Keroro Gunsou 78

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 78
Sgt. Frog anime, 78
Keroro Gunsou episode 78

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Down at the alien underground shopping area, the alien pop idol Sumomo steals a ring and takes off on a space bike. Sumomo takes off her mask to reveal Keroro. Later at the Hinata residence, Keroro is doing laundry with Space Policewoman Poyun-chan opens a portal and begins her slow arrival. Keroro fears he will be busted and flees but before he can escape through the fridge portal in his room, Poyun-chan fires her weapon, causing the portal to open to another location than the secret Keron base, sucking his various manga and Gundam items into the vortex. Keroro gets the door shut and is accused of stealing the ring. He thought he was going to be busted for false advertising.

Meanwhile, the faux Keroro has a ring and has taken Fuyuki to help decipher a riddle the ring displays using his detective skills. When Fuyuki tells Keroro he’s being weird, Keroro pulls a weapon but is stopped by Space Interpol First Class Investigator, Jessica Harpie. Poyun-chan, Keroro, Giroro, and Tamama also arrive on scene, forcing the fake Keroro to reveal that he is in fact Kaitou Viper. This is the criminal Jessica has been after, but Kaitou is too quick for them all and makes an escape, pursued by Poyun-chan.

Back at Keroro’s room, Jesica reveals that Kaitou is after the burried treasure of the Trunk aliens. With Fuyuki’s photographic memory, they have the riddle down and Fuyuki uncovers the first clue which takes the group to the Nazca Lines in Peru (in a flying, 18th century pirate sailing ship of the undead on the outside but inside is modern). From there, they uncover the second clue on a stone map that shows a ghost island moving within the Bermuda Triangle. As they head to the island after reaching the Triangle, Kaitou and his Viper minions attack. Jessica and Fuyuki are knocked overboard and sent through a portal while the platoon (including Kururu) is captured.

Fuyuki and Jessica find the remains of ships, planes, manga magazines, and Gundam models in the place they were sucked to. Meanwhile, Natsumi begins looking for Fuyuki and thinking he might be in the base, she opens the fridge, which is still connected to another place. Ironically enough, it is were Fuyuki and Jessica are, so Natsumi is able to pull them to safety. Fuyuki and Jessica are off again while Giroro is recruited to dress as a woman to help the platoon break out of prison. Fuyuki and Jessica rescue them instead.

Before they can get off the ship, a 2nd Keroro arrives, forcing Tamama to use his Tamama impact to reveal who’s real and who isn’t (the real one takes the blast and gets an afro as a result). Busted, the fake Keroro has the section of ship they are on ejected, not realizing that Kururu can hack into that sections systems and cause them to fly. They land on the ghost island where Keroro immediately realizes he has to pee. Before he can go, Fuyuki realizes the third clue’s solution as the squat toilets are in fact the treasure, made of gold but with a disguise paint job that easily comes off.

Kaitou is already there and after causing a flood, he’s able to take all the gold toilets as Keroro must save Fuyuki from drowning. Getting back to his ship, Kaitou discovers Puyon-chan has a huge number of police support vehicles and has captured his entire crew. His only escape route is cut off by Jessica and the platoon, thus he is arrested. As a reward, he’s given one of the gold toilets, sealed in an air-filled bag. Keroro eagerly opens the bag but because it is Trunk gold, it cannot survive in the Earth atmosphere, thus it dissolves into nothing.

Thoughts/Review: Considering all the Space Battleship Yamato parody references combined with my currently watching Space Battleship Yamato 2 (as of this posting that is), I decided that I’ll just start sharing those images for the tiny percent of people who will actually enjoy them (because I can, y’all).

Another parody is the Pirates of the Caribbean one. Not only is Keroro dressed in period dress, but the ship they flew in looked a lot like the Black Pearl.

A pretty fun episode with the best laugh coming at the end. Ah, got to love where Keroro finally ended up taking a wiz. ^_^

And you gotta love Giroro in drag. ^_^

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