The Perfect Female Partner — Coming Soon!

The Perfect Female Partner — Coming Soon!

I swear, android wives will be available before my life ends (assuming God lets me live to old age). Check out this article from The Sun. (Wayback Link.) I couldn’t help but notice the part about how with a few tweaks, “Aiko” could be made “fully functional” (to quote Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation).

While this certainly isn’t the first time a news article has appeared about the creation of android women, I read this and thought about Armitage III and other “artificial girl” anime titles I’ve seen over the years. So having some free time, I thought, “why not compile a list?”

So, here are some anime/manga android wife candidates.

  • The Perfect Female Partner -- ChiiChii (Chobits) — The Chobits manga (and anime) is all about falling in love with an android. Of course in Chii’s case, being intimate is a might more difficult. Still, Chii is always eager to learn and so can be taught to be the perfect wife for the one she loves.


  • The Perfect Female Partner -- ChachamaruChachamaru (Negima!) — This android babe can kick the arse of your enemies. She can defend you against powerful foes with her built-in machine gun and bladed weapon. She can apparently cook, clean, be a caretaker, and more. With her recent upgrades and multiple body forms, she can fulfill any age fetish one might have. *_* She comes with her own key for winding too.
  • Bloodberry, Lime, Cherry (Saber Marionette J) — Why have one android babe when you can have three? Each one has something they bring to the table and all can fight. Plus they will totally be devoted to you. Can’t go wrong there, right?

    The Perfect Female Partner -- Bloodberry, Lime, Cherry

  • The Perfect Female Partner -- MahoroMahoro (Mahoromatic) — Mahoro may be a combat android, but she’s also a maid too, so cooking, cleaning, and protection are all covered. She’ll be completely devoted to you and she’ll even bathe with you should you wish. Her cute, teenaged look will make you the envy of the android babe-loving otaku.


  • The Perfect Female Partner -- NaomiNaomi (Armitage III) — Of all the android babes, Naomi may have the most to offer — she can bare you children. She’s a little hot headed and a trained police officer, but she can kick butt and still be a loving, caring companion. As an aside, I think Armitage III addresses the whole android-wife issue the best.


  • The Perfect Female Partner -- MultiMulti (ToHeart) — She may be an experimental android, but she’s cute and can be taught to be a better at doing things like household chores. So if you don’t mind a few bugs in the software and like the cute, high school girl look, Multi might be right for you.


  • The Perfect Female Partner -- MayMay (Hand Maid May) — May is super cheerful and tries her hardest to be a perfect maid and companion. However, at only 6-inches in height, her usefulness as anything more than a speaking companion is limited. Still, for a considerable extra fee, you can upgrade to the life-sized, fully functional version. Or, you can choose several other models such as Sara (exotic, ramen-loving beauty), Rena-chan (spoiled loli), Kei (glasses-wearing genius), Mami (attractive, motherly type), and more.

    The Perfect Female Partner -- Hand Maid May

  • The Perfect Female Partner -- DorothyDorothy (The Big O) — She has a dry wit, she’s a fighter, but also good at domestic chores. Whether she’d make a good wife depends on your tastes and if there are giant mecha units bothering you.



  • The Perfect Female Partner -- MarieMarie (Boku no Marie) — She’s cute and just like a real human. Fortunately, Marie can be custom-built so that she is an android copy of whatever real girl you fancy. You just give your android version a different color hair. ^_^


  • The Perfect Female Partner -- IfruitaIfurita (El Hazard) — Well, if you don’t mind having an android babe who’s also a weapon of mass destruction, Ifrita may be the one for you. Fortunately, she appears to have that dangerous aspect of herself under control. Just don’t forget to wind her from time to time.
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6 Responses to “The Perfect Female Partner — Coming Soon!”

  1. I bet you have hug pillows of all those girls, don’t you?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I tried but they said you bought them out. ^_^

  3. shadow_s_writer says:

    Hey, ANB, you forgot a good one. Not Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo fame as you might suspect from me. That because while she is a bionoid, and therefore qualified as a artificial being, her cooking is deadly, and if you marry her, Ayeka will demand equal time, and then … well you know what will happen then..

    No, my suggestion is Ryoko little sister, Ryo-ohki, the cabbit/spaceship/humanoid, she is after all a “Com-put-ter” (according to Washuu who should know after all), and and therefore also an artificial being. I sure Sasami could teacher her to cook. And we know that she can bear children (see 20th century doujin).


  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    *lol* You got me there. I forget that Ryo-ohki does have a female, humanoid form, is an artificial being, and while maybe not an android in the traditional sense, does qualify. *lol*

    Good one, sir. ^_^

  5. Anonymous says:

    Given the rather diverse list of android wife candidates, I was rather surprised you left out Android #18 of Dragonball fame. Like Naomi, she also has the ability to procreate. For better or worse, she also has a self-destruct device (unless, you choose to wish it out of her) that can be conveniently activated with the push of a button.

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’ve never watched DBZ, thus did not know about that character. ^_^; The list I have is from anime titles I have seen though.

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