Keroro Gunsou 80

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 80
Sgt. Frog anime, 80
Keroro Gunsou episode 80

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Natsumi and Keroro are in a fight over him playing her game and overwriting her save file. When Fuyuki sides with Natsumi and Natsumi demands an apology, Keroro accidentally breaks one of Natusmi’s figures. Keroro summons an emergency meeting of the platoon, however they aren’t interested in hearing his rant. Realizing he’s alone, Keroro runs away from the Hinata house to set up shop somewhere else. That ends up being an old, abandoned apartment. Since he has running water, he figures he’s set up and he then builds a Gunpla. However, he only brought one and so reads the latest volume of his favorite manga. He finishes that and is still bored. Tamama comes by briefly to tell him the new time for Admiral Giroro, then leaves.

Meanwhile, Fuyuki is out looking for Keroro, who’s been gone for a while. He encounters Lavie, who had seen Keroro pass by. Buying a product from her, Fuyuki continues his search as does Natsumi, who decided to look as well. Natsumi comes by the apartment and when Keroro sees her, he knows he should apologize but can’t. She’s gone and Kogoro comes by with a gift of crate furniture. He’s gone with a promise of keeping Keroro’s location a secret. Meanwhile, Fuyuki and Natsumi return home where

Keroro starts hearing and seeing things and when the light in the one-room apartment goes out, he begins to freak out. Everything he sees has a monstrous look and feel to it. When someone actually approaches the apartment, Keroro is out the window as a cop and the landlord arrive to find no one there but a broken Gunpla model. Keroro slowly returns home as Natsumi and Fuyuki worry about him. Giroro detects Keroro’s return, so he tells Natsumi she forgot to lock the front door. She finds it odd the he’d tell her rather than lock it himself, but discovers that Keroro is at the door. When he apologizes to her, Natsumi lets him back in and all is well again.


I seem to remember this story from the manga, but not quite in the same way it was presented here. The theme of this episode was clearly one of “why you should apologize when you are in the wrong.”

I think this every time, but the way KANEDA Tomoko plays Lavie, I swear I can’t help but feel so badly for her. She is the perfect person to play the role with that higher-pitched and pitiful sounding voice.

I guess some Japanese folks in the anime business must have loved the old Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man. There have been a few titles where the sound effects of that game are used to emulate game noises. So for me, it was funny seeing Natsumi playing an RPG with some of the noises clearly being from that old school version of Pac-Man.

This episodes Space Battleship Yamato parody — the cover (and some inside pages) of the “Alpha” manga.

Otherwise, not much to say about this episode.

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