More Negima! Chapter 251 SPOILER Images

More Negima! Chapter 251 SPOILER Images

Here is the 2nd batch of images from Negima! chapter 251.

The bigger images this time. Interesting that the knights allowed Negi to talk (and I’m guessing help restore) Yue’s memories.

Additional: OK, I see 2ch had two more images posted later on so I’ll add them here.

The first batch of images can be found –> HERE!

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  1. orion says:

    Sooo… it looks to me like Negi&co meet Yue, the knights reluctantly agree to let talk after Negi sneezes for some reason or another, and Yue starts to remember but the Knights get worried or pissed at Negi and attack. Negi holds them off easily, because maybe the headmaster of Ariandne gave him a spell or something, which would explain why one of the knights (forgot her name) is thinking of her. Then the backup arrives, and will probably incur a try-to-convince-Yue-to-go-with-them-while-running-away battle

  2. ZeroUrashima says:

    Actually, she isn’t thinking of Seras. Emily contacted the HQ for backup before Negi broke the barrier. Then Seras told her to not arrest them which is why they were allowed to talk things over. They confirmed Yue to be “their” Yue and Emily and the rest were told that Negi is Nagi’s son. She then believes that there is something going on behind the scenes since him, being a great Hero’s son, being a bounty is a bit unbelievable and because of his connections with Seras.

    Seras also told Emily to be careful of the Ostia Gouvernor and then he showed up with MM soldiers (unfortunately, can’t read the furigana, too pale). I guess he has something to do with the fact that Negi and Ala Abra Members being bounties. Maybe some sort polical issue, Negi is probably Arika’s son afterall so Ostia’s Prince and the governor doesn’t want him back or something maybe?

  3. ZeroUrashima says:

    Another thing and a correction.

    Negi broke the barrier bare handed. Probably just got stronger so a barrier of this level can’t stop him anymore.

    I meant Vespertatia’s Prince. I just rechecked the name of Arika’s country. =/

  4. ZeroUrashima says:

    Aw great, not double post but triple… >.< I misread your post and thought you meant Negi broke the barrier with a spell from the headmaster <_< What you said is wrong because you’re not looking at the images at the right order. It’s:
    251-07 Note: Collette and that other girl is seperated from Yue and Emily. First bubble is “Ooooi! what’s are you doing, lincho… eh? that is?”
    251-08 Note: Last bubble in 05, she was just told that Negi is Nagi’s son and first bubble, she’s saying “Nagi-sama’s so…*mugo*” basically stopped halfway.

  5. Philip says:

    what will happen next? Harsh interrogation of Negi, Nodoka, and Shiori-Asuna? A nasty fight breaking out? Or an ultra-quick escape for Negi and co. while immobilizing any pursuers?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ecchi and story advancement all rolled up into one. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  7. Ultimaniac says:

    Oh god, I am gonna love this chapter to no end. That page with Yue in her pantsu *o* I almost didn’t even notice Nodoka.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, just like my doctor told me. A bit of an ecchi shock and you’ve got the memory problem solved

  9. orion says:

    @ZeroUrashima: Thanks, I don’t know Japanese, so I could only guess at to what was being said, much less to the page order. Given your info, the governor could either be after Negi’s bounty or helping Fate in some way, considering he’s done pretty deep corruption before.

    Which reminds me, there’s another possible strike against your Negi=Nagi theory, ANB. In 250, Yue’s Orbis Sensualim Pictus gave her the “Megalomeseria secret level A” info that says Nagi did indeed have a son. So there’s more of a possibility that Nagi isn’t Negi.

    @Phillip: Somehow I doubt anyone is too keen on picking a fight with Negi, considering he’s just a few levels or so below Rakan, who is his teacher. If it comes to conflict, I’m pretty sure Negi&co could easily escape.

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Orion — That’s not necisarily a strike. After all, for Nagi to successfully disguise himself as Negi, not only does he have to avoid mind readers and other things that would give away the notion of his true identity, but Nagi would also have to ensure that there was a reason for some little kid in Great Britain with enormous magic potential who looked like the great “Nagi-sama.” So he becomes “Negi, the son of the Thousand Master” and who’s to say this Negi is not? A mind reader comes along to check and there’s nothing to give Nagi away. Nagi is perfectly hidden.

