Even More Negima! 244 SPOILER Images

Even More Negima! 244 SPOILER Images
魔法先生 ネギま!Chapter 244 (Images)

Here’s the 3rd round of spoiler images from Japan, y’all (click pic to make bigger, y’all).

Negi gets schooled by Jack, Tosaka confronts “Nagi” in the flashback and is overheard by Ako, then comforted by Akira. Heh. Lots of good stuff, though it does blow my thought that Negi actually told Ako (unless I’m very much mistaken).

For those who missed it, the first image post is –> HERE and the second image post is –> HERE.

Your thoughts? ^_^

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35 Responses to “Even More Negima! 244 SPOILER Images”

  1. ninotachi says:

    Rakan used Negi Negi Fever O_O

  2. Anonymous says:

    Negi isn’t going t to win this, especially if the match is going to with chapter 245. And Jack isn’t faster, Negi still have more speed over him, but…

    Ako found out about Negi. It’s expected. She got over it, at least. But is still troubles her as we have seen.

    Jack forfeiting or wins and later gives him the winning are some possibility. The former is less likely to happen, though.

    I’m more curious as to what the “begin of the second story” chapter 245 is suppose to bring, as noted by Ken.

  3. Anonymous says:

    aww, no Kotaro in sight here…

    Rakan using Eternal Negi Fever is…ironic? O.o I mean, it was supposed to be Negi’s finisher…

    Is that TAR that Ako doused Tosaka in?! (Lol, probably not, but it looks icky at least)

    I’m guessing she didn’t believe what she overheard (probably about Tosaka blackmailing Negi about revealing his identity to the authorities or some such thing) so she got mad…

    Ako crying…guilt or revelation? Anyway, if it’s the former, the flash back sequence and her realization during the match wouldn’t make so much sense…

    And…I’m still hoping something interrupts the match (Fate, of course)

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Ninotachi — “Negi Negi Fever” — *LOL* Oh, that’s funny. ^_^

    @Anon — I wonder if the 2nd story is whatever Fate is trying to accomplish.

  5. Anonymous says:

    …Rakan pounding Negi was an eventuality, that is, even though Negi may pull some new, unbelievable crazy stuff from God-knows-where, Rakan, being the experienced fighter will eventually find some weakness/flaw in his techniques…

    This is also what I believe Rakan is saying to Negi…the flaws/weakness of Raisoku Shundou

    Perhaps Negi pulled out the artifact since he has accepted that such a trick won’t work on Rakan twice (although that also goes for the artifact, but he uses that only to try and keep some distance, and not really attack Rakan), or so it seems to me..

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    If Fate attacks to interupt the match, then that would mean that Tosaka’s seeing Negi=Nagi WAY back when was set up just to resolve the Ako story. That would really impress me because the common thought was that Tosaka would turn Negi into the authorities for the reward.

    I think Ako’s tears can be attributed to realizing the man of her dreams is actually a ~10-year old teacher.

    As to the artifact, Negi’s using Asuna’s artifact provides him some defense against Jack’s attacks and in my opinion, is the only thing keeping Negi in the fight.

  7. Anonymous says:

    going back to the Raisoku Shundou…I wonder if he can do Instant Movement while in that state…this would, in theory at least make him move WAAAAY faster (although it seems this isn’t the way to go if Rakan is indeed smacking him around because Rakan is “predicting” his movements due to him figuring out Negi’s technique)…well, I was just wondering anyway

  8. Philip says:

    In the second set of spoilers, I wonder if there are a couple of pages missing between where Ako spills what appears to be coffee, and the page where she is crying…


  9. Anonymous says:

    @Philip: I guess so, since by counting the spoiler pages out so far, I reached 13 pages and (if I’m not mistaken), usually chapters are 18 pages (at least)…

    On one of those page’s edges there is “Nagi-san” so maybe Negi told Ako the truth? If so, that was definitely NOT the best time for it, but then again, better from the person concerned than from a second source…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I knew Ako would find out this way about Nagi being Negi 😀 also it was the person who i thought would be the one too tell him 😀 I knew that rooster head had a roll but who knew 😀

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, not all of the pages were posted, but that’s fine. It will give us something to look forward to when the RAW comes out. ^_^

    Now I wonder if Negi said anything. If Ako overheard the conversation and then talked with Akira, Akira could have just confirmed it.

    Still, now that Ako knows the truth, will she join the ranks of the girls infatuated with Negi.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering about what exactly is that thing in Tosaka’s hand…some sort of photo? Something that incriminates Negi = Nagi?

