White Album 09 (or More Babes Than I Can Shake A Stick At)

ホワイトアルバム Episode 09

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

The school festival is nigh and Misaki has the costumes all prepared. However, Tamaru rejects the costumes as too colorful, telling Misaki that even though he approved the designs, he didn’t think she’d be childish enough to create such loud costumes. So with Touya and his father’s help as well as cans of spray paint, all of the costumes are made into monotone colors. Touya ends up sleeping through his tutoring session with Mana (where she almost kisses him). Mana encounters Haruka at the school festival, mistakenly thinking she’s Touya’s “Yuki” rather than the real one, who’s on stage.

Finally, Tamaru refuses to let Misaki be in the audience to see the play, so she leads Touya to an upper level she claims will allow them to see the play. However, they never make it that far and after Touya tries to broach the subject of Akira, Misaki falls in the dark and is hurt. It is here that she lets it all out and Touya realizes that Misaki has feelings for him. He tells her he loves her but she rejects that, knowing its a lie and sends him packing. He leaves but Akira arrives and tells Misaki he loves her, at which point help arrives and Misaki is taken to the hospital while Touya finds himself lost at this sudden turn of events.


I hope this means that the Misaki story is over. I have to say that while she’s a nice girl and all, her story isn’t all that interesting to me, mainly because of how it has been presented to us. Until this episode, we had no idea of how things were between Misaki and Touya in the past when he was with Yuki. So frankly, I just didn’t care that much. It became a bit more interesting when it is revealed that Misaki has basically been faking it (including a friendship with Yuki apparently) all along. It was obvious that her getting Touya to help her with the costumes was part of a plan to spend time with him and I guess she thought she could win him over. However, Touya is oblivious to just about everything. More on that in a bit.

So, why the smeg do all these girls like Touya anyway? In Toradora!, the girls that like the lead male there all have logical reasons for falling for him. In White Album, I can see no ryhme nor reason for the attraction. What does Misaki see in Touya? OK, so he’s helped her in a crunch, but he’s oblivious to her feelings and he’s been late more than once (including once to apparently bang Yuki’s manager).

What does Mana see in Touya? OK, he’s a college guy and she’s in high school. Big whoop. He’s a poor tutor who sleeps on the job. Why the heck would you want to kiss him?

What does Rina see in Touya? A potential toy boy?

What does Haruka see in Touya? All he does is use her.

What does Yuki see in Touya? He seems to pretty much have taken her for granted and never makes an effort, especially now.

Basically, there’s nothing I see in Touya that would attract any of these girls short of them being the most desperate, pathetic women in the universe (no matter how hot they are).

Now to Touya. Gah! He may be a “nice guy” in the sense that he tries to help others, but he’s unreliable and untrustworthy. Rather than try to be with Yuki, he apparently bangs her manager. Rather than try to be with Yuki, he makes time for Rina and Misaki. Even then, he’s shown Rina and Misaki that he can’t be counted on 100%. Just how does one sleep all day on a hard floor and not wake up until you’ve had at least eight hours? I don’t get that at all. One would think that at least he’d wake up and want to be more comfortable, but I guess this is an other sign of how little he really does care about what’s going on around him. That’s why he’s so oblivious to the bleeding obvious.

Oh, and why the smeg did he just suddenly confess to Misaki? He didn’t love her so why say it? Did he think it would make Misaki feel better? What about Yuki’s feelings then? Ugh.

With Akira showing up like an angel of mercy for Misaki and confessing his love for her (Misaki clearly knew all along that Akira had these feelings for her), does she go for it and take someone who will truly love her? I’m guessing the writers will make it so. So she gets a “good end” along with Akira. If that does happen, will we see them that much after this?

While I’m thinking about it, what was Yuki’s news that she apparently told the audience? It certainly gave Shinozuka-san a start. What is Mana’s relationship with Yuki? Why does Mana need a tutor for anyway (an excuse to be with Touya I guess).

I can’t say that this has been that good of an episode, mainly because it was a Misaki story. Poor girl. Well, the previews had a drawing of a very loli-looking Haruka so I guess her story is next to be dealt with. Let’s hope it is more interesting that Misaki’s story.

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