    Now, if my theory is correct, then either Nagi got someone to help register fraudulent records or the information was added because everyone just assumes it to be true.

    IF the theory is true. ^_~

  11. Anonymous says:

    Of course that assumes that Nagi did so intentionally. If Negi=Nagi, it’s possible that the transformation into a child was not intentional and it was covered up be members of AR. Nagi as a child (Negi) is both a blank slate and a juicy target.

  12. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The basis of my theory is that Nagi would have done it intentionally — pretend to be dead and become a very young child. I think that Nagi set up where he would live in Great Britain as a child. I think he also arranged it so that as Negi, he would be assigned to Mahora Academy. I think that Nagi also made sure Al stayed put under Mahora Academy to ensure his gift was given to Negi.

    If my theory is correct, Nagi planned out his going into exile very carefully, which may be unusual for Nagi’s style, but I think that if Nagi went into exile at all, the situation was dire indeed.

  13. deklist says:

    Negi is Negi and Nagi Nagi
    I mean, They are different person ..

  14. Renzo says:

    Wow! Another battle scene! 😀
    Since the fight between Rakan and him is long over, I guess he returned to his normal power state now. 😛

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. =))
    And why should they know that Nagi, indeed had a son? Doesn’t that mean that Negi&Co are revealing their secret to the public.

    I thought they were undercover. But if it’s for Yue, I guess it’s the right thing to do. :]

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well, the best way for Negi to find the truth about his father would be to use Chao Lingshen’s research to make another time machine and go back 20 years/ or 10.

  16. Phoeneix says:

    About the Nagi is disguised himself to be Negi or hid himself in him.
    1st: The disguise can’t deceive the pactio cards, and on the card it said negi’s name.
    2nd: If he hid himself in his child, personally i think that is very unlikely for a righteous hero. And the other question, what happend with negi’s mother?
    I got an interesting question, everybody talking only about the son of the hero, but never about the daughter. But Negi has an older sister. Could that mean, that she is not his real sister?

  17. arimareiji says:

    Well, if you believe that the anime is canon, then the question of Negi=/=Nagi has been definitively settled. But then again, according to the anime Asuna’s magic cancel comes from a completely different source, which came back to haunt her on her 14th birthday. So I don’t think it’s absolutely definite yet.

    Tangent: Not that I have anything against that alternate ending, mind you. It’s by far my favorite arc of the Negiverse, and in the top 20 of my favorite story arcs ever.

    Just because an idea comes out of left field doesn’t mean it has to be untrue – or that it won’t improve the story. (^_^)

    @ZeroUrashima – Interesting; hadn’t thought of the political dimension. But you’re right – logically, it only stands to reason that Fate’s group has the backing of (or can manipulate) some of the major powers.

  18. Ultimaniac says:

    The raw is out. It wasn’t a sneeze that did that. Negi just gave them an exarmatio in shockwave form but put too much power lol.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @Phoeneix- Yes, I also doubt Nekane is Negi’s sister. But she could be his mother, Princess Akira, hence her resemblance to Asuna.
    As for Nagi being hiden within Negi is possible, even if i doubt it could be voluntarely.
    Regarding pactio cards, on Asuna’s is writen Kagurazaka, yet her real name is Vesperina Entelofusia.

  20. arimareiji says:

    @Phoeneix: It could be worse, he could have stuck a nine-tailed demon in his child… (^_~)

    @Anonymous: Thanks, I started to wonder about that for a second.

    @ANB: Oh no – now people are starting to wonder about how Negi=Nagi by zygotic means, which is a level of incest I don’t even think CLAMP has touched yet. Shoulda never opened my big mouth. (>.<)

  21. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Wow, that’s fast. Thanks for the head’s up.

