Negima! Manga Vol 26 (Ch 235) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 26 Chapter 235 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 235


Outside of the arena, the 2nd most popular tourist attraction is the giant onsen in Ostia. Here, all the girls of the battle harem (in loli form) along with Aisha (the treasure hunter) arrive to take a bath. Because of lax security and the tradition of the bath house being a neutral site (meaning the law will leave people alone), Paru decides that it is time to abandon her loli body in order to relax in comfort. The other girls follow suit with Sayo using Asakura’s breast to support her doll form.

On the men’s side of the onsen, Kotaro and Negi are relaxing with Chamo as Kotaro and Negi reaffirm their goals of winning the competition in the arena and defeating Fate. Chamo wants to get the boys to head to the girls side for some traditional peeking, but they aren’t going for that. Chamo is interrupted when he notices the bounty hunters Zaytsev, Rizo, and Morborgran. Naturally, this causes some guarded moments for Negi and Kotaro, but the bounty hunters assure them they aren’t on the job. Negi wonders were their forth member is, leading Zaytsev to reveal that this fourth member (Paio II) is a female. This is quite a shock to Negi, Kotaro, and Chamo.

In another section of the onsen, Natsumi, Yuuna, and Makie arrive for some relaxation. Natsumi and Makie comment on how all the women in the Magic World seem to have large breasts. Yuuna tells them they are just imagining things, which doesn’t set well with Natsumi or Makie considering Yuuna has large breasts and they don’t. Yuuna finds herself being fondled by a mysterious girl (Paio). When the girls demand to know who she is, she calls herself Chichigami — “Breast Goddess.” She has words of comfort for Makie and Natsumi, leading them to address her as Chichigami-sama despite Yuuna’s protests that Paio is just a pervert, even if a girl.

Paio continues her wandering around the onsen where she encounters Akira and Ako. Ako is worried about her breast size, but also wondering if she should grow out her hair. Paio has a solution for Ako’s hair, and the substance she gives Ako does indeed cause her hair to instantly grow out, which Akira thinks is cute. However, soon Ako’s hair is growing out of control as Paio moves on.

In yet another part of the onsen, Ariadne Guard’s Beatrix, Collet, Emily, J. von Katz, and S. du Chat talk about how “Nagi-sama” may right now be on the men’s side of the onsen. Thus a plan to do some peeking is quickly hatched while Yue looks at her pactio card and the name “Negi Springfield.” She’s about to try to make telepathic contact with Negi when she’s interrupted by Collet.

In still another part of the onsen, Ku Fei asks Nodoka how love feels. This is overheard by Konoka, who is excited to hear Ku Fei talk about this. Ku denies being in love but wants to know for future reference. Nodoka gives her thoughts on how love feels but their conversation is interrupted by Paio, who’s fondling Ku. She then moves to Setsuna, Nodoka, and the Konoka, impressed with what she feels when Ku kicks Paio in the face, sending her into the water.

Paio is caught and needs cover, so she makes up a story about how a man made her grab all the girls’ breasts. About that time, Chamo has used the drainage system to swim to the women’s onsen where he plans to hook up with Paio for some serious perversion. He appears just in time for Paio to lay the blame on him. Beatrix is there and binds Chamo, who then pleads with Shiori-Asuna to save him. Beatrix is thinking death penalty for Chamo while Paio salutes Chamo, thinking that his death won’t have been in vain.


“This week, we bring you a 100% in-the-nude chapter!♡”

I think that pretty much says most everything about this chapter before the 3-week break. ^_^;

Interesting that Akamatsu-sensei managed to get so many people into this chapter (and naked). I remember reading that Akamatsu-sensei mentioned that Ako’s hair is kind of a pain to do, so I expect Ako to have long hair from here on out (having gotten all the excess removed of course). We’ll see if that happens, but I kinda hope it does.

Paio turning out to be a woman in a loli body is certainly a surprise. Akamatsu even provided a diagram of how she fits into her bounty-hunter body, which is like a mecha unit I guess. As an aside, I have a hunch that the bounty hunters will be on Ala Alba’s side when the final fight with Fate goes down.

Considering that Kotaro and Negi talked about the tournament again, I guess that things are going to shift to Negi and Kotaro completing that event to free Akira, Ako, and Natsumi.

OK, Negima! chapter 236 will not be out for THREE WEEKS! That’s December 24th. However, I should have some spoiler images on the 20th as an early Christmas present for you guys. Considering that there will be a lot of people pretty desperate for Negima! stuff before that time, I’ll see if I can round up something nice Negima-wise (though I won’t promise to find anything unique since that’s kinda hard).

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