Even MORE Negima! Chapter 252 SPOILER Images

Even MORE Negima! Chapter 252 SPOILER Images

Man, the Japanese are posting like crazy today. I NEED SLEEP! *lol*

The first batch of spoiler images are –> HERE!
The second batch of spoiler images are –> HERE!

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28 Responses to “Even MORE Negima! Chapter 252 SPOILER Images”

  1. Philip says:

    more Konoka and Setsuna in this chapter than Negi…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, japanese people went maniac with posting spoilers today. All that’s left is for them to put the complete raw out

  3. Elizabet says:

    I really wanted more action or explanations in this chapter..
    What a disappointment (

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that Setsuna IS GOOD! Even without looking or knowing about the danger, she protected Konoka-ojousama.

  5. TomandChez says:

    It seems the yuri innuendo between Setsuna and Konoka has been turned into just outright yuri. Neat.

  6. KonoSetsu Forever says:

    Go KonoXSetsu !
    Considering Kamo gets 50000 per card, he’s probably the richest ermine in the magical world!
    And to think that another 5 pactios are gonna be made in the next chapters (+2, if possible for Sayo and Chachamaru, we know they want it), he might become the riches ermine ever. And let’s not forget about the girls left in the old world, like incho or Eva.
    Oh! forgot about Tatsumia, if they meet up soon, she can do it too!

  7. seten says:

    konoxsetsu…ftw. i am so glad akamatsu-sensei finally did this. lolol

  8. arimareiji says:

    re: People going crazy with spoiler images… If you had something this big to show off, wouldn’t you be going nuts posting them? (^_^)

    I’m dying to see the trans now… for the longest time, I’ve felt that Konoka was perfectly well aware of Setsuna’s feelings and accepted them, but couldn’t resist teasing her by feigning innocent obliviousness. This one could easily make or break that theory.

    @KonoSetsu: I could be misremembering, but I’m fairly sure the “Ermine Bucks” was just a plot device to give an cleaner explanation to Chamo’s dirty-old-man-ishness for the !? anime. The !? anime was fun, but it went on some pretty wild tangents away from canon.

  9. orion says:


    No, the “ermine dollars” were in the manga too, to (kind of) explain why Chamo was trying so hard to get Negi to make a pactio. It’s nice to see Akamatsu advancing character development instead of the plot, though.

    Really, though I’m not saying that Akamatsu is doing a bad job at Negima, I could have seen something much better than what turned out.

    He started with a cast of around 35 or so characters, some of which beg for backstory, (Zazie, mainly) and really starts to flesh them out. Then the Magic World Arc starts, you take out 3/4’s of the then-cast, add a bunch of new people, and start again.

    I was a bit annoyed that Akamatsu ended some characters with sentence-long personalities. You could describe Sakurako, Kakizaki, and Madoka as “cheerleader”. I think if Akamatsu put more emphasis on all the characters, it could have been a better series.

    But don’t get me wrong, Negima still rocks.

  10. @Elizabet

    Are we reading the same manga?
    KONOKA AND SETSUNA KISSED. That’s a lot of actions and explanations.


    You talk as though it’s over, but the series still has a way to go. I’m sure more will be done with Zazie.
    Sakurako, Kakizaki, and Madoka… Not everyone has an amazing backstory, those are the “normal” girls I would assume. Akamatsu really has done an amazing job with the amount of characters in the series, maybe the 3 of them don’t have a big story to tell.
    You said that he “ended them”, but let me point out that the series is still going.

  11. Ultimaniac says:

    Ok so, it seems to me that this second Setsuna pactio is doing two things. 1) We FINALLY see her and Konoka kiss and 2) (don’t get mad at me for saying this) Akamatsu-sensei is “making up” for the lack of creativity in Setsuna’s first pactio. Someone had to say it, flying knives are cool and all but it doesn’t seem unique enough (at least not to me) to be an artifact. I’m hoping to see an artifact that stands out more with the new pactio.

    And as always, Thanks For the Images Astro!

  12. arimareiji says:

    @orion – Okay, my mistake… I always primarily attributed it to Chamo being a voyeur. I’ll have to go back and re-read through the manga now, to see what else I’m misremembering from early storyline.

  13. SunFury says:

    I know there haven’t been any on-screen deaths in MSN, but I think it’s time we have one: that governor bastard has to go!

  14. orion says:


    True, I’m probably making conclusions too early to effectively gauge its characterisation as opposed to Love Hina or Akamatsu’s other works.


