More Negima! Chapter 252 SPOILER Images

Here is the 2nd batch of images from Negima! chapter 252 (the first batch is –> HERE if you missed it and the 3rd batch is –> HERE.).

Is that Chachazero I see? ^_^

Who’s got the biggest sword?

Pactio and a new artifact card? LIKE, WHOA!

And here’s an omake image.

There were a whole slew of images posted, but considering how several people asked for the password, I don’t think that it was legit. I tried for some time to come up with a combination before I said, “screw it.” Then these new ones came out and all is well. ^_^

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12 Responses to “More Negima! Chapter 252 SPOILER Images”

  1. mega-dark says:

    Ken you smart son of a gun. Well at least we know that different partners make different artifacts, which asks the question, “How did Colonel Sanders get the same artifacts through pactos?” The only thing I can think of is that Setsuna and Konoka made a “perminent” pactos and not a temporary that Negi makes. Chomo did say there is such thing as a “perminent” pacto right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, why is the pactio different.
    Maybe there are more types of pactio than just permanent, temporary and mistake ones.

    Maybe the card changes according to the sex of the magister. if it’s male you get a card and if it’s female you get a different one. But then, Albireo MUST BE gay, all his cards were the same and he had one with Nagi.

    Or maybe it changes according to the feelings of the ministra.

    Questions abound, but I see no answer to this enigma

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Supposedly, what Negi has are provisional pactios. I’ve longed believed they were something more. That suspicion as grown with Emily twice making the point of how rare artifact pactio cards are, suggesting that what Negi does is even more unique.

    Now enter the new pactio card for Setsuna, while being a great marketing gimmick, suggests a couple of things because you are right — Al had lots of solo cards and it has been implied that once one receives an artifact pactio card, even if you partner with someone new, you simply get a new but otherwise identical card and artifact.

    (1) Setsuna and Konoka have formed a permanent partnership and thus a unique card. However, that seems very unlikely to me and Chamo would seemingly want to cash in on Konoka making a few more pactios if she can.

    (2) Setsuna and Konoka have a true provisional pactio because what Negi has is not provisional. There are reasons this is my favorite but discounting that, there’s no denying that Negi’s forming so many pactios that create artifact cards has to be a rarity in and of itself. I can’t imagine too many other mages being able to do it. Even Eva only has one pactio, and that’s with Chachazero.

    My impression is that even Chamo is confused by this, but I’ll need someone with better Japanese to say for sure.

  4. Philip says:

    I wonder if this will change the outcome of the next fight between Tsukuyomi and Setsuna…

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    If Setsuna has two artifact cards, it may well change the balance of power, especially if she can draw energy from Konoka and Negi.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Another option is that with a second pactio the card can be different but still have the same artifact.

  7. fg7dragon says:

    When Emily implied that Yue’s Magister must be A Magister Magi, she probably believed that only Magister Magi’s have enogh magical energy to form an artefact. And since both Konoka and Negi have huge resources of magical energy, it would only be natural that all their past and future partners will have artefacts.
    As for the cards Setsuna has being different, well, from my point of view, only the cloths and pose are different.
    As far as I know, the artefact from Negi is a number of short swords, yet on the card there’s only one. Same for the new card.
    But if Setsuna were to get a new artefact, it would probably have defensive purposes(that’s what she needs to defeat Tsukuyomi).
    The artefacts not only reflect the partner’s personality, but also the level of afinity betwin the contractors as well as the mage’s magical style.

  8. ZeroUrashima says:

    While Al did get the same picture on all the cards, there is nothing that says it’s always all the same artifact, is there?

    I mean, the number on the corners is different for all his card and the name of the artifacts is gone once the card dies (I just double checked Mana’s card and Al’s dead cards had no name for the artifact under his name while living ones do) so other than having the same picture, nothing says they have to be the same artifact at all.

    The picture is maybe different depending on the relationship between the two maybe? I mean, Setsuna loves Konoka much more than Negi (when they made their contract that is, not sure about now)

  9. Scott says:

    Maybe it’s because Setsuna hasn’t changed her artifact costume back to the default after chp 173

  10. arimareiji says:

    Very unlikely, I know… but what are the chances they didn’t even know Chamo was there, and he just took advantage of the situation?

  11. orion says:

    Personally, I thought Setsuna’s card was different just from how much she’s changed. I remember in an extra from one of the early volumes that explained how the artifacts, at least the ones in pactios made by Chamo, reflect that person’s personality and future desire. (or something along those lines)

    Consider her personality and such in her first pactio, in vol. 5, and now. Think how much she’s changed, and it would be reasonable that she is a different enough person to change the way her card was made.

    Keep in mind, though, that this is just theorizing, and I have no Japanese literacy to prove this.

  12. Anonymous says:

    In the endn Kamo says something about a new artefact.

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