Negima! Manga Vol 26 (Ch 232) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 26 Chapter 232 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 232

Summary/Synopsis: Nagi and Ala Rubra locate Princess Akira, who tells “her knight” that he’s late. Along with Akira, the 3rd Princess of Hellas is being held, who’s also rescued. They return to Ala Rubra’s hideout on Olympus Mons, which does not impress the Hellas Princess, leading her and Rakan to get into a verbal sparing match. The group discusses the current situation, including that Ostia is also under the influence of Cosmo (Kosmo). Akira continues to address Nagi as “My Knight” which embarrasses him since he’s a mage. However, her reasoning is that since he and Ala Rubra have no country they serve now, it is only natural that they serve her. In the end, Nagi agrees and is dubbed a knight by Akira in European form.

The war continues with Ala Rubra having no clear idea who their enemy is. Thanks to Akira, they gain more allies, including the Valkyries from Ariadne. After some time, the Cosmo base was finally located to be at the Royal Palace in Ostia, also known as “Gravekeepers’ Palace.” The Twilight Princess is being held here. Ala Rubra prepares to attack. The future principle of Ariadne Academy reports that all their forces, including those from the Empire and Confederation are ready. She also gets Nagi’s autograph.

The battle starts and Fate appears with his own henchmen. He compliments Nagi on reducing their numbers. Ala Rubra makes short work of their opponents. Nagi has Fate by the throat and demands to know where the Twilight Princess is being held. Fate is amused that Nagi thinks he’s behind it all. An attack comes from behind fate which pierces him and Nagi. As the others rush forward in stunned amazement, they too come under attack. Mystery Boy erects a massively powerful barrier with Al. Eishun, and Rakan assisting. It is no good and Rakan appears to lose his arms. Ala Rubra is defeated by a single person — the “final boss.” As Rakan tells the story to Negi and company, he informs them that for the first time, he knew he couldn’t win a fight.

Thoughts/Review: Amazing chapter! Now we know how Ala Rubra managed to win over others as well as why Nagi is seen by all sides as a hero and not a villain. It was also nice to see the girl who would become future principle of Ariadne Academy (which is where Yue is attending school if you recall). The Hellas Princess is also a nice touch.

As to the battle itself, we’ve seen for a while how powerful Ala Rubra is. For a single person to defeat them all is pretty amazing. Clearly, they find a way to overcome this person in the end but for Nagi, who’d just defeated Fate to find himself basically defeated along with all his team, I can’t help but think this is an eye-opening experience for Nagi. If my theory is right about Nagi turning himself into Negi, I would say this is the moment that would start him on such a path (which won’t happen for another 10-years if true).

What if this new boss character is Akira? What would that do to all the fans that are so sure she is Negi’s mom? If true, Akira would be gathering all the nation-states as a single alliance against her organization so that they could all be wiped out at once (Asuna’s ability).

I thought the flashback arc would only be three weeks based on what was reported, but unless Akamatsu-sensei decides to just leave it, that story is not complete. We’ll see what happens next chapter.

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8 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 26 (Ch 232) *SPOILERS*”

  1. hurin says:

    “What if this new boss character is Akira?”

    I rather think it’s her sister. Asuna is the daughter of Nagi and Arika, and the twilight Imperial princess is her aunt. The battle Asuna dreams about in 169 is one that took place about 5 years later and is unrelater to the war.

    I’m guessing the main boss still lives but is imprisoned in the palace.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The main boss being sealed is a very interesting possibility because it would explain Fate 3.0’s interest in returning to Ostia.

  3. hurin says:

    Ken really had me fooled. Asuna dreams about being a little girl in a war in 169, we are told Nagi fought in a war 20 years earlier, and it didn’t occour to me that Nagi’s war and Asuna’s war were two different events taking place about 10 years after another. Asuna ages normally and has always done so. There are not one but two people in her family with magic cancel.

    Now I really hope Negi is not a reincarnation of Nagi, since that would make him Asunas father rather than her sister, I can tolerate the latter, but the former is just to wierd.

  4. I really don’t think that negi could be Nagi.It’s an interesting theory, but about that whole scene in the tournament of the school festival where negi got to meet the illusion of his father. Also the two of them look different, and Rukan (Sorry if I got his name wrong) also described negi and Asuna as being orphans of that person. You could be right through, I used to swear that Yondaime could not be naruto’s father.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @hurin — I’m not sure about the time-differences there. It is very possible that Asuna’s memory-dream took place early in the war and what is happening in this chapter (with Asuna captured as well) happens at the end of the war. However, that wouldn’t be 10-years ago since Nagi appears to have wonder the world for a few years after the war. Remember, it was 15-years ago that Nagi cursed Eva and imprisoned her at Mahora Academy.

    @キャサリン — I am waiting to see the outcome of this flashback arc but if Akira is shown not to be Negi’s mother, I’ll work on writing my theory in detail and why. ^_^ I may be totally wrong, but it feels right to me.

  6. hurin says:

    Negima timeline as I think it happens:

    20 years ago; Nagi defeats CE but Ostia is destroyed.

    20-15 years ago; Nagi meets Eva, defeats her but spares her life, she stalks him but he finally manages to ditch her.

    15 years ago; Eva tracks Nagi down, is defeated again and imprisoned at Mahora.

    10 years ago; Nagi rescues Asuna, brings her with him to Istanbul (that is clearly the Istanbul waterfront in chapter 100), he disappears, Gatou is killed, Takamishi brings Asuna to Mahora and erases her memories.
    Al brings baby Negi to the village (this is why he possesses books of Nekane as a child and Anya as a todler).

    6 years ago; Village is destroyed, Al uses one of his Nagi books and manages to save Negi and Nekane.

    5 years ago; Negi frees Camo from a trap.

    Current timeline; Negi arrives at Mahora.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Al couldn’t have been the one to give Negi the staff because Al has been trapped under Library Island for 10-years. He denied being the one to save Negi as well and since he can only have a fake body move around during the festival when the World Tree is full of magic, that further rules Al out.

    As for it being 10-years ago that Asuna was rescued, I don’t remember any time reference to state that.

    As to Nekane and Anya being one of Al’s things due to him seeing them, the problem is that Anya would have been 1 back then and Nekane would have been a young girl. So his book should have shown them at those ages since it showed Nagi from 10-years ago.

    I do like the idea of Al being the one to drop Negi off at the village.

  8. hurin says:

    Characters producing items out of nowhere seems to be a running joke in the manga, such as Negi’s class roll, the change of clothes needed when they use age decieving magic or Chacamaru’s child body.

    As for Al I have the impression he is not entirely truthfull, kind of like in Star Wars when old Ben tells Luke that Vader betrayed and murdered his father.
    If he really has spend the last 10 years at Mahora how did he obtain books of Nekane and Anya, the only other way would be for them to visit him at Mahora.

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