Ah! My Goddess Ch. 233 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっVolume 37 Chapter 233

Summary/Synopsis: Belldandy explains to Keiichi the problems that will happen if the Note Tuner Renewal Program isn’t recovered and executed by Belldandy. Urd, who’s been listening in, reminds Chrono that even though the Melody Ball has been destroyed, since Belldandy is supposed to execute the program, she’d become the vessel for storing the program as well (for execution). Skuld produces her “Program Search Mark 2 vs. 2.1.5” device to help search for the fragments. This means that they can have two search parties with Belldandy in one and Skuld in the other.

Consulting a topographical map to locate where Keiichi found Chrono falling from the sky, the locate where the power line poll was at that Chrono hit. Belldandy figures a 5.2KM radius for the search. Welsper’s arrival causes Chrono to pass out from apparent fear. That leads Urd to have some fun with Chrono (using a not amused Welsper) the following morning when Chrono awakens.

Skuld is teamed up with Urd for the search, which doesn’t please her so well. Knowing this, Urd decides to have some fun with Skuld on Urd’s broom. Belldandy and Chrono team up with Belldandy assuring Chrono that Peorth doesn’t have to know about this just yet.

Thoughts/Review: Why is Chrono acting all surprised at seeing Urd when in fact Urd had only the chapter before been teaching Chrono to act like a slave maid.

I will admit that I chuckled a bit when Urd teased Chrono with Welsper. Its the look on Welsper’s face that made it amusing, combined with how Urd is holding the mazoku (demon) cat. However, Chrono’s naivety is not funny to me.

Still, as I thought, this is not a story I care much for. Operation “find the program fragments” just isn’t gripping me.

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