Clannad After Story 15

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 15

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nagisa’s pregnancy proceeds with her getting a bit ill as she enters her third month but recovers. Nagisa tells Tomoya that she wants to give birth to their child at home. Tomoya is a bit concerned, but the two of them then talk it over with Nagisa’s parents before making their decision — they will have the baby at home. Sanae-san introduces them to Yagi-san, who is a midwife. Sanae-san doesn’t want to trouble Nagisa and tells Tomoya that while Yagi-san knows the situation, they aren’t going to mention their worries. However, Nagisa already knows they are worried and tries to assure Tomoya.

Nagisa has an episode which causes her to collapse, but the baby is OK. Sanae-san tells Tomoya that she’ll stay with Nagisa during the day from here on out. Early one evening, Sanae-san meets Tomoya as he’s coming home and the two go to the family restaurant where Nagisa used to work. There, Sanae-san tells Tomoya of the danger to Nagisa should the pregnancy continue. There’s a good chance the baby can be born fine but the pregnancy is likely going to be tough on Nagisa’s frail body. At minimum, they may have to have the baby in the hospital. Tomoya goes home and finds that Nagisa is adamant about having the child no matter what. She will go to the hospital though if it makes things better.

Nagisa continues with her parenting classes while Tomoya consults with Akio-san. Akio-san takes Tomoya to a dirt lot where some kids are playing, which is right next to a construction site for a new hospital. Akio-san explains that he often comes here to play ball with the kids or to do nothing. The reason for this goes back to when Nagisa was a child and nearly died. He reminds Tomoya of the story but adds a piece that he’d never mentioned to Tomoya before. When it seemed that all was lost for Nagisa, Akio-san took her into the night and ran until he came to this field, where he prayed for Nagisa. When the sun rose, Nagisa recovered and what’s left of that field is this dirt lot and construction zone. In the end, Akio-san tells Tomoya that whatever happens, they’ll just have to accept the result.

Tomoya and Nagisa go to a deserted beach where they decide on a name for their baby. Using Nagisa’s name as a basis (from the Kanji), Nagisa comes up with the unisex name of Ushio. Tomoya likes the name and as he holds his wife, he tells her to promise him that next summer, she, he, and Ushio will go to the beach together. She seems hesitant to promise, but does so anyway.


Oh, I just know the tear-jerking, tissue using, waste-basket filling moments are close at hand. I swear, this episode just screamed, “NAGISA IS GOING TO DIE! SHE WON’T SURVIVE CHILDBIRTH!” *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, if it happens, it happens and I’ll cry like a baby. Heck, all these Key stories makes one cry, don’t they? I guess it is just that as I get older, I’m less and less a fan of depressing stories no matter how good they are. That’s not to say that I don’t like either Clannad or Clannad After Story. I love both. I just prefer a smile put on my face or a laugh in my mouth.

Initially, when Akio-san retold his story about Nagisa’s near-death as a child, I thought that maybe she did die but came back to life. I re-watched it and I think that she almost died but pulled through after Akio-san’s prayer. I wonder if Nagisa will be taken there by Tomoya should she be near death.

I would have said that they would end up giving birth in the hospital to try to do what they could to protect Nagisa. However, the previews indicate she’ll give birth at home anyway.

Speaking of the previews, the Illusion World gets shown again and I guess will be discussed. Its about time I guess since they’ve teased us with this for ages.

Fortunately, there were still a few moments of humor with Akio-san not liking being addressed as “grandpa,” telling the fetus that he’s the father, and then wanting his grandchild to address him as “Akki.” Oh yeah, and there was that licking story.

Well, we’ll see how things proceed. I have the tissues on standby.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    akio is hilarious….and Clannad has a happy ending. So keep it up, buddy.

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