Slayers Evolution-R 12

スレイヤーズ EVOLUTION-R Episode 12
Slayers EVOLUTION-R Ep. 12

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Slayers Evolution-R 12Rezo’s resurrection in Pokota’s human body causes Xellos to react and quietly disappear. Rezo-Posel unseals Taforashia but since the people are all ill, they will die if they aren’t treated. Rezo-Posel has Zelgadiss help with a stop-gap treatment while Amelia sends a dove to Saillune to request aid. That aid soon arrives and the people recover. Pokota leaves a message for his father, saying that he is off to get more help for Taforashia, which explains Prince Posel’s absence.

Slayers Evolution-R 12 As the people of Taforashia celebrate, Lina and Gourry decide to confront Rezo-Posel about his true purpose and they are joined by Xellos who also has questions. Lina challenges both Xellos and Rezo-Posel on their purposes. Lina believes that along with Rezo being resurrected, the piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu is as well, having been sealed in Rezo’s soul.

Slayers Evolution-R 12Xellos has a theory to test and this he does but attacking Rezo-Posel. However, even Xellos’s most powerful attack is easily deflected by Rezo-Posel, who toys with Xellos a bit. Rezo states that Shabranigdu is still sleeping but Rezo could not deny his wish to see the light again. With this, Rezo-Posel opens his eyes and sees briefly before telling Lina to kill him as his eyes go red.


Slayers Evolution-R 12So, they ARE going to bring back Ruby Eye Shabranigdu in some fashion. This should be interesting. Last time, Lina had to infuse the true Sword of Light with the ultra-dangerous Giga Slave spell to kill Shabranigdu. Now, what is she going to do to kill the dark lord? She can’t risk casting the spell again (at least, I wouldn’t think) but then again, she may have no choice.

Slayers Evolution-R 12That brings me to Xellos.

Ruby Eye Shabranigdu is someone the mazoku very much want brought back to life. Even in testing a theory, why would Xellos attack Rezo-Posel? If Rezo’s soul still has Ruby Eye Shabranigdu sealed within (or rather, resealed after Rezo’s death), then it would seem that getting Shabranigdu to emerge and take over Rezo-Posel’s body would be in order. I’m just not getting how Xellos attacking Rezo-Posel accomplishes that goal because Xellos’s actions aren’t one of joy Slayers Evolution-R 12at the thought that a piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu might return, but those of someone who is afraid of what might show up. Maybe Shabranigdu is tainted somehow and Rezo-Posel is able to fully control that power, which would then be a challenge to the mazoku. However, that doesn’t seem right because Rezo asked Lina to kill him before his eyes went red. Either way, Xellos is a wild card at the moment and it was very cool seeing him unleash on Rezo-Posel. ^_^

Slayers Evolution-R 12Still, what we learned today about Rezo’s soul and Ruby Eye Shabranigdu confirms that the writers are following the novel’s explanation about where the dark lord is sealed. The only problem with this approach is that Lina didn’t learn this until the novels which have not been adapted in anime form. It is likely not a major issue should another Slayers series be created (and I hope one is), but it could be one.
Slayers Evolution-R 12
I am disappointed that there was still no real explanation of Ozel. Oh, there was mention of her being a creation of Rezo’s, but we had already figured that out. I just wonder what gave her life and why she “died” last episode.

The restoration of Taforashia was basically anti-climatic and rather dull. It would have been interesting had there still been Slayers Evolution-R 12no cure for Durum Sickness because then Pokota’s desperate “We got to wake them all” would have been for naught with no cure. Well, the series is almost over and I understand the need to have happy endings.

So, only one more episode and we are done for now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think, if you look at Ozel’s name, and accounting for the similarity of L and R to Japanese people, her name looks like Rezo spelled backward.

    Ok, so it’s not exactly proof of anything, but it may be a hint that she too was holding some kind of Rezo’s essense.

    I have no idea, really.

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