Slayers Evolution-R 01

スレイヤーズ EVOLUTION-R Episode 01

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

As Prince Phil oversees the repairs to Saillune, Lina takes the time to use the vast library there to do some research on the soul jar (vase/pot) that Rezo may have used. Unfortunately, her extensive research is for naught. After discussing this, Ozel, and Xellos with her companions, there’s nothing left to do but head out. While hitching a ride on a hay cart, Pokota recounts how a soul jar was used to transfer him from his human body to his current form. Lina whacks him and Gourry (for ignorance) because that jar is exactly what they are looking for. Pokota reveals that the jar used on him was called “Hellmaster Jar,” which makes sense to Lina since this would be Hellmaster Fibrizo abilities. Thus, if something happened to Rezo, he could use the jar to stay alive.

They return to Gioconda’s castle to look for clues. Lina puts Gourry and Pokota to work digging in the rubble while Amelia and Zelgadiss search elsewhere, Zelgadiss holding a crystal on a string. He gets a reaction and a spell from Amelia clears the rubble to reveal a passage. Lina, Gourry, and Pokota join them, where they find the remains of Duclis lab. Zelgadiss finds a hidden passage behind a wall, so after Gourry opens a path for them, they proceed down the new hall. After a time, Lina hears female singing. Investigating closer, they discover the singing is coming from an elaborate full suit of armor.

The suit suddenly comes to life with a loud, obnoxious “HO!HO!HO!HO!” laugh and on the second round of laughter, Lina blasts the armor with a spell. Everyone wonders why Lina reacted this way. Lina doesn’t even know, saying it was instinct. The suit of armor comes back together and is insulted over having been blasted. Zelgadiss surmises that this is a suit of living armor. The armor calls itself “Nama-chan,” but says that may not be right, having suffered amnesia. Nama-chan explains that she was treasure hunting, found a jar, then found herself as a suit of armor. She started singing to comfort herself.

Lina is very troubled by some of Nama-chan’s mannerisms, her voice, and especially her laugh, feeling sure she knows the voice. She doesn’t want to think that this could be her worst nightmare. Because Nama-chan is not being very helpful combined with her wanting the annoyed Lina to bow and apologize to her, Lina has had enough and the two end up back on the surface to duel. Lina’s Flare Arrow spell has no impact on Nama-chan, but Nama-chan proves quite the mage with her command of the Freeze Arrow spell. Lina finally hits on a plan and zaps Nama-chan with a Digger Bolt spell, turning her into a magnet. Now frozen in place, Lina then blasts Nama-chan with a Dragon Slave. While the armor survives, the spell is enough to get Nama-chan to cooperate with Lina.

Elsewhere, Ozel is nursing the injured Zuuma back to health, having apparently done something to give him new arms.


Well, I guess those who don’t like Slayers won’t like this but for me, Slayers Evolution-R got off to a great start.

Having Lina shown studying text at the beginning of the episode was a win for me. If I recall correctly, the novels speak of her doing research like this. I know the anime episodes have Lina looking for new things and knowledge, but I don’t remember her taking time to research the texts, which is something a mage like her would do. So nice touch there.

So, why is Ozel nursing the injured Zuuma? She’s been mysterious since her introduction, both helping and fighting Lina and company. Should be interesting to see what she ultimately is.

Nama-chan. OK, I agree that this is most likely Naga, the older sister of Amelia and nemesis of Lina before she met with Gourry. Besides the fact that KAWAMURA Shigeyo is Nama-chan’s seiyuu, Nama-chan’s laugh and some other mannerisms were the same as Naga’s, only this time it is a suit of armor. Convenient way to have Naga and Amelia not “see” each other — make Naga a suit of armor and give her just enough amnesia so that she doesn’t recognize either Lina or Amelia.

I am not a fan of Naga. One of the reasons I never bought the OVA’s or movies (save for #5) is that I just couldn’t stand Naga most of the time. There were some things where she wasn’t so bad. Indeed, I think one of the OVA episodes had a scene with multiple Naga’s that just made me laugh and laugh. That said, not having to see Naga in her traditional costume is a relief. I can take Naga a bit more as a suit of armor. Knowing Naga as I do, it makes Lina’s reactions to Nama-chan funny. After all, Naga was always a thorn in Lina’s side and while a powerful mage in her own right, Lina was always the superior mage.

I do hope that since Nama-chan will be with Lina’s gang for a while, somehow someway Nama-chan is completely revealed to be Naga. I’d really love for she and Amelia to have a reunion, but I dare say that won’t happen. Instead, if Naga regains her true form, Amelia and Naga will likely never see each other for any number of reasons, as was done in Slayers Premium (the 5th movie).

While I’m thinking of it, having Lina face her former foes in the OP before her comrades come to her was both strange and interesting. It was strange to see these defeated mazoku and the like while at the same time, I liked how the OP shows that Lina didn’t defeat them alone. The OP song hasn’t gripped me yet, but we’ll see what happens down the road.

So some traditional Slayers humor with Lina going off and the start of the new story. I’m very glad FUNimation has this for my future collection. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    KAWAMURA Shigeyo? I thought Naga/Nama’s seiyuu’s name was KAWAMURA Maria?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Maria is the name she does use with Slayers, but apparently her real name is Shigeyo. I didn’t even pay attention too much when I copy-pasted the name but good point nevertheless.

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