Clannad After Story 14 (or Comedy and the Family Restaurant)

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 14

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nagisa and Tomoya pay Nagisa’s parents a visit. Akio-san wonders when the official wedding will be (Nagisa and Tomoya already legally married), to which Tomoya replies that the wedding will take place when they get enough money. Entering Tomoya’s apartment for the first time as husband and wife, the place becomes their apartment and Nagisa pledges herself to Tomoya. Nagisa taking a bath causes Tomoya quite a stir, though as Nagisa reminds him, he has to work the following morning. However, that night they talk with Tomoya wondering about the story of the lights and the wishes that could be granted. The conversation ends with them holding hands.

Tomoya and Nagisa’s life as a couple continues with Tomoya working and the two sharing household chores. Nagisa decides to get a job and has a recommendation from two former school mates (music club members?) who work at a nearby family restaurant. One day, Tomoya gets off work early and pays a visit to his father-in-law, who’s keen to see his daughter at work in a waitress uniform, something Tomoya suddenly wants to see too. However, Akio-san decides to go in disguise and get some pictures, so wearing sunglasses and baggy shirt, he is now a “rapper” and calls himself M.C. Akio.

At the restaurant, Nagisa doesn’t recognize her father as Tomoya orders a coffee for himself and a giant parfait for Akio-san, who’d been commenting on parfaits earlier. When two thugs start hitting on Nagisa, then start to accost her for not going with them, Tomoya and Akio-san step in, at which point the thugs ultimately flee. When the manager comes around, Akio-san flees as well. Tomoya talks with the manager, who knows that Tomoya is married to Nagisa. He’s not upset with Tomoya since he saw the whole incident. He does tell Tomoya that Nagisa gets easily depressed over making little mistakes and that Tomoya should make sure to take care of Nagisa at home.

That night, Nagisa and Tomoya are talking when Nagisa reveals that their old high school building will be torn down to make way for a new building. This upsets Tomoya greatly, enough that Nagisa thinks she’s said something wrong. Tomoya apologizes to her, saying that the loss of the old school building means the loss of their old theater club room and more, thus a piece of their past is being destroyed. Nagisa understands.

Sometime later, Tomoya and Nagisa are visiting her parents where Akio-san reveals a massive number of pictures he’s taken of Nagisa in her waitress uniform. Hearing a crash in the bathroom, Akio-san and Tomoya come running, where they find Sanae-san comforting her daughter. Since Nagisa is clearly ill, Akio-san kids his son-in-law about making Nagisa pregnant, saying that a real man would have already done so. However, when Sanae-san says that Nagisa is most likely pregnant, Akio-san’s disposition changes to the negative. Nagisa defends Tomoya, citing the fact that they are married and doing “ecchi,” which shocks Tomoya and does not please Akio-san.


M.C. Akio? *LOL* Oh man, that was too funny. Having become a fan of rap from the early 80’s (though mind you, I can’t stand that vulgar stuff today beyond maybe some beats) and having even made a few blog entries here on Japanese rappers (and you can see an example HERE), the scene with Akio-san pretending to be a rapper made me laugh even more. I guess it goes to show how rap has continued to work its way into more of a mainstream of Japanese youth. That is also seen in something like Samurai Champloo (for example).

While on the subject of Akio-san, I have to say that he made this episode on the comedy front. In addition to the rapper stuff mentioned above, he and Tomoya calling each other “father” and “son” ended up making me laugh out loud. Akio-san’s whole reactions to learning that his little girl was pregnant with Tomoya’s child just had me almost in the floor. Poor Nagisa though. I can’t believe she actually said that she and Tomoya were doing “ecchi.” *lol* Just too good, though on a serious note, with the constant refrains of “Nagisa is physically weak,” I started thinking, “is it really OK for her to have a child health-wise?”

Also while I’m thinking of it, we received the explanation on the wedding, so I suppose there’s still a chance to see one (though I doubt it). Beyond that, I rather enjoyed seeing Tomoya and Nagisa as a married couple, though I wouldn’t have minded seeing them kiss. Aside from the comedy reference to “ecchi,” the anime handled Tomoya and Nagisa being together in a sweet way with them holding hands while laying down in their futons.

I find it amusing that after having commented on family restaurants for Torodora!, this episode of Clannad After Story features one. The name of the place is a fictitious “Ernesto Host,” which I’m fairly sure is a parody tribute to the kick boxer Ernesto Hoost. He may be better known as one of those YouTube celebrities with the most widely circulated Downtown Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! clips — the infamous “Silent Library” (though this isn’t the “Silent Library” as some believe). If you haven’t seen it, see below (and as an aside, I hear that the guys from Downtown have done a 2008 version).

I’ve noticed a strange lack of Illusion World lately. I wonder why.

Well, nothing to do but wait for the next episode.

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  1. mastermack0 says:

    holding hands is what causes you to get pregnant. its true.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Oh yeah! And then you watch an episode of “Downtown Gaki no Tsukai.” ^_~

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