Ah! My Goddess Ch. 245 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっVolume 39 Chapter 245
Ah! My Goddess Ch. 245


Ah! My Goddess Ch. 245Keiichi’s suggestion about going to Niflheim is rejected by Urd and Chibi-Hild, though mother and daughter get into a bit of a squabble over Urd’s apparent lack of respect for the “Daimakaicho-sama.” Belldandy wants to know why Keiichi would risk his life and Keiichi answers that if the situation were reversed, Belldandy would do the same. Urd asks Keiichi what use he would be seeing as how Belldandy would have to protect him. Keiichi acknowledges that there’s not much he can do, but he’s still determined. Belldandy informs him that she will have to release her seals on her powers due to the dangers involved. Keiichi also acknowledges that, but states that Belldandy would quite possibly sacrifice herself if necessary. As such, Keiichi figures he will be the one to keep Belldandy from endangering her life.

Urd likes Keiichi’s proposal since she knows her younger sister. Keiichi even receives a bit of praise from Chibi-Hild. Belldandy is still opposed to Keiichi coming due to the high risk factor involved. Keiichi refuses to back down and even asks Belldandy to protect him with all her strength. She happily agrees, leading Chibi-Hild and Urd to be revolted.

At the Morisato residence, Skuld is bored and watching TV. Since no one has come home, she decides to go wild on TV watching, inventing, and ice cream eating. Peorth and Lind arrive and Lind kicks down one of the doors, causing Skuld to face-plant in a tub of ice cream. Skuld is angry about this and just when Lind thinks there’s no danger, Chibi-Hild emerges from the TV to grab Skuld. Lind immediately attacks with her poleaxe, but Chibi-Hild escapes with her prize just as the TV is sliced in half.

Lind asks Peorth to repair the TV magically. Peorth asks why Lind doesn’t do it, leading Lind to confess she’s not good at this, even though it is basic magic. She shows it by “repairing” the TV, causing it to be malformed. Peorth is amazed at this but before she can continue, Lind senses an attack as multiple mini-demons emerge to destroy the place and the megami. They explode but Peorth and Lind managed to erect a barrier to protect them though the temple residence is destroyed.

Lind wants Peorth to restore the temple, but Peorth refuses since she’s keen on tracking down Chibi-Hild. Both take off and again Lind performs the restoration magic, creating a malformed temple.


The good stuff just keeps coming. I liked how Fujishima-sensei worked it to get Keiichi to come along on the trip to Niflheim. By having Urd, Hild, and Belldandy object and state all the logical reasons for Keiichi not to come, it felt like a real moment. Since we all know that Belldandy might foolishly give up her life to help Hild, using Keiichi as a limiter feels right as well.

Again, Fujishima-sensei brings us some humor. Skuld going nuts on her favorite things only to have Lind and Peorth ruin it for her (the face-plant into ice cream) amused me a great deal. Also, having Lind be terrible at restoration magic made me smile in amusement though no laughs.

I love seeing Peorth and Lind in action. With Hild grabbing Skuld, I’m guessing that Fujishima-sensei needed a means to have her come to Niflheim and a reason for Peorth and Lind to track down Hild so that they can also come to Niflheim. I’m rather looking forward to this trip of theirs as we’ll have all five of the major megami who’ve come into Keiichi’s life be there. I’d say Mara would be coming too, but Hild may have temporarily sacrificed her. Hopefully, Mara will be there too and get a chance to kick bottom.

So yay, Fujishima-sensei! I haven’t been this excited about Ah! My Goddess in YEARS.

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