Ah! My Goddess Ch. 235 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっVolume 37 Chapter 235

Summary/Synopsis: Because Chrono is unable to sing properly, it means the program fragments are experiencing errors. Chrono worries about the time they lost because she fainted because of the cat (Welsper) but she ends up fainting again because of the discussion. After she comes to, Keiichi, Belldandy, and Chrono find Sayoko banging on cans to a tune. Thus, they’ve found another program fragment. With Belldandy’s encouragement to the faltering Chrono, they extract the fragment and leave a puzzled Sayoko to deal with a woman who wonders what Sayoko is doing in the street.

Elsewhere, Urd and Skuld track down a program fragment. They find Sora-chan in her car and Sora sees them flying on a broom. However, she’s taken with the sounds coming off of her car. Urd tells Skuld that they should be the ones to grab the program fragment. Skuld is not convinced at first but is finally talked into it.

Thoughts/Review: Ah. The return of two more classic and basically forgotten characters — Sayoko and Sora. Sadly, both are just cameos and have no real purpose in this story, which also has no purpose beyond being filler. While it is always nice to see the old characters, it is a shame they are being used in a boring story.

Seriously, I could care less about Chrono or her problems. I could care less for some idiotic program fragments for music. Everything is an exercise in motion in a desperate attempt to find ways to bring in people and places from the past. The people and places being brought back up is something I don’t mind. The vehicle in which said characters and places come back needs a lot of work.

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