Baka-Updates Forum HACKED!

Because there are losers in this world with nothing else better to do than to jack with what isn’t theirs, some idiot kid has hacked and trashed the Baka-Updates forum. The site has not been touched, which is the good news.

Below are captures of the hacked forum and the message nitwit sent out to brag about what he’d done.

I know there are many people who run forums, so this is an excellent reminder to try to make sure your forum is as secure as you can make it. Of course, bozo’s with nothing but free time on their hands and the mindset of, “I’m justified in whatever I do in hacking, spamming, etc.” will spend all that free time looking for ways to try to cause trouble.

Hopefully, the staff of Baka-Updates have a good backup of the forum and can talk with the phpBB folks who’s software “powers” the forum about finding the security hole.

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