Clannad After Story 07

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

In the Illusion World, Garbage Doll observes the gathering clouds, falling temperatures, and the fact that Mystery Girl sleeps more and more as winter approaches. She wakes up, happy the “bot” stayed with her. As he can’t speak, he make a motion to let her know he wishes to go out. Since it is getting colder and their leaving the house would likely mean never finding it again, the girl is reluctant. However, she seems to understand that where the Garbage Doll wants to go is a better, warmer place.

In the real world, Youhei, Tomoya, and Nagisa are visiting Yukine in the resource room where she’s making fried rice thanks to a cooker that has been deposited there. A gang member named Sudou comes in through the window to be hidden by “Yuki-nee” and have his wounds treated. It is here that the trio learn of Yukine’s kindness in helping both sides of a gang war and that her brother is the leader of one of the gangs. Soon, a member of the other game enters to challenge Sudou, so rather than disturb Yukine, both guys leave in order to fight.

As the trio walk home with Yukine, she’s grabbed by a young boy and threatened because his “oneesan” has left home and is dating one of the members of Yukine’s older brother’s gang. While Yukine is able to handle the situation without assistance, Youhei decides to become the “invisible leader,” Kazuto. Yukine does not object to Youhei pretending to be her older brother and Youhei actually has good advice for the kid. The kid (“Yu-kun”) even comes to the high school the following day to be with “Kazuto-san” in order to learn what being a man is about.

Yukine has learned about Yu-kun’s sister, and the 21-year old woman does want to see her little brother. So after school, Yukine leads the group to her brother’s gang hideout, which is a bar he runs. Kazuto is in the hospital after having saved someone from an accident, so the gang takes care of things in the bar and Yukine does some cooking. Youhei is forced to confess he isn’t Kazuto and survives because he’s friends with Yukine. Meanwhile, Yu-kun and his sister reunite. The evening is then spent in fun and revelry.

After Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei leave, they are soon stopped by three members of the rival gang after they overheard Youhei refer to himself (and be addressed as) Kazuto. The trio run into a tunnel and are followed. A series of heard attacks later, the rival gang members manage to make it out before going unconscious. Turns out Tomoyo is on patrol, having heard about fights in the area. She wonders why the trio would be involved with a gang, which they tell her is a long story.


Looks like things are finally going to progress a bit in Illusion World with Garbage Doll and Mystery Girl apparently about to take off. That whole thing is just so weird.

Yukine’s story thus far isn’t as good as the other girls’ stories have been, but it is still fine for what it is. I wonder why it is that the kindhearted, super-sweet, quiet girls like her are shown to be tied with gangs or Yakuza? There are a couple of other anime titles I’ve seen where this is the case and it is just an item of interest.

While I’m thinking of things that I’ve seen in other anime titles, this is also not the first time where a female character who’s name ends with “ne” has that dropped in favor of the “nee” honorific for “older sister” (thus “Yukine” becomes “Yuki-nee”). Sadly, that bit has always been dropped from official subtitles where I’ve seen it come up.

I figured Youhei’s pretending to be Yukine’s brother Kazuto would get them into trouble with the rival gang. I didn’t expect Tomoyo to suddenly arrive to kick some butt though, so that was a humorous moment.

Next episode seems to be the resolution. I guess the two gangs make nice somehow or take each other out and cause Yukine pain and sorrow.

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