Toradora’s Taiga and Ryuuji — All Dressed Up

Toradora’s Taiga and Ryuuji — All Dressed Up

A byproduct of having so much free time is that I can have a bit of fun with images from anime series. So during the Christmas party in episode 19 of Toradora!, I grabbed two images of both Taiga and Ryuuji dressed up. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work them into the blog entry but I decided to take a moment now to share them. I’m not so happy with how Ryuuji’s turned out, but oh well. I’m sure there would be a way to make it better but I just haven’t bothered to learn how.

Enjoy. ^_^

Update 21-MAR-2014: Heh! This was back in the day when I had free time to make collage images like this.

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4 Responses to “Toradora’s Taiga and Ryuuji — All Dressed Up”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    Dang if he doesn’t look like a triggerman.

    And I still prefer Taiga’s hair loose.

    And on the subject, even though the anime is staying true to the light novels, it’s funny how many people I’m reading that are upset as to the direction the anime is taking….

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Hmmm…well I have the next “Toradora!” review coming tomorrow and will reflect my comments on what I think is happening (gotta finish writing it but I’ve just not felt like doing much for the last two days). Then I think I’ll check out what others are saying. I will say that I’ve had no problems with how things are going.

  3. Hina says:

    What’s wrong with the Ryuuji picture?

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    As the camera panned the shot, the lighting changed so that when the shots are put together, the differences in the coloring shows up. As I said, I’m sure there’s a way to fix that but I have no training on picture/image software and haven’t taken the time to try to research things in depth.

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