    Personally, if you’re going to talk about unique and creative, Asuna’s artifact is the most plain out there. It gets magic-cancel abilities (which just boost the ones she already has, and can be used in other magic-cancelling spells. (like how Yue broke out of the illusion in the Chao Arc)

    Compared to sixteen telepathically controlled daggers which can be used as catalysts to various spells, (like the lightning capture spell in the Chao Arc) it’s pretty plain. Stronger, but very boring.

  15. Sabaku says:

    Just some hypothesis about pactio cards:
    On most of them, you can see character’s face, but for Asuna’s, Negi’s (with theo) and now Setsuna’s, they are 3/4 back… This could be a mark of unique and powerful cards.

    By the way, i’m very glad akamatsu finally did it huhu.. (TONGUE ACTION OMG! when i think about it, it’s the first deep kiss of the manga, isn’t it?)

    Sorry for my poor english ^^’

  16. MuffinLove says:


    It’s the 1st deep kiss that has both sides aware of the action. Asuna and Negi deep kissed in the Mahora Festival Arc, but Negi was being mind-controlled by the magic, meaning he doesn’t remember it…

    Anyways, I am so happy that it finally happened! GO Konosetsu!!!

    Hope next chappie we get to learn more about Arika and her past.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Maybe next chapter Negi get’s away by being summuned by Theo.
    And then, well, maybe Negi get’s a series of deep kisses from the decieved 5.
    And if they find out afterwards that it doesn’t realy need to be a deep kiss, well, let’s consider it a bonus for Negi, hehehe..

  18. Fabrizo says:

    Just saw the RAW. The governor shows some pictures of the 6 girls present taken after Negi got them naked with his Exarmatio.
    He probably is saying something about how a girl from the “esteemed Sevensheep family of Ariadne” shouldn’t be seen like that.
    But considering he abterwards says that Arika, Negi’s mother, was a witch, he’s probably trying to blckmail them to get out of his way.
    Negi, fell free to do as you wish with him, but get those photos! That’s some echi evidence.

  19. Ultimaniac says:

    @ Orion

    Ok, so there’s two lackluster artifacts in Negi’s group. You’re trying to give credit to Setsuna’s artifact by saying it can be used as a catalyst for her spells but isn’t that pretty much the same as what you said about Asuna’s sword’s ability? It’s just enabling her to do something she can already do. So really the knives’ only unique ability is that they fly, which also seems like something Setsuna should already be able to do with her ki. If she can affect objects physically with her ki like when she stopped Negi’s staff in their fight, she should also have the ability to make a knife fly.

  20. orion says:


    But flying knives are AWESOME.

    Would you rather have a huge sword, or flying daggers?
    I do agree that my logic did not make much sense last post, though.

    P.S. I do hope Konoka’s artifact will get some kind of gimmick so she can do something besides heal people with it.

  21. arimareiji says:

    @orion – Well, she can use it to instantly (and nondestructively) remove all her clothes while she heals someone… seems like a great gimmick to me. ^_~

    And if Setsu-chan can ever get past the terminal embarrassment, she’ll probably think so too.

  22. Ultimaniac says:

    @ Orion:

    Oh no, don’t get me wrong. Like I said, flying knives are cool. It’s just that I think Setsuna deserves something more. Best case scenario to me is that she gets a new artifact and uses it alongside her first. Now that would be cool.

    And to answer your question, I would choose the giant sword ^_^ But only if I could wield it as easily as Asuna. Sure the flying daggers could do things that a sword couldn’t, but that’s what comrades are for, everyone contributes their own strengths.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I know this isn’t in any way related to the current chapter, but please take a look at ch 44 page 02-03. It’s a pic of the Ala Alba. Pray tell, save for a few inaccuracies, will the group be like that when they get home? Does Akamatsu-sensei do foreshadowing?


  24. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Akamatsu-sensei does indeed foreshadow and lay out clues — some more obvious than others. With the image you refer to, I think that save for Chachamaru and Eva, this was the battle harem as Akamatsu-sensei envisioned it for volume 6. The only two without a pactio a/o this posting are Mana and Ku Fei. I suspect Ku will get hers before long but as for Mana, well she has to show back up in the story first. *lol*

    Question is, will Akamatsu-sensei have all the other girls pactio with Negi or no? ‘Twill be interesting to see what happens. ^_^

  25. ency says:

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    Visit this page!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    i want more dark magic combat waaah, i dont mind the occasional chit chat or lovey dovey scenes between characters but whens the intense fighting gonna come back? *sigh*

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It will be back soon enough. ^_~

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