Space Battleship Yamato 2 04

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 04
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 04 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The Advisor (a military commander) reports to the Chief (also a military commander) that many of the former crew of Yamato have left their current postings and have gone to Yamato, making it clear that Susumu is planning to steal the ship. Chief orders Advisor to order the people on Yamato to leave the ship. On Yamato, Susumu is fretting and wanting to leave now, feeling sure that their actions have been noted by HQ. Sanada advises him to keep his cool and when Advisor contacts the ship and gives them 30-minutes to comply, Susumu turns them down. This annoys Advisor, but Chief tells Advisor to give the crew the full 30-minutes. The crew uses that time to continue pre-launch checks.

At the hospital, Sado-sensei takes a call and discovers that Yamato is about to take off. As such, he is going to leave his patient in Yuki’s hands but Yuki refuses, knowing that Sado-sensei is going to join Yamato‘s crew. Sado-sensei is unable to talk Yuki out of joining him, so they head to the cemetery where they find Daisuke at Captain Okita’s grave, pondering what to do. After talking with Yuki and Sado-sensei, Daisuke joins them.

Advisor orders the gate to be closed so that Yamato cannot leave as Sanada has the dock flooded after Susumu orders the ramp to the ship retrieved. Chief talks with Susumu, gently reminding him of the consequences of his actions. With the dock flooded, Susumu is frustrated that Daisuke didn’t join the crew and takes the pilots seat to maneuver Yamato out. He’s relieved when Daisuke comes onto the bridge and takes his station and pilots Yamato through the closed gates and into the harbor.

Advisor orders that magnetic missiles be fired at Yamato. His orders are modified by Chief, who wants the missiles to be unarmed. Advisor protests, but Chief justifies his order by stating they want to capture Yamato, not destroy it. The missiles are fired to Susumu’s surprise and he orders countermeasures. The countermeasures destroy a couple of the missiles but not all. Sanada is surprised that the remaining missiles struck but were not armed, leading Susumu to think that maybe the Chief is possibly helping them.

Once in the air, Advisor orders that the Battle Satellite take out Yamato. Again, Chief modifies the order, siting the safety of civilians on the ground as justification for not shooting down Yamato. After the satellite fires a warning shot, Yamato destroys it and escapes. Advisor is not happy at all and feels that for honor’s sake, they have to take down Yamato. As such, he orders that Andromeda be dispatched from its mission to Venus to intercept Yamato. Meanwhile, Yamato‘s departure from Earth (predicted by Desler) has been witnessed by the Comet Empire. As such, the Emperor orders Nazca to watch Yamato.


This episode was basically filler since it was mostly about the Yamato preparing to take off, taking off, then leaving the surface of Earth. While stretched quite a bit, I didn’t really feel bored by things.

I gather that Chief will be an ally of sorts to Susumu without overtly aiding them. After all, while he is justified in all of his orders that soften what Advisor ordered, his counter orders are what allow Yamato to escape.

Since Daisuke made it back in time, I’m going to guess that Sado-sensei and Yuki did as well. So, will Yuki be the babe for all occasions as she was in the first series?

The next episode appears to have a showdown between Andromeda and Yamato. I predict that just before they start fighting, the Comet Empire will attack and the two ships will team up.

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