Clannad After Story 02

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

In the Illusionary World, the Garbage Doll and the girl are out scouting the world (which has suffered some catastrophe) for more junk they can use. The girl warns the doll to not wander too far or they won’t be able to return home. While gathering junk, the doll encounters a sheep-like creature. Returning to the girl, the doll see that’s she’s holding a sheep creature and another is at her feet. Releasing the one she’s holding, the two critters set out and join a third as the girl comments on how gentle they smell.

In the real world, Youhei is late for school and learns that his little sister Mei-chan did not return home after the baseball game but has obtained permission to stay at Nagisa’s home for a while. Apparently, she’s worried about her “oniichan” and his future so naturally Tomoya has a plan to set aside Mei-chan’s fears — get Youhei a girlfriend. Nagisa isn’t too sure about this plan, feeling that Tomoya is merely having fun with Youhei. However, she does not object to things.

So, the operation to find a fake girlfriend begins. The first girl on the list is Ryou, who is so embarrassed by the idea, she cries.

That leads Kyou to burst onto the scene and give Youhei a beating for making Ryou cry. Youhei recovers quickly, thinking that maybe Kyou would be a better choice. He receives a book in the eyes and Tomoya gets a slap as well.

Next is Tomoyo, who initially ignores Youhei and continues to talk to a group of girls. She continues ignoring him even when Nagisa and Tomoya arrive. In the end, she finally acknowledges Youhei and even agrees to say his fantasy lines before kicking him into the nearby sports field.

Kotomi-chan is next on the list. She’s happy to be Youhei’s fake girlfriend in exchange for him listening to her music. Her violin playing has not improved and Youhei decides to pass on her offer.

Finally, Youhei, Tomoya, and Nagisa pay a visit to Miyazawa. After hearing what Youhei has to say, a high school thug who’d been hiding under the table decides to give Youhei a thrashing for messing with “Yuki-nee.” That has Youhei nearly dead, leading the punk (whom Miyazawa was hiding) to escape out the window. Miyazawa apologizes and runs out of the room to find the punk again since it isn’t safe for him to be gone.

They seem to be out of options (having failed to pick up a stranger since Tomoya has Youhei say things that makes him sound like a scout looking to pick up high school girls for porn movies) when Sanae-san hears the situation and agrees to be Youhei’s fake girlfriend. Youhei thinks Sanae-san is Nagisa’s older sister based on what Tomoya had told him at the baseball game and is excited by the prospect. Nagisa is obviously concerned but Tomoya sees entertainment value in allowing Youhei’s misconception to continue.

That evening at home, Sanae-san tries on different costumes from the theater club. Nagisa is concerned about her mother playing a classmate’s girlfriend, leading Tomoya to ask Sanae-san if she’s truly OK with doing this since Youhei thinks she’s Nagisa’s “oneesan” (which Sanae-san takes as a compliment). Sanae-san explains that after observing Youhei at the baseball game, she feels he’s really a kind person in spite of his many mistakes. As such, she wants to do this to put him on the right path. This makes Nagisa feel better. Tomoya has one request — keep this from Akio-san.

The following day, Sanae-san meets Youhei for the practice date. He’s stiff and nervous and everything Sanae-san does (call him “Youhei-kun,” walk close to him, hold his hand) has Youhei running over to Tomoya to report this. The day when Mei-chan gets to meet Youhei’s girlfriend arrive and they find him in the park, dressed up but surrounded by lot of empty drink cans. After explaining the cans were part of his plan, he takes off to use the toilet, leaving the cleanup to Mei-chan, Tomoya, and Nagisa. Sanae-san arrives and also helps with the cleanup. She’s dressed as a school girl, causing Tomoya to blush and Nagisa to not be happy about that reaction. Youhei returns and apologizes to Sanae-san while Mei-chan has her own concerns about Youhei’s new girlfriend.


I think that this has to be the funniest episode of the Clannad franchise, period. Youhei has always been the comic relief in the series, taking beatings from Tomoyo amongst other things all in the name of cheap (but often still good) laughs. So this episode with its plan to give Youhei a fake girlfriend AND that girl be Sanae-san, well that’s just funny on all kinds of levels (to say nothing of the beatings Youhei got from Kyou and Tomoyo as well as the violin torture from Kotomi-chan). The only downside to all these laughs is that as I write, I have a pulled muscle on my lower right side and laughing this much isn’t helping that injury heal. ^_^;

Still, I have to say that Sanae-san being the one to become Youhei’s fake girlfriend surprised me. I actually thought that after Youhei decided against accepting Kotomi-chan’s offer to be his fake girlfriend, Miyazawa might actually do it. I guess that’s why the writers came up with this new, unnamed punk character who addresses Miyazawa as “Yuki-nee” to throw a monkey wrench into the mix. However, that too was an absolutely funny scene. I wonder if we’ll see this guy again because I wouldn’t mind seeing Miyazawa’s character get explored more.

Anyway, back to Sanae-san being Youhei’s fake girlfriend — I really wonder what she’s trying to accomplish here. Oh, I know what she said in the episode about steering him in the right direction after observing him in the baseball game, but I just don’t see how pretending to be his girlfriend will help. After all, should he learn that she’s actually not Nagisa’s older sister but her mother, how would he feel?

BTW, why should Mei-chan care so much anyway? Granted, I know that this is a typical element in certain anime and manga titles where the younger sister becomes obsessed with her “oniichan,” not wanting to give him up to anyone. I’m not sure this is what’s happening here, but I’ll guess we’ll find out more next episode.

I kinda wish we’d get more information about the Illusionary World. It was mostly a distraction in Clannad (save for the information that Kotomi-chan’s parents were researching it) and I’ve no clue how it all ties in with the story.

So, the production team continues with the laughs and good times of the series. I still say this is part of the setup for something horrible happening by the series end which will have me bawling like a baby. ^_^;;; However, I’m going to enjoy the fun while it lasts.

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