  22. Phoeneix says:

    Ok, i have another question whats bugging me for a while.
    If asuna was the princess during the war 20 years ago, then how is she only 14?
    In Asuna’s memories, when she was saved by Nagi during the war, she was around 4 or 5, but when Nagi disappeard 10 years ago, she was still the same age. But Asuna is a human, so how come she doesn’t aged during that 10 years, and began to grow when she come to the old world?

  23. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Ok, i have another question whats bugging me for a while. If asuna was the princess during the war 20 years ago, then how is she only 14?

    She’s not 14 — she only appears to be 14.

    In Asuna’s memories, when she was saved by Nagi during the war, she was around 4 or 5, but when Nagi disappeard 10 years ago, she was still the same age. But Asuna is a human, so how come she doesn’t aged during that 10 years, and began to grow when she come to the old world?

    How Asuna’s age appearance was restricted has not been explained just as the means of her obtaining a whole new personality and having her prior life memories blocked has not been explained. I will say that the fact that Asuna is much older than she appears and her new personality is one of the many elements that show that Nagi could turn himself into Negi. ^_~

  24. goldenmustang says:

    If Negi=Nagi, then this means that he could “have Nagi’s personality inside him” or something, right? Then wouldn’t he be revert back to his “original personality” when he gets traumatized/has BSOD? (This is what ALWAYS happens with characters with alternate personalities) Where would the story go then? Without the main character(or, at least with out his personality), how would the story move on? I mean, the story has got to have its main character.

  25. Anonymous says:

    If Negi=Nagi (and that’s a HUGE “if”), then it would be one of the greatest coverups in manga history. You’d wonder if Akamatsu-sensei contacted Dan Brown (“The DaNegi Code”). Nagi would have had to alter top secret Megolomesembrian government records, succesfully wipe his own memory and alter his personality, physically reverse his age, and somehow fool everyone he ever knew into accepting that he vanished and left behind a son (they all recognize, even in private thought, that Negi is Nagi’s son, not his alter ego). On top of that, sometime in the future he’ll have to go back in time to convince his 4-year-old self that he’s really his father. Outside of a physical resemblence (family members looking alike in a manga… who’d a thunk it?), there’s really not a single shred of evidence that Negi and Nagi are the same person, so it’s a huge stretch. I honestly don’t know how anyone could come to the conclusion that they’re the same person. If Negi and Nagi do end up being the same person, then it’ll be one of the biggest WTF? moments ever.

  26. Ultimaniac says:

    The new personality part could be the easiest to guess at and has already been partially explained. My guess is when they came to the old world and erased her memories they accomplished their wish to have the princess grow up like a normal girl. She always seemed like some sort of “emotionally blank slate” before, combine that with her lost memories, plus being surrounded by other children her own (supposed) age as well as Ayaka’s spunky childhood influence. I think that easily adds up to her unique personality.

    As for the actual erasure of her memories and the growing up part…Maybe someone else has a theory? ^_^’

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @goldenmustang — I think the dangling Asuna thread will give us some clues as to how it is handled since she’s having her former self meet her current self within her mind. My belief is that IF my theory is true, then the revelation won’t come until near the end of the manga’s run.

    @Anon — there is a ton of circumstantial evidence that could support Nagi becoming Negi. When I first started wondering if Nagi and Nege were the same person, I said nothing because there were too many variables like age and time travel. Then, Akamatsu-sensei revealed that, “Ooo! A character can change their age.” Even Eva was fooled for a moment when she saw Negi as a teen (and Eva’s age-altering magic is undetectable).

    Next, time travel and the meeting of Nagi and Negi in the past. Well, Chao resolves that and Negi showed himself to be powerful enough to travel a week in time vs. a day or so.

    I knew I keep promising to write an article spelling out everything but one of the things going against me is time. I’m often away from home and control the blog remotely. I need to just sit down and with no other distractions, research and write my piece because the Nagi=Negi piece will need to be well cited rather than be a stream of conscious thought as my reply here is.

