Got $220,000 Laying Around? A Collector Has Anime Figures, Macross, Gundam, and Transformer Stuff to Sell You.

Got $220,000 Laying Around? A Collector Has Anime Figures, Macross, Gundam, and Transformer Stuff to Sell You.

I was astonished when an eBay auction came to my attention. Nightslayer442 is selling what has to be the most impressive collection of anime figures, Gundam models (both made and still in the box), Macross models (both made and still in the box), Transformer models and toys, and more. Seriously, check out this guys set of pictures (while they remain uploaded) –> HERE.

Seeing what Nightslayer442 had, I could not help myself and contacted this person via e-mail. An interview was graciously granted.

Shock Yahoo Auction Computer

ANB: Your collection on anime figures, Gundam models, Macross models, Transformer toys, etc. is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. When did you start collecting? Why did you start collecting?

NS442: Thanks for your comment, let say when I started is when my mom gave me a mib G1 Transformers Mirage when I was in the second grade on my birthday when I was 6 years old ( I’m 29 now ), but that was not the start of the collection as I didn’t do the buying. I think when I start is when I brought the transformers to school for show and tell, and one of my friend had a G1 blaster that he also brought to school to show. He and I play a little with the two transformers and then we decided to trade as he like car transformers and I like the look of blaster. After that I keep trading often so I think that is when I started collecting and that I see that there are so many thing out there that interest me and I end up with a couple different thing + G1 Metroplex which is still one of the one I still have in my collection and many more of curse.

ANB: Did you travel to Japan to collect some of these items?

NS442: No, as I’m very busy with work so I don’t have the time to travel anywhere far, so much of the stuffs I got is off the Internet and at local store/ collectors shop.

ANB: What is the prize in your collection?

NS442: The prize of my collection is my collection itself as that is what I want.

ANB: How do you store your collection? Are you able to display everything?

NS422: Let’s just say I move around a couple times, and I end up in a smaller house so I can’t really display anything in it as the house I’m in now is 1/4 smaller then the place I use to live in that I use the basement to display my whole collection. So when I move to the smaller place no basement ha, I don’t want to put the collection in boxes and in storage, as I’m a collector so I rented a two bedrooms apartment to display them as they deserve to be display not put away in storage. But still with this I still running out of room for the collections but I still adding stuffs to it so space is getting smaller hahaha.

ANB: I guess the big question is why sell such a massive collection?

NS442: I’d say that I don’t see my collection all that much as the apartment I display them in is 20+ miles away ( one way ) from my house and I work ( 6 days a week ) 50 miles away from my house the other way ha so I only have about 2 – 4 time a month to see the collections. Also the rent on the apartment and house/cars payments. So I can’t really keep this up LOL!!

ANB: You must make a lot of money to be able to have purchased this collection, much less pay for a house and apartment for display purposes.

NS442: No, I think I make an OK living I guess, and just spend what I can when I can that all lol.

ANB: Are you selling everything in your collection, or are you going to keep some things?

NS422: Yes, right now everything I have in the apartment is up for sell and included except the apartment itself hahaha as it’ll be easier for me just to sell everything and not wrong about moving thing out of the apartment. But whatever doesn’t get pick ( Of course everything pictures in the sell will belong to the winner, but there are a lot still that are in the closets/storage room of the apartment that I don’t have time to put up or display ) from the apartment will be put in storage I guess?

ANB: What happens if you get no takers for your collection? Will you keep trying to sell it as a whole? Will you break it up into smaller pieces? What?

NS422: As I say in the auction if the collections doesn’t sell then I’ll be keeping everything and just keep on collecting so I guess I’ll need to rent another apartment if that happen lol.

ANB: Do you think you’ll be able to get $220,000?

NS422: It all depend on who is interested in collecting such a big collections to have as an investment. Also as I stated in the auction is if it doesn’t sell I will be keeping it. So I thank everyone that e-mail me the great comments. Hope everyone that view the collection/auction enjoy it. Thanks

And thank you, Nightslayer422. I hope you are successful. ^_^

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7 Responses to “Got $220,000 Laying Around? A Collector Has Anime Figures, Macross, Gundam, and Transformer Stuff to Sell You.”

  1. Midget says:

    Not entirely related to your post, but you should read this.

    Applicable to your greatest fan:

    “Fan Delusion takes a darker turn when a fan takes a series or characters so seriously that any disagreement with their worldview becomes a crisis that can only be assuaged by crossing the Intertubes badmouthing the person who had the nerve to have a different opinion.”

    Pretty much applicable to you:)

    “The person who says that they love a series, but won’t buy it because a name was spelled differently, is suffering from a Delusion.”

  2. Midget says:

    Since I don’t see my comment here, I hope I didn’t offend you with my joke before when I posted the Okazu link. I was just kidding about how you’re very particular about stuff like honorifics with my second quote. I think most fans, myself included, can find something in what she said that applies to them, but my first quote fit you know who exactly. If you read the article, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t let my comment through, I just wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings.

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Oh no hard feelings. I had a specific reason for having the comments delayed. ^_^

  4. ANB found the bit you related to him amusing Midget as did I. ANB is rather anal about his honorifics. 😉

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Whatcha talkin about, Willis?

  6. Midget says:

    Oh, good. I didn’t know what else to make of it when you’d approved a bunch of other comments posted later, but not mine.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I can understand how you’d be concerned. Believe me, I was not offended and as Frank said, I did find your comments regarding me to be amusing. ^_^ I am planning a blog posting on that subject at some point and I will welcome your comments there. ^_^

    BTW, did anyone check out the ebay auction in the original post? *lol*

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