Tatsuro Sushi Restaurant (Website)

Tatsuro Sushi Restaurant

I’m not sure what started it, but to have something interesting appear on one of our monitors at work at night, we were looking for work-safe webcams. Thanks to my influence on the others with my Japanese studies, our search came to an end when we found Tatsuro Sushi’s (たつ郎寿司) webcam from Tokyo.

As you can see, the site has an English side as well as a Japanese side. The top two cams are in real time with a very hit frame-per-second rate (they are sourced from outside of Tatsuro’s website). The left camera (for which you have to login to view for the controller, though it often won’t work for U.S. visitors) shows the sushi preparation at table-level and the right cam shows the same workspace from above. When things have been slow, I’ve watched these sushi chefs work their magic and have been amazed, especially when the restaurant is crowded.

The third cam is a slow one with about a frame per second view speed. This third cam shows the view of the bar that the customers can sit at. The unfortunate thing about this camera (besides being lower quality) is that it does not show up in Firefox 2.x (it may work in 3.x but I haven’t tried yet).

Since working the night shift means daytime in Tokyo, we get to see all the fun. So you’ll need to be a night owl if you want to see the action in Japan. It is an 11-hour time difference from the East Coast of the U.S. so bear that in mind when visiting the site.

However, the site has more to offer than just webcams. There are pictures of the place (which looks small but fancy) and instructions (pictures and video) showing how to prepare some of the sushi dishes. If you ever decide to visit Tokyo and check out the place, the website has the current menu with prices. Some of the sushi ain’t cheap, y’all. ^_^;

I’m not a fan of sushi, but should God let me return to Japan one day, I do plan to drop by Tatsuro Sushi and eating. If any of you guys have ever been there, let me know how it is.

Update 2-Nov-2016: The website has obviously changed a ton since this was originally posted in October 2008. There’s still a single webcam, but it runs off of Ustream now instead of the actual site.
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  1. I had to be up very early this morning so I checked out their site and webcam. Now I’m hungry for sushi.

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