    And about Tosaka confronting Negi like that, is it just because of the situation with regards to his true identity, or more of his suspicion that Negi might actually have the fight rigged? I’m thinking this since Tosaka did see Negi and co. with Rakan (chapter 217 last page) and Tosaka being worried or suspicious about that would make sense to me (maybe he wants a cut of the reward or something…)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone other than me fear that “Nagi” can’t hold that fake image for long. I get the feeling that Jake’s constant pounding may break “Nagi’s” illusion spell, and make “Negi” enter the scene. This is just pure speculation. I mean, if Eva’s illusion spell can still hold from losing a arm than it should hold from getting a pounding from a legendary hero. Right?

    And thank you Mr.Astro for blogging spoiler images.

  14. ninotachi says:

    “going back to the Raisoku Shundou…I wonder if he can do Instant Movement while in that state”

    Doesn’t “shundou” already mean instant movement? Negi should be already using it along with the Thousand Bolts Armament

  15. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It will be interesting to see exactly what Tosaka says to Negi. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tosaka tried to gain more proof about Negi=Nagi to hold it over Negi’s head. Blackmail certainly would seem like a highly possible conversation topic since Tosaka has not turned Negi and company over to the authorities yet.

    I have wondered in the past about the age-appearance modification spell. However, since Negi was under the influence of the spell when he was operated on to restore his arm, somehow I think that Eva’s magic will hold out short of someone casting a spell to dispel it.

    @Ninotachi — Negi has long used the shundou technique but the “Raisoku Shundou” is a new variation of that technique. Negi was using that but now Jack has countered it by showing his own speed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what would hapen in Negi uses The Thousand Bolts while in dark mode. Maybe those bolts would absorb energy, just like the MAgia Erebea(or Asuna’s magic canceler). At best, he could absorb Rankans energy, like he absorbed Fake-Eva’s atack in the Phantasmagoria.
    At worst, he would do exactly what Princess Asuna did to Ostia-compleately drain al the magical energy in the area.
    I’m looking foward to see how this batlle ends in chapter 245.

  17. Anonymous says:

    About Raisoku Shundou…

    Well Instant Movement/Shundo is essentially a martial art technique, while this newer form is more of magical in nature, since it is a ME variation. I guess what Anon is asking is perhaps “If Negi is moving at the speed of lightning which is 150 km/s (not counting using shundo technique), then what if he used IM with this? What speed would he reach?

    Of course this is assuming that Negi wasn’t using the ME + Chilpl Astrape while also doing the normal shundo….

  18. ninotachi says:

    You misunderstood Astro. I was responding to one Anonymous poster who was wondering what would happen if Negi used “Instant Movement” (aka shundou) along with Raisoku Shundou.

    I was pointing out that Negi already was using shundou.

  19. Anonymous says:

    with regards to absorbing Chilipl Astrape while in Dark Mode (I assume you mean, while he armationems the Gehennae spell, and not the Magia Erebea in “Standby” Mode…) I’m not sure if that’s possible, since there hasn’t been any indication that two different spells can be armed with ME at the same time although, if that turns out to be possible, that would seem pretty overkill to me -_-‘

  20. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Ninotachi — AH! I see now. Sorry about that. ^_^;;;;;

  21. Anonymous says:

    The dark mode is passive. When Magia Erebea is activated, his stats is boosted 50%. Think RPG here. He also doesn’t need to absorb a spell to activate it either. He can unincanted it by invoking Actus Noctis Erebeae.

    Armationem is an ability that comes along with ME. And it stacks with ME. If he loads any Armationem, he simply skips dark mode and goes directly into the respective attribute/stat of the merges spell while retaining the buff of ME. Of course, if he release or discharge the spell he merged with, both ME and Armationem will fade. He’ll then have to invoke or absorb another spell again to get it back up. What’s more, it is possible to absorb and store (store, not absorb) spells while having Armationem up.

    Of course, this is from what I can gather.

    Can’t read moonrunes, but I upped the info from the raw for Magia Erebea and Agilitas Fulminis.


  22. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m going to guess that text is from a tankoubon, right?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yea. Like with nearly all volumes, the details for spells and the research Ken and his staff do are founded in the back most of the time.

    Know of Negipa, Astro? Should check it out. A neat lil artbook/official character guide. In the back in each of them there’s a Negima-Alice in Wonderland short story by Ken, I think.

  24. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, I know “Negipa” and I’ve lobbied Del Rey to license it and bring it over. One would think that with sales as good as “Negima!” are for Del Rey, it would be an easy grab, but there may be other factors at work.

    Anyway, I don’t own any of the “Negipa” books and I’m still missing several of the “Negima!” tankoubon. While I scored a new job today, I’m going to hold off on grabbing either of those until I feel a little more secure.