    The thing is though that IF I’m right about my theory, it won’t be the biggest WTF moment because someone saw it and said, “this is going to happen.” One thing I’ve learned in my years of being an anime fan as well as a fantasy and sci-fi fan is that the majority of fans will sometimes miss the clues to the bigger picture. There’s nothing wrong with that providing you were entertained. Unfortunately, some fans expect certain things and when things don’t go as they thought it would, they get rather riled up. ^_^; Me, if I’m wrong, I plan to write a piece (stream of thought) saying I was wrong. ^_^

    I do enjoy trying to figure out where a story is going. Sometimes I score pretty good (Clannad) and sometimes not, especially when there are unexpected plot twists. Time will tell if I’m right or not. ^_^

  28. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Ultimaniac — it would be interesting to me if Nagi is shown to have played a role in Asuna’s memory suppression.

  29. ZeroUrashima says:

    Actually, I think Asuna’s age thing have something to do with the final battle 20 years ago.

    In chapter 233, after Nagi defeated the final boss, the ritual was still going to take place.

    Before the ritual activated, Nagi warned Al about Himeko/Asuna and the ritual. We can assume that Asuna is inside the building where the ritual took place.

    When all the motherships arrived to stop the thing, Takamichi’s master asked Arika “Are you alright with this, your Majesty?”. We can assume that Asuna isn’t going to make it out of it okay.

    My guess is as a side-effect of stopping the ritual, a time-slip of 10 years happened and the young Asuna was sent into the future or that she was sealed along that “dungeon” for 10 years and didn’t age when sealed. Then after she reappeared, Nagi and co. tried to save her and to protect her before she falls into the hands of the enemies and resulted into Nagi’s disappearance and Gatou’s death.

    I don’t think that’s possible.
    Volume 12, Chapter 102, Gatou’s dying scene, Asuna clearly states that Nagi has already disappeared before she lost her memories and Gatou asked Takamichi to do it.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yue’s arc is interesting. Although she hasn’t evolved as much in power as the others, she’s still quite strong since she has a team working for her. Her “harem” per say is like a mini-force in itself.

    In a way, Negi can now work in 3 groups, His Team, Kaede’s Team, and then Yui’s Team. Negi is growing his own mini-army. If Ken goes this route, he has his work cut out for him, lol.

  31. Anonymous says:

    To all Negi=Nagi beleivers I say, Nagi in Negi’s memories did not have the scar on his cheek that Negi has. That and about the changing age thing, IT IS AN ILLUSION, this has been pointed out in chapter 76.

  32. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The Nagi in Negi’s memories contains very few details on purpose. So a lack of a scar means little to me at this point.

    As to the age-change being an illusion, you are right. Eva proved that her version of the magic is PERFECT. That’s why “Nagi-san” (Negi in adult form) could have his arm re-attached and no one there knew that this was in fact a 10-year old kid. As best as they could tell, they were operating on a young adult male. ^_^ So again, the fact that this is illusion magic changes nothing to me.

    @ZeroUrashima — If that is the 10-year marker, then yeah. For some reason, I was thinking that this happened a little longer than 10-years (when Nagi “died”).

  33. DeltaResilience says:

    Without spoiling myself to much,r ead the first few pages of 251 at mangahelpers (looks like my hiragana reading’s gotten better XD). As expected, Yue still doesn’t completely remember, but breifly states Nodoka’s name then asked “Anata wa donata desu ka” (Who are you?).

    Awesome thing is the cover art for this issue, its got the Ala Rubra gang (the past) with Nagi and Arika as the central figures and the background including Gatou, Takamichi, Jack, Eishun, Alberio and Fillius (If you can’t see lil takamichi, its cause of the text, all of them are on water with their reflections shown).

    “To all Negi=Nagi beleivers I say, Nagi in Negi’s memories did not have the scar on his cheek that Negi has.”

    ^ Can’t believe I just noticed XD

    “The Nagi in Negi’s memories contains very few details on purpose. So a lack of a scar means little to me at this point.”

    ^ Knew you’d say that, it has to be expected XD

    But after seeing the cover art and looking at Fillius, the idea sparked me. I’ve already noticed that Fillius and Nagi also have similar haircuts but the cover just sparked me more on my belief that Nagi may not be Negi.

    The way I see it, with Fillius being refered to as “Master” (not to mention being said to speak like an old man by Kuu Fei, meaning he’s got the same case as Alberio, young looking, older being) Nagi style’s his hair in the form of his master, Negi’s is natural though he ties it up.

