Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 01 (Ah! My Goddess’s Fujishima-sensei has a new manga.)

パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 01
Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 01

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 01At the Kikka Academy Dorm, the teen girl Takanashi has multiple alarm clocks go off, which she silences and goes back to sleep. A young girl with a bull horn yells for Takanashi to wake up. The young grade school girl, who’s also the dorm mother, marches Takanashi down to a Japanese breakfast of rice, miso soup, and nattou. Takanashi is loudly opposed to eating rotten soybeans, which irritates the young dorm mama since nattou is fermented soybeans not rotten ones. So, Takanashi breaks out a negi stalk (green onion), slices it up, places it on the nattou, and offers it to the girl. She doesn’t want to eat it since she doesn’t like negi. Their verbal fight continues until Takanashi notices the time and races off to school on her mini-bike. The young girl smirks at her win, forgetting about the negi still in her nattou, upon which eating it, she falls out of her chair.

Thoughts/Review: An 8-page manga in a monthly publication? I’ve heard rumors that this will be a bi-monthly publication (not twice a month but once every two months) in good! Afternoon magazine. We’ll see about that but regardless, eight pages aren’t much even for a weekly publication. Hopefully, this won’t be how things are with every chapter.

Fujishima-sensei’s art is as good as ever. Looking at this, I was reminded that I don’t care for the current Ah! My Goddess character designs much (haven’t for years) but that’s because around volume 8, I thought the character designs were the best. Without the prejudice of prior art, the two characters shown here look fine.

As to the story, there’s not much to say because not much was revealed beyond two girls being the only residence of a dorm and the dorm mother is a grade school girl. I’m hoping to get a better grasp on things with the next chapter because the only thing revealed here is the cliched character who doesn’t do mornings well and the bossy little girl. The bullhorn is a nice touch though.

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