Hayate no Gotoku!! 06

Hayate the Combat Butler “2nd Season” Ep. 06
ハヤテのごとく!!Episode 06
Hayate no Gotoku!! 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate no Gotoku!! 06Since Hayate saw Nagi naked, she is too embarrassed to have him in the house, so Maria gives Hayate ¥1-million to take off for three nights. Despite protesting it is too much, Maria sends him off anyway and Hayate vows to spend the money wisely. Immediately, he runs into Katsura-sensei, Himuro, and Sister Sonia — all known money hogs. To escape, Hayate throws his coat with ¥100,000 in it for them to chase. However, Hayate doesn’t get far before he discovers that there are many people who need money and soon he has given them all his cash, leaving him coatless in the cold at the same park vending machine location where he met Nagi.

Hayate no Gotoku!! 06It is here that Hina finds him and invites him over to her place. There, her mother is all excited over Hayate staying and while taking a bath, Hayate finds himself thinking about Hina bathing in the same tub. Upon discovering that Hayate has no place to stay for the next few nights, Hina’s mother invites him to spend the night. Hina shows him to Katsura-sensei’s old room in the guest house. Hina learns that Hayate trains physically but is also studying as well. She checks his homework and finds mistakes. However, her mind keeps wandering to the question of whether Hayate is dating Ayumu. She gets frustrated and leaves, causing Hayate to think that he has to study more or he’s going to fail.

Hayate no Gotoku!! 06At breakfast the next morning, Hina’s mother assures Hayate that it is OK to spend the night again. Hina and Hayate go to school where they encounter Miki in the student council room of the clock tower. Hina tells Hayate not to let anyone know he’s staying at her place and Miki is curious to know why Hayate is not in his butler’s uniform. Meanwhile, Maria has discovered that Hayate is broke after all the people he lent the money to return it. She calls him but is concerned when he makes an excuse and hangs up. So he puts on her old seifukufrom Hayate and Nagi’s school and decides to pay a visit in disguise to make sure all is well.


Hayate no Gotoku!! 06Not that it mattered, but I was a tiny bit disappointed that the mahjong game was cut. In the manga, Himuro sensed that Hayate had the million yen and with Sister Sonia and Katsura-sensei there as well, a mahjong game seemed Hayate’s way of escaping with his money since he had vast experience with the game. Unfortunately, the others proved quite skilled too, so he left his jacket behind with about ¥50,000 with the excuse that he was simply going to the bathroom. I guess that since gambling is not legal in Japan, the anime couldn’t get away with showing it and did what they could.

Hayate no Gotoku!! 06The other tiny disappointment was Hayate changing in the student council chambers, not realizing that Miki was there.

Those are, however, very minor issues. Seriously, this anime adaptation has really rocked and the writers are compensating for the fact that the first series has taken stories from volume 8 already (which is where this episode originate from) such as the fishing story. Its fun seeing Hina explore her feelings for Hayate and thankfully next episode has Ayumu return to the mix. ^_^

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