    Nagi maybe Negi (which I’d personally hope not) but with the way things are going, I wouldn’t bet all my money on this theory. Though now after mentioning that, I’d really like to know more about Fillius Zect, what exactly did happen to him?

    And I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any deaths in Negima, ever, however, there has been established deaths, these being Gatou, Chigusa’s parents, the guy who turned Eva into a vamp and Yuuna’s mom, with probably toehrs I can’t remember. I’d been wondering, though I dunno if this is a good choice, but when is there gonna be a direction that an on-screen character death happens. Doubt it’d be any of the 3-A girls, but hmmmmm.

  34. DeltaResilience says:

    “If Negi=Nagi, then this means that he could “have Nagi’s personality inside him” or something, right? Then wouldn’t he be revert back to his “original personality” when he gets traumatized/has BSOD? (This is what ALWAYS happens with characters with alternate personalities) Where would the story go then? Without the main character(or, at least with out his personality), how would the story move on? I mean, the story has got to have its main character.”

    Yeh, this was one of the other reasons I avoided the Nagi = Negi theory. However, this sort of thing I’ve seen before. If anyone’s watched/played the anime/visual novel Chaos;Head, they’ll know what I mean. However, Chaos;Head took time in the end to straighten the main character, Takumi, for his ephiphany on existence. But Negima was made ages before Chaos;Head so I wouldn’t bet my money on the theory still. And judging from many of the established actions that occured in the beggining, and has been brought further into the later parts of the story (such as Asuna being atheletic and keeping up with Konoka on skates), Akamatsu has done some awesome planning. Man, long stories are great, dying to know more (like any awesome story) can make you so screwy XD

  35. ZeroUrashima says:

    It’s more or less 10 but it can’t be after Nagi “died”.

    Volume 10, Chapter 100, you see young Asuna and the older Takamichi and Nagi is present in that scene. So after whatever the cause is that made Asuna not age, Nagi haven’t diappeared yet and Nagi disappeared 10 years ago. So the slip or whatever has to be more than 10 years.

    Considering that she’s 14 (or was it 13?) in the beginning, it can’t be really be more than a 10 years slip or she would be too old physically. So my conclusion is about 10 years.

    Anyway, I think stopping the magic that was about to destroy the world was the cause but not sure about the details (time slip, sealed, growth just stopped for 10 years as side-effect, etc).

    Also, Eva’s magic isn’t perfect. Otherwise, she would just use that instead of her own illusion Magic to go Adult Form and her own illusion has been broken before when Nagi booby trapped Eva and thrown garlics and stuff in it.

    Nodoka said that Eva’s pills can’t be seen through with normal detectors in chapter 236. Same chapter, Rakan said “It can’t be helped that you couldn’t detect it” but he didn’t say it was impossible. In fact, he figured out it was Negi quite easily and never even doubted that.

  36. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “Perfect” is an incorrect choice of terms. ^_^; Near-perfect then considering it is MUCH better than the age-changing illusion candies that Chamo produced.

    I think there may have been two things come into play with Nagi capturing Eva. First, Nagi uses Eva’s being a vampire against her (the anti-vampire soup) but such a thing would not affect Negi. Second, I think that Eva would have improved the magic even more to counteract such a thing in the future.

    Of course, I’m betting that Eva wasn’t using candies but her own spell to accomplish the age-changing. In fact, I’m quite sure that this is the case since in volume 3 and other places, Eva changes form at will. The candies may have been a recent creation of Eva’s just for the trip to the MW.

    As to Jack not being fooled, I chalk that up to a case of 1+1=2. Jack knew that the son of Nagi was coming to MW. Jack knows that Nagi is dead/MIA. Jack knows of age-changing illusion magic. Someone showing up in town looking like Nagi gets into a fight. That could only be Negi. ^_^

  37. You’re more chatty than usual tonight.

  38. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The night is quieter than normal so I can keep up on things better while I’m jamming on some oldies (“Kansas City” as I write).

