Negima! Manga Vol 24 (Ch 221) *SPOILERS*

Negima! Manga Vol 24 (Ch 221) *SPOILERS*
魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 24 Chapter 221 (manga)


Negima chapter 221As Sayo-chan soars with the birds, Yue and her fellow knights stand guard. Yue explains just why they are guards at a peace festival, considering the northern and southern powers both try little things behind the other’s back and the knights are the most powerful, neutral force. The northern Mesenbrina Alliance’s (Mesenbrina Union) largest warship and escorts are in the air and drop two giant “god soldiers” to the ground. In response, the southern power Herasu sends out a giant, ancient dragon. After this little display, representatives of the two sides meet and shake hands.

Makie and Yuuna observe this with Makie noting that the giants look a lot like the giants that were used in the Mahora Festival. Makie gives Yuuna a lesson on the local politics. She talks about how the Northern Coalition is made up mostly of humans originally from Earth and the Southern Empire is made up of beast people who are indigenous to the Magic World. As Makie continues her dissertation, Yuuna wonders if “Red Mark Makie” (and one of the Baka Rangers) ate sometime bad. Makie explains that she picked all this up from listening to all the talk back at the shop they worked at and wonders about studying Earth’s history more seriously, something Yuuna thinks is impossible.

The two race off to see Nagi-san’s match (Negi in adult form tag-teamed with the adult-form of Kotaro) and of course Nagi and Kotaro win. This means that Yuuna has also won, having bet on the match and confessing to having “fight mania.” Makie wonders how Negi is doing and thinks it would be cool if Negi could show up since he’s so strong as well. Makie worries that Negi might hate her because of the trouble they’ve caused him, which Yuuna says is impossible. However, the two need to contact Nagi-san as soon as possible.

As they talk, Ako comes up to serve them water. Ako begins to tear up as she sees her old friends. She and Makie embrace as Akira races to the scene, hugging all three.

Elsewhere, Negi has returned to his normal form and observes the crowds and the peace his father fought for. He ponders why Jack told him the stuff about Asuna and for free. He recalls all of the moments he’s shared with Asuna. The thoughts give him comfort because despite her weaknesses, she’s the straight-forward, “oneesan” type and because she’s his indispensable partner.

As he decides to protect them all, he notices his arm reacts and gets swirly with dark magic. He immediately scans the crowd and discovers Fate a short distance away looking at him.


I know I could have used any image, but Sayo-chan is such a scene stealer. Remember when she was just a sad little ghost? Now look at her. *lol* I’m glad to see that she’s not only gone from a forgotten ghost who haunted the school (and did a poor job of that), to making friends and being attached to Asakura, to joining Ala Alba, to finally being able to go on her own to have some fun in the skies. Good stuff.

Smart Yuuna for remembering the beasts that had been used in the Mahora Festival. That brings back an old question of why they were on Earth in the first place (unless that is their place of origin). I wonder what she and Makie will say when they learn Negi is Nagi-san.

As for Fate’s sudden appearance, again, not unexpected considering that Akamatsu-sensei has picked up the pace of the recent chapters. The question is, will the actual fight between the two break out right then and there. I figure they’ll have a confrontation to be sure, but it won’t be the final battle between the two. We’ll see though.

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2 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 24 (Ch 221) *SPOILERS*”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    As far as the “god soldiers” at Mahora. If I remember correctly the Kanto and Kansai Magic Associations fought on opposite sides during the Mage War. Indeed, the way it was originally presented it looked like (to me) the Mage War had been fought between Western (elementalist) mages and Eastern (shamanistic) mages.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The Mage War would seem to be an offshoot of the war happening on the Magic World. However, everything seems to be coming together though, doesn’t it. ^_^

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