Kagetora Manga Volume 11

Kagetora Volume 11 (manga)
カゲトラ Volume 11
SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Kagetora has been ordered to return to his village by Yuki’s mother (and Kagetora’s master) as he’s no longer needed as Yuki’s oyakume. Kagetora is not happy about this, but his oldest brother is there to insure Kagetora follows the order. Yuki pays a visit to Kagetora and sees he looks down. Kagetora grabs Yuki and takes her on a train ride. However, they end up getting stuck at a town, so they spend the night together at an onsen resort.

The following day, they return home where Kagetora says goodbye and disappears. Yuki discovers that Kagetora is gone for good and ordered so by her mother. No one can change the order of the current head of the Toudou house, not even Yuki’s powerful grandmother (the former head of the house). As such, Yuki challenges her mother in an official way while Kagetora attempts to officially be disowned so that he can be with Yuki. His father won’t allow it and before the issue can be pressed further, Kagetora is summoned to the Toudou estate.

Kagetora arrives and paying respects to the head of the Toudou house (who’s hidden behind a blind), Kagetora announces his intention to stop being a ninja, thus breaking the master-servant relationship he has with the Toudou family. He turns to leave but the voice behind the screen orders him to stop. It is Yuki, who won her fight with her mother to become master for a day. Thus, she “orders” Kagetora to stay by her side, not as oyakume but as himself. He agrees and the happy couple kiss. Outside, Kagetora’s brother Shiroumaru and Yuki’s new oyakume Kaya are relieved this is over, as this was staged by Yuki’s mother and grandmother to see how serious Yuki and Kagetora were.

Sometime in the future, a brother and sister find an album of their parents wedding — Kagetora and Yuki. The events of the traditional Japanese wedding is gone over.

Thoughts/Review: Ah, beautiful. While there was never a doubt as to Yuki and Kagetora ending up as a true (and ultimately married) couple, it is nice taking the journey to get there. Reading about them taking the trip to the onsen resort, I couldn’t help but think of other titles with similar incidents (though some clearly not as romantic) like Love Hina, Maison Ikkoku, and Ai Yori Aoshi. Plus, this had a wedding chapter too and that’s always nice. ^_^

The extra is the “beta” version of Kagetora, which I found to be most fascinating from a writing perspective. The manga, as originally developed had Yuki as a much different character, thus while there is still the attraction between the two characters, the nature of things is different. Plus, it seems to me that there’s more gratuitous fanservice in the beta version. After reading this, going back and reading what Segami-sensei eventually came up with as the true release (with an editor’s assistance of course) shows just how a good idea can be made better.

I think I’ll write a “final thoughts” review of the manga series as a whole later but for now, I like how volume 11 brings everything to a close. I hope to be able to read more of Segami-sensei’s stuff (which at present comprises of the 1-volume Kami Gurai, the 2-volume Kisu * Kura, and the newly started Kanade.

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