Keroro Gunsou 61

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 61
Sgt. Frog anime, 61
Keroro Gunsou episode 61

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou 61Fuyuki’s class receives a new transfer student named KINOSHITA Rei. She’s apparently cursed with extreme bad luck and has an interest in the occult, which naturally catches Fuyuki’s attention. Kinoshita’s bad luck causes her to experience all sorts of accidents including getting hit by a soccer ball, having fluorescent lights crash into her, and more. Meanwhile back at the Hinata residence, Keroro has taken out a ton of trash from his cleaning. He happens to notice a special ball in the trash and decides to retrieve it.

Keroro Gunsou 61Back at school, Nishizawa is not pleased with the fact that Kinoshita is attending the Occult Club meeting. As they walk home, the weather suddenly suddenly turns stormy with everyone getting wet. Kinoshita gives Fuyuki her handkerchief to help himself dry. Nishizawa decides to use the moment to share an umbrella with Fuyuki, but Kinoshita grabs it from Nishizawa, warning of the danger. Nishizawa starts to get angry, but a massive lightning bolt blasts Kinoshita and ends Nishizawa’s anger.

Keroro Gunsou 61Because Kinoshita and Nishizawa want to see Fuyuki’s O-part, which is a special ball. Kinoshita’s bad luck is causing all sorts of problems and Fuyuki can’t find the ball. Natsumi tells Fuyuki that the “stupid frog” (Keroro) has been doing some cleaning, so Fuyuki races down to find out what Keroro did. As Kinoshita questions what “stupid frog” is, Keroro tells Fuyuki that the ball is an Atarunian good luck sphere. With it, Keroro can do no wrong and finds his dango have all sold and so he wants to buy lottery tickets to increase his money.

Keroro Gunsou 61Kinoshita arrives in the base and Keroro recognizes her as Atarunian. The ball is hers which she lost as a kid (playing on Earth with Fuyuki) and she needs it to negate her horrible luck. After Fuyuki recalls playing with Kinoshita as a kid, Keroro loses the ball and Kinoshita manages to get it back. She leaves Earth and everyone’s memories of her are erased. However, Fuyuki finds he has a strange handkerchief in his pocket and looks to the sky instinctively. Meanwhile, Keroro finds himself in a room full of losing lottery tickets, meaning he’s broke again.

Keroro Gunsou 61Natsumi is doing a bit of cleaning when her beloved Saburo-senpai drops by for a visit and to get his special pen repaired by Kururu. Kururu agrees to do this. Natsumi prepares some cookies and beverages to take to the Keron base only to end up lost. She runs into Mutsumi, who admits to being lost as well. As they explore, they find a Gunpla room and entering, they set off a trap which sends them to another doorless room. Keroro had set the trap in frustration over having lost all that money on lottery tickets.

Keroro Gunsou 61Keroro is surprised to learn that Natsumi and Mutsumi were the ones trapped. The trap apparently sent the pair two to a rocket where they will be blasted into space as punishment. However, they have a karaoke machine, so it won’t be so bad (in his estimate). Giroro is outraged by this and more so when he learns there is no way out of the rocket. His rocket attack and Dororo’s shinobi attack fail, as Kururu knew they would. Giroro is giving Keroro a piece of his mind, but Keroro is only interested in getting to the bathroom. When he is finally able to do this, (Giroro clinging to the rocket as it launches) he discovers Natsumi and Mutsumi are in there, meaning his trap sent them there instead of the rocket. Natsumi then demands that Keroro get Giroro back.


Keroro Gunsou 61I don’t know why exactly, but I rather enjoyed the first story with Kinoshita. The slapstick humor with her bad luck did make me chuckle, but it was Nishizawa’s dark persona being thwarted by the bad luck that made the moments funnier. I haven’t seen Kinoshita in the manga, so if she is an anime-only character, the writers did a pretty good job.

The second story is also pretty amusing with Natsumi going from confident woman to girl in love around Mutsumi. Giroro’s reaction to Mutsumi and Natsumi’s being trapped was predictable but still amusing.

So all and all, a fun episode with some laughs for me. I guess that’s why I wrote a much longer summary for this episode than I normally do for Keroro Gunsou.

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