Clannad After Story 10

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

In the Illusionary World, Mystery Girl and Garbage Doll still work on building a flying machine to escape the world before winter hits, when the girl will never move again. This is something Garbage Doll doesn’t completely understand. However, Garbage Doll hopes that they can complete the flier and escape before winter hits.

Back in the real world, Sanae-san and Akito-san congratulate Tomoya on his graduation. They offer him a job in the bread store and Sanae-san begins to address him as “Tomoya-san” now. Nagisa returns to school but she’s not in the same class as Yukine and Tomoyo. As Tomoya gets used to the busy mornings and tedious afternoons working the bread store, Nagisa tries to get the Theater Club going again, even getting Minoshi-sensei to sponsor it. However, no one joins her club and with no members, there can be no club and the bad news is given to Nagisa by Tomoyo.

Tomoya starts thinking of living on his own, but rents are expensive. He talks with Yoshino, who tells him there are jobs at the electric company. After Tomoya sees and talks with Kyou and Ryou, they tell him of an old apartment that has just become available, which is very cheap. After checking out the place, he returns to Yoshino and asks him about getting a job and the electric company. That done, he informs Sanae-san and Akio-san that he has an apartment and will be moving out of their home. They agree and move him to his new place, even giving him some furniture and a TV. Nagisa stays behind after the move and makes some tea, leading Tomoya to wonder when this arrangement will become permanent.

The following afternoon, Akio-san and Tomoya play catch where Akio-san tells Tomoya to come to him if Tomoya has any problems or the like. Tomoya asks what Akio-san would think if Tomoya made Nagisa a part of his life at his new apartment, basically asking to marry Nagisa. Akio-san gives his permission by telling Tomoya that it will be Nagisa’s choice. With that, Akio-san decides to take a swing at one of Tomoya’s pitches. He ends up knocking the ball too far, causing it to crash through a window.

Tomoya is awakened in his new aprartment by Nagisa in her school uniform so that he won’t be late for work. After breakfast, he reports to work and Yoshino is his trainer. They head out where Yoshino shows Tomoya how to properly be on an electric pole and the importance of safety in such a dangerous job. After they complete the work on the first pole, Tomoya finds himself exhausted already and they still have four more poles to go. By the end of the day, Tomoya is sore and completely exhausted. He manages to stumble home where Nagisa is waiting for him, making dinner. He sits with Nagisa to eat and tries to listen to her story about her day, but is so tired, he is falling asleep.

Thoughts/Review: Again, a trip to the Illusionary World and no new information, though the flier is coming along somehow.

We got to see Kyou and Ryou for a bit this episode, which is nice.

I was somewhat surprised and yet not surprised that Tomoya left the Furukawa home. I can certainly understand his desire to live on his own and not be a burden to Sanae-san and Akio-san. I expected Nagisa to be a bit sad that her boyfriend even wanted to leave, much less actually leave and live on his own. However, they were like a newlywed couple in his new apartment (in a non-sexual way) and that leads me to wonder when Tomoya will propose. After all, he has permission from Akio-san now.

You know, this episode continues sad themes. Even though Nagisa is well again (and I still think she’s a goner at some point), the two friends she has aren’t in her class and apparently her classmates don’t know how to deal with her. Nagisa didn’t get the Theater Club going again and I remember how important that was to her in Clannad. While there was the old joke about Sanae-san’s bread, the humor is mostly gone now and that in and of itself is sad. The preview for the next episode seems to indicate that more sad themes are in store. Oh well. It was going to come sooner or later I suppose.

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