xxxHOLiC Manga Chapter 169

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Watanuki thinks he hears Syaoran’s voice calling to him as he sits at Doumeki’s place. He decides that he’ll do what he can because he wants to be here.

The next time he sees the lady he’s teaching cooking, he asks her about why she finds the thought of eating her own food disgusting. She replies that it is because she’s disgusting in a disgusting world that she’s experienced. Watanuki counters that others are in the same world experiencing similar things as her. She replies that she doesn’t know about others and doesn’t want to because it would make her more disgusted. As long as she doesn’t know, she doesn’t feel disgusted because then it is as if those things never happened. Watanuki counters that even if she doesn’t know about something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. He figures that despite what she says, what she wants to do (cooking, getting married, other) is something else.

Thoughts/Review: This is a really short chapter and I’ve NO clue where we are going with this. Well, I can take a stab at things — he’s going to try to play Yuuko-san and the woman he’s instructing in cooking will turn into a VICIOUS YOUKAI OUT TO CONSUME HIM!


Maybe not.

Regardless, this chapter seemed to be one to get back on track after the brief diversion where CLAMP tells us, “Oh yeah — Syaoran and Watanuki are the same person.” That story is continuing in Tsubasa and we’ll see how things carry over to xxxHOLiC.

So not much to say here and the next chapter doesn’t come out in Japan until November 17, 2008.

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  1. dude i have to go read this.

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