スレイヤーズREVOLUTION Anime episode 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Duclis dispatches the dog-mage Flan and the cat-something Zollan to steal the Sword of Light from Pokota. Meanwhile, Pokota eludes Lina (after stealing food from her) and disappears when they reach the village of Gongoro. It is festival time and after Lina and Gourry enjoy a big meal, a village chief seals them in upon learning the Lina is a mage. He explains how the festival, which requires rolling a giant ball up to the top of a mountain, has caused the village to split into Gon, Go, and Ro. As the leader of Gon, he needs a mage to create a golem to get his ball up the mountain before the other village chiefs. Lina isn’t interested until gold and food are offered as payment.

Elsewhere, Pokota is enlisted by another village chief to do the same task while Flan and Zollan are assigned the same task by the third village chief. Flan and Zollan initially focus on trying to steal the Sword of Light but soon get caught up in the contest to get their giant ball up to the top of the mountain first. All three groups manage to get their balls up to the summit safely, meaning that they now have to battle it out with the surviving golem and ball being the winner. That winner ends up being Lina, but her golem is destroyed, meaning there’s no way to get it up. The three village chiefs and the old woman they lust for decide the village needs to come together and the ball is rolled to the top of the heap through a joint effort. However, instability means that all the giant balls come crashing down the mountain.

Thoughts/Review: There’s nothing like a filler episode and there’s really nothing like a filler episode that isn’t that good. There were a few amusing moments such as seeing the image of Amelia’s father (Phil) from previous festivals and I smiled at the ball-shaped food Lina and Gourry scarfed on. Beyond that, nothing.

Flan and Zollan were a complete waste. At first, despite their running into a door on their way out for their mission, it seemed like they might actually try to score the Sword of Light. Instead, they lose their focus and start dinking in the competition. Why? I think it would have been amusing for them to try to score the sword and fail while at the same time, having their efforts go unnoticed by Pokota. Basically, Flan and Zollan are the cheap, animal, knockoff version of Zangulus and Vrumugun.

All in all, kind of a disappointing episode because it just wasn’t very good filler, unfortunately.

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