Urusei Yatsura 85

Urusei Yatsura 85
うる星やつら episode 85 (TV anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

When Planet Uni is colonized, Oyuki, Ran, Benten, and Lum meet to discuss the problem that this will cause them (later joined by Mendou and Ataru). As kids, Lum and Benten were bent on pulling pranks on their teacher, the robot CAO-2 (which looks like a giant chalkboard eraser). Ran also participated but reluctantly and while Oyuki helped, she always managed to keep herself out of trouble. As their conflict with CAO-2 escalated, the robot pursued them to punish them. The group flees on a ship to Planet Uni and are followed by CAO-2. However, they manage to trap him on the planet and escape. As they finish recounting the story, CAO-2 bust through the restaurant window to punish them all.

Urusei Yatsura 85

Later, Ran finds Onsen-sensei laughing it up with CAO-2. The girls meet (again joined by Mendou and Ataru, who are seeking their own revenge) and decide to take down CAO-2 once and for all (with Ran wavering). At school, Lum and the girls set their trap while Mendou and Ataru head to Onsen’s room in the school. Ataru insults Onsen, then he and Mendou flee. CAO-2 falls on Ataru while Mendou escapes. Lum sees things aren’t going as planned and when her Darling is being punished, she goes and rescues him. Benten tries to take down CAO-2 but fails and gets punished, as does Ran. As usual, Oyuki is not seen as a troublemaker and when CAO-2 finally catches Lum, she starts to electrocute the robot. However, an open gas nozzle causes the school to explode. CAO-2 is unharmed and punishes both Lum and Ataru.

Urusei Yatsura 85


I found this episode rather amusing. I really think the extended break I took from the series has helped a lot. I remember there being stories about the trouble that Lum and her girlfriends got into (with Ran’s reluctance) but I don’t remember really enjoying them, at least not like I enjoyed this one. Maybe it was something about CAO-2 looking like a giant chalkboard eraser and apparently being indestructible. Maybe it was the absurdity of it all. I’m not sure what exactly put this over the top for me, but it was just a fun ride.

Urusei Yatsura 85

I like how Ataru comes off here. Obviously, he’d be down for some revenge on his own teacher and if doing that scores Lum her revenge, so much the better. When Ataru was captured by Onsen and CAO-2 and “tortured,” I loved it when he called for Lum. Naturally, she’d rescue him but just the fact that he’d call for her AND not get mad at her when he got electrocuted as well as a byproduct of her rescue made me realize how far Ataru has come from those ugly early days of the series when he was so unlikable. Plus, Ataru tried to help out Lum in her final confrontation with CAO-2.

Urusei Yatsura 85

I’m glad I finally started watching this series again. I hope that episodes continue to amuse me and provide me enjoyment as the last few have.

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  1. Blob Corp. says:

    Hehehehe! Giant chalkboard! Genius!

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