First Slayers REVOLUTION, now Slayers GLORY…um, I mean Slayers EVOLUTION-R


Wow. This will blow the minds of some people if what MoonPhase is reporting on their anime schedule page holds true. The fifth Slayers TV series is set to be called Slayers GLORY. That would mean that despite what most people I’ve chatted with expected, Slayers REVOLUTION is only 13-episodes in length. Those people fully expected Slayers REVOLUTION to get another 13-episodes so as to fit the 26-episode format of the previous TV series.

I was hoping that QP would have had more information, but sadly no such luck.

We’ll see if the new series name stays the same though. Initially, Slayers REVOLUTION was going to be entitled Slayers AGAIN. Either way, the new anime is slated for a 2009 release. ^_^

Update: Golden Darkness provided the original source of the Slayers GLORY title, which came from ATV.

Update: Now to be known as Slayers EVOLUTION-R. Clever. ^_~

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    QPDiana actually made a comment here:

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    Ah! Coolio! I’d forgotten about that community.

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