  25. Renzo says:

    Jack REALLY is taking this seriously. 🙂
    He usually relaxes every time or as in ALL THE TIME. It’s like he treats his life as a game. Haha. 😛

    Maybe Jack’s speed is like light speed you know? Remember, light speed is faster than lightning speed. 😛 [basic knowledge X)]

    Fast update by Akamatsu-sensei. 😀
    Thanks for posting it here ANB! 🙂

  26. Anonymous says:

    According to what I´ve seen (complete RAW, but well… I don´t know anything about japanese, so I can´t be really sure):
    Negi seems to get knocked out, but last thing he “sees” before his vision turns dark is a picture of Asuna, Eva and Nagi… (then scene changes to the flashback)
    So I think, he will make his return, meaning I think he´ll “release full power”, cause everytime Negi thinks of his father/Eva ,that impersonate the level of power he so desperately ants to achieve, during a fight, he´d usually say “…, this is everything i got” and pushes himself to the maximum.
    Thus I expect him to stand up oce again and he will get dead serious, just like during his fight with Eva in the scroll. And that was exactly when he did use all of his power (well… too bad that fight back then was not meant to be won by him).

    Well Negi just has to do something to beat that retarded grinning out of Rakan´s face. Losing like that, just wouldn´t do justice to the progress he did in that few days.
    That would just be bs, I mean Rakan´s beginning to really pisses me off, alway grinning like he is god… damn! Where is Nagi when Rakan needs a proper beating???

  27. Anonymous says:


    Negi did comment that this is the first time he witnessed Jack taking a stance. Safe to say, this is the first time Jack has ever been serious since his introduction. Evey other time he’s been really laid-back. Still reckless as hell, though, probably due to his confidence. Rakan was born sure of myself.

    I believe it has been confirmed that Jack isn’t faster than Raisouku Shundou. Negi can still walk rounds around him since Jack technically still can’t outright perceive.

    The given fact about the lightning is 150 km/s. Ken or his staff went with the average velocity of stepped leader, and not the speed of a return stroke. So both are nowhere near those unbelievable speeds.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Negi can still recover using his artifact with the Konoka card and I doubt that he was planning to win using only “the thousand bolts armationem”. He probably has another trump card up his sleeve.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If the match is suppose to end in chapter 245, then I really don’t see Negi winning within 10 pages or so, give or take with the last of Ako’s flashback being fitted in.

    I sorta want to see Negi lose. It’ll make it more interesting, and I don’t think it’ll make the second story that’s starting soon any longer, if anything, it’ll only create haste for the Negi and everyone else.

    Anyways, this is going to turn out to be Jack trying to make Negi face a crucial lesson here. It’s not about the money, Jack already said the money isn’t as important. Negi chose Eva, we know that. It’s impossible to him be an idiot like Nagi, it just isn’t in Negi’s personality to be irrational. And Negi already accepted that. But he’s still acting like Nagi at times. Jack is probably trying to get him to give up. Conveying a message to him? It’s fine to give up when the odds are overwhelming, even if he have important reasons riding on the outcome. Then again, I’m sure Negi already know all this. He doesn’t contemplate for nothing. And accepting dark and light… I’m sure he knows.

    Or maybe Chamo guessed right, it was a test all along, a final push, regardless of how Jack tries to put up an act. Either way, Jack has something in mind here. He did sound troubled when Negi might not show up for the match and all.

    Of course, there’s more to this match than the money and strength. Will Jack still tell Negi about the past if he loses?

  30. fg7dragon says:

    Speaking of artifacts, Negi should be able to use more then one at the same time. He could just use the Diarun Ejus and the Hama no Tsurugi as a combo, for exemple, finding the weakness and takin advantage of it.
    Sure win.

  31. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I agree that Jack certainly has something in mind regarding Negi. Also, a loss or even a match interruption is what I’d like to see. Negi has won in the past due to people going easy on him, including Graf Herrman. Heck, even Fate has never opened a can of whoop-butt on Negi. So for me, it would just feel proper for Negi not to win because Jack purposefully losing would not seem to be in character (though Akamatsu-sensei is gifted enough of a writer to cover that).

    @fg7dragon — if Negi could use more than one artifact at a time, it would make him more powerful. However, I’m not sure Negi can use more than one card at a time. Negi’s artifact simply becomes another partner’s artifact with their master card. I guess we’ll see if Akamatsu-sensei gives more information on what his artifact can do.

  32. fg7dragon says:

    When I said that Negi could use more then one artefact, I meant that more then one card could fit in the left binder at the same time.

  33. Anonymous says:

    ok from what i have read from translation Tosaka is being really retard and I hape in the end something really bad will happen to him.(and it should happen from what i predict)

    srry for my poor language

  34. AstroNerdBoy says:

    No problem. My article on the actual chapter will post at 09:00MT in the U.S. so I welcome anything else you have to say when that comes out. ^_^

  35. Anonymous says:

    Around 245-250 Ako pactio will be revealed for sure !!! And negi
    will use it to beat Rakan!!

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