White Album 11 (or Crying About Your ‘Girlfriend’ While Banging Her Female Manager)

White Album 11
ホワイトアルバム Episode 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

White Album 11OGATA Eiji holds a meeting with Rina and her managers as well as Yuki and her manager Shinozuka-san regarding the upcoming concerts. Rina confronts Shinozuka-san about Yuki’s torn letter but in the face of her own interests will say nothing. Rina also has troubles in rehearsals getting the songs down right. Rina gives Touya leave to work one day at Echos and to keep his tutoring job with Mana. Mana and Haruka start biking together, leading Touya to refer to them both as Zashiki-warashi. Touya continues his relationship with Shinozuka-san and when Rina tries to get Touya to go out with her, she’s shocked to learn that Touya has plans already with Shinozuka-san.


White Album 11I think the most interesting part of this episode had to be Rina’s confrontation of Shinozuka-san regarding Yuki’s letter. Rina had put the letter together and she was not happy that Shinozuka-san had destroyed it. True to form, Shinozuka-san repeated her hard-line stance on removing all obstacles from Yuki’s career. However, where things got interesting is when Shinozuka-san turned the tables on Rina and forced the girl to reveal that she would not let Yuki know the truth of what happened to the letters because of her own interests in Touya. I suppose she also wants Yuki to do well, but I think she wants Touya more. That would explain her shock when she learned that Touya was going to see Shinozuka-san. If only Rina knew the truth.

White Album 11Speaking of Touya and Shinozuka-san, it was nasty to me seeing her lick Touya’s tears before boffing him. What I don’t get is Touya crying at all because he hadn’t talked to Yuki in a while. What a crock. When he had a chance, he passed and then tried to avoid Yuki. Heck, he’s banging Yuki’s manager for crying out loud (no pun intended) so don’t give me crocodile tears about, “I don’t know Yuki’s feelings. Boo hoo! Yuki hasn’t White Album 11communicated with me. Boo hoo! I’m hanging out with all these babes and banging Yuki’s manager but I haven’t even made an effort to talk to Yuki even though I’m now working for Rina. Boo hoo! I need to iku, Shinozuka-san. Boo hoo!” Ugh. Touya has to be one of the most unlikable “heroes” of an anime, at least that I’ve seen.

So, what will Yuki do when she ultimately learns the truth of all this?

I’m glad Misaki and Akira seem to still be getting along. Just be a couple already and lets move on though, shall we?

White Album 11Haruka and Mana’s friendship is a bit strange, but I can’t help but like it. I’m not sure why they keep talking around each other.

Speaking of Mana, I get the feeling that she’s going to end up being Yuki’s little sister. Just a hunch.

Not a great deal of analysis this episode because there wasn’t a great deal of advancement beyond “we are having a concert” and “you are seeing Shinozuka-san?!” Onto the next episode then.

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