Fate/stay night – 06

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 06
Fate/stay night episode 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/stay night - 06Rin’s attack inside the classroom eventually forces Shirou out. She demands he hand over his three command spells or die. He refuses but before Rin can act, a girl screaming is hear. Shirou leaves to find the source followed by Rin. They find an unconscious student on the floor, whom Rin says has had her life energy drained in order to give a Servant more power. Rin says she can help. She requests Shirou close the door when a thrown spear emerges. Shirou has it stab his arm rather than hit Rin, the intended target. The sort spear disappears and Shirou asks Rin to heal the girl while he deals with this threat.

Fate/stay night - 06Shirou thinks he hears Shinji and soon discovers a Servant with a chain in the nearby woods. She attacks Shirou and he’s able to fend her off for a bit. The Servant is interested that Shirou won’t use a command spell to summon Saber. Shirou figures that this Servant must be a weaker class, so she decides to prove him wrong and reveals that the spear is still embedded in his arm and attached to a chain. She uses this to have Shirou hanging from a tree. As he tries to free himself, the Servant moves in for the kill, only to be attacked by Rin, who manages to cut the chain connecting Shirou to the Servant.

Fate/stay night - 06Rin gets Shirou safely to her home after bandaging him up. His injury is mostly healed, which amazes Rin. She cautions Shirou about this as if Shirou is taking mana from Saber, he is weakening her. Rin makes a truce offer to Shirou to find this Master of “Rider,” the Servant that attacked them earlier. She warns him that this is not an alliance but as Shirou says, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Fate/stay night - 06Rin orders Archer to escort Shirou safely home. Along the way there, Archer asks Shirou if he truly intends to win the Holy Grail War without killing anyone. Archer challenges Shirou on whether his actions in not summoning Saber would be what she wants. Shirou looks in on Saber, who’s gone to bed for the night. However, she knows he’s there and remarks that she’s glad he made it back safely. Shirou has much to think about now.


Fate/stay night - 06I had previously wondered how the fight between Rin and Shirou would be resolved without one taking out the other. I liked how this truce has been arranged because it is logical – teaming up with Shirou and Saber means that it will be two Master-Servants vs. Rider and her Master. Once this tough opponent is removed, then Rin can dispatch Shirou. I still don’t know why she had the reaction she did to Shirou in the first episode. I still want to say that she has feelings for him on some level which is why she doesn’t go all out when fighting Shirou.

Fate/stay night - 06Shirou is acting pretty cocky and as such, he’s now officially due for a major butt kicking. However, he’s basically been killed twice before so I don’t know what good a boot to his rear would do. I understand him wanting to protect people, but Saber is there to fight so why not use her and have her register at school so as to be near Shirou? It makes sense for him not to use a command spell unless it is an absolute emergency so I don’t fault him there.

Fate/stay night - 06It seems fairly obvious that Shinji is the Master of Rider, but I’m not exactly sure. After all, why have Ayako there too? It is possible that despite her comatose look, she’s the actual Master. That might be a stretch and I might be looking to hard, but the writer in me is always looking for the misdirect in a situation like this.

So an interesting turn of events but not enough Saber goodness thus far. ^_^;

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6 Responses to “Fate/stay night – 06”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard mention that you’d already watched beyond episode 6, right?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah — I’ve managed to watch and blog through episode 10. Those blog entries are scheduled to come out in the future.

  3. Hugh Roe says:

    Wether knowlingly or not, it does seem like Rin was missing Shirou deliberately. I mean able to snipe a chain at distance and yet she keeps missing him? Not sure if she’s bipolar or an extreme tsundere.

  4. meganekko =@-@= says:

    Nya, where my favorite servant happens to appear ne @.@’ (ne, obviously Saber is not my top favorite…)

    I believe the comatose student Shirou and Rin found is one of those in the archery club (and this is expounded upon more in the game, so if you’re interested, definitely be sure to check it out there, ne)

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Always vote on tsundere. ^_~

    @meganekko — Yeah, I think she’s the club president.

  6. Garik says:

    Rin’s reaction is super complicated. On one hand, Shirou does mean more to her than him being just another Master; there’s no way she would have used her massive jewel on just an ordinary person. That is exactly why she got so angry; he’s being very reckless. First of all, he’s made a stupid decision going to school without Saber. Secondly, he’s trying to act chummy with another Master who has already said she was his enemy. To her, it’s like he’s wasting the life she gave him. She naturally gets frustrated at this kind of thing and decides to take it out on him.

    Also, she was trying to be a serious Magus and not let her feelings get in the way of the “proper” course of action. Remember that she told Archer she wouldn’t hesitate to take him out should he appear before her again unguarded. If it were Archer’s decision, he would have killed Shirou at the first opportunity (of course, Archer would take any chance to kill Shirou if Rin and Saber weren’t preventing him).

    This really is Rin’s ultimate struggle; she isn’t a cold or unfeeling person by nature no matter how unattached she tries to be. Many times she doesn’t even realize it until she finds herself acting on her heart instead of the cold mind of a Magus.

    And she really was trying to hit him. The reason she didn’t take him out was that she wasn’t trying to kill him. Had she wanted, she could have used a jewel to simply blow him up. Had Rin been out for blood, he wouldn’t have stood a ghost of a chance. Her Gandr aren’t fatal and would have given him a debilitating cold, along with a dose of pain.

    We know for sure, however (from the VN bad ending where she DOES take him out here) that she would not have killed him. True, what she did in that ending wasn’t exactly kind, at least he was alive and believed himself to be happy (of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that Ilya would have killed him anyway :P).

    The previous paragraphs were taken from my full dissertation on Rin Tohsaka, my favorite character of all time. ^-^

    Mixed signals from this scene may be due to the fact that it is taken from Rin’s route in the VN, so it’s bound to have chemistry and development between them.

    Rin isn’t necessarily in love with Shirou, but she has been watching him and been aware of him for a few years. It’s kind of ironic considering how Shirou has admired her from afar since he started High School.

    Also, Rider makes her triumphant entrance! *drools* It’s too bad we don’t see her at her best. Isn’t it sad, Rider?

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