she’s still chained) and Gourry out while Amelia and Zelgadiss fly themselves. Because of their weight, Lina decides to send Gourry to the jellyfish to buy the rest of them time to flee. When they arrive on the island, they are attacked by lesser demons. So, Lina leaves them to Amelia and Zelgadiss to fight while she drags Wiser to the twin towers.

Inside, Lina and Wiser are attacked by lesser demons which Lina dispatches. She thinks that Wiser has seen enough to know she’s innocent but Wiser states that this means that Lina is the boss of a massive criminal organization bent on world domination. Lina send Wiser flying through a door which in the process removes the cuff from her wrist. Through the door, Lina discovers a large chimera lab and the mage responsible for the pet abductions. However, Wiser is out so Lina cannot show the real culprit. The mage sends some chimera at Lina, but she takes them all out. The mage then brings out the pets, now chimeras, but Lina takes them out as well, however she does not kill them as they were pets.

The mage summons Death Chimera Tarou to fight Lina. This chimera has defenses against magic attacks, so Lina is going to be forced to do something more. Before she can, she hears Gourry as the giant jellyfish bursts through the wall. It takes out Tarou as Gourry is on top of the jellyfish, having become good friends with the creature. It even rescued Zelgadiss and and Amelia from the army of lesser demons buy. The jellyfish then spits out Zel and Amelia, who are covered in slobber and wondering if it would have been better to die in the fight with the lesser demons.

The mage tries to get away, but is arrested by Wiser. The mage can’t believe it since a prince in Ruvinagald is behind his works and is supposed to be protecting him. Lina understands now that Wiser was using her to get to this mage. Because of the prince’s protection, Wiser could not go after the mage directly, but if he discovered the mage while pursuing another case (Lina Inverse), then he could make the arrest with no problem. Wiser claims to not know what Lina is talking about, but Lina knows better and he has her respect. Meanwhile, the pets are returned to their owners, but they are still chimeras.

Thoughts/Review: Hmmm. This episode wasn’t quite up to the first two for me thought still enjoyable. I have to say, Wiser began to really, REALLY annoy me. I was afraid that we were in for a lengthy spell of, “I’m arresting you for being Lina Inverse and you are responsible for every bad thing that happens in Ruvinagald. Fortunately, it seems Wiser was just using Lina to catch someone else (at least this episode). If we never see him again, it won’t bother me. However, who knows if the prince behind the mage making chimeras will be behind other things.

The fun? Gourry and Lina’s eating contest. It is an old joke, but I can’t help but chuckle every time. Lina punishing Wiser by punching him into the air, only to have herself dragged along was amusing as well. I also got a chuckle out of Gourry befriending the giant jellyfish.

The animation was down this week as was the story, but not every episode can be a home run.

Next episode sees the return of Digimon Pokota.

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