  39. The Curious Fan says:

    It looks like this discussion won’t be able to be as big as chapter 250 spoilers images discussion, I mean 59 posts thats a lot for mahou sensei negima right? In other news could we have a discussion on what we think happened 10 years ago to splinter Ala Rubra in the chapter 251 review? Also, does anyone have a good guess of what Ku Fei’s artifact is going to be?

    P.S How much stronger do you think the true antagonist (i.e the guy who created Fate) is than Nagi? after all he forced Nagi to be on the run for ten years.

    Finally what is your favourite pairing besides Negi/Asu or Negi/Nodo?

  40. ZeroUrashima says:

    About Rakan, he figured that Nagi-senshu is Negi before he even introduced himself after winning the first battle. In chapter 196, there was this cloaked guy that appeared that is probably him since he appears in the same outfit the next chapter and the author bothered spending a whole, ugh…, “coma” (in Japanese) for him.

    He also looked down at the people working for each of the 3 powers for not being to figure out that he was Negi and was a bit surprised that they couldn’t. I don’t tihnk he’ll say that he couldn’t see through the disguise himself IMO.

    Come to think of it, the candies itself is against the theory Negi=Nagi IMO. At the very least, against the age-mod by candies or illusions. For the practice date for Asuna, Negi said it was hard for him to go to near 30 with the candies because it was too fall apart from his real age and could only get to 15. If Negi was Nagi, his real age is above 30, there’s no reason for Negi to not be able to reach that age to fit Asuna’s preference in men.

  41. arimareiji says:

    @Curious Fan: Paru/Chamo, definitely.
    I adore Negi/Nodoka and Konoka/Setsuna, but Chamo and Paru are the OTP.

  42. Phoeneix says:

    ” Finally what is your favourite pairing besides Negi/Asu or Negi/Nodo? “

    I don’t really care:) My favorite character is eva-chan.

    I don’t think they need more artifact, because those people whose are combat oriented, an artifact hardly can boost them. And for the clueless people like, makie and ako to get an artifact… For a peope who can’t defend herself, i think they doesn’t deserve an artifact. First they need to power up a bit, and then they maybe can think about an artifact. But if negi does make more pactio with helpless peoples, then he will be more ridiculous. In the beginning that was ok, but there aren’t any field where they lack artifacts now.
    Negi is not my favorite in this manga, although he is the main character, because his personality is so graceless and clumsy, and having almost none social problem managing skills. He is good in fighting, but sux in any other areas.

  43. fg7dragon says:

    I’m concerned about Fate’s real name “Third”. Could it mean third version? I mean, the one Nagi fought during the war got killed by the Lifemaker’s blast. And there’s the one Nagi fought 10 years ago, when they “defeated each-other”. And now this one, the “third”. Get the ideea?
    We never knew exactly how Nagi defeated the “Lifemaker”. Maybe he sealed him, and lost control 10 years ago. And the “Second” poped out and made Nagi go mising.
    And regarding what exactly hapened to Nagi, could he be in the Demon Plane? Like in the anome, where he unsommoned a demon along with himself. That way, 6 years ago, when the demon was summoned, he also was. And finaly, could that demon be Fate. Negi did say that his barier wasn’t human..
    Well, what do you think, ANB ?

  44. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Pressed for time so I can’t write much — I think that the clues to Fate can be found in volume 8 of “A.I. Love You” and the character Zero, who gets infected with the Spider Virus and becomes Spider-Zero. Zero is an artificial computer construct who can reside in cyberspace as well as the real world. Cyberspace in Akamatsu-sensei’s universe is represented by water, as seen when Chisame did her thing during the Mahora Festival. Fate’s teleportation by water may not be actual water, but him using cyberspace to move about. I honestly think that Fate is version 3 of a similar Zero program.

    Gah. Got to go.

  45. Anonymous says:


    The princess from the story about Nagi (the one Negi suspected was his mom) has blue/green heterochromia too! The raws include a new color pic (which I suspect will be a book cover) with her. I mean, we already were thinking of connections and they were hinted at in the actual manga, but this is a definitive connection now.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Not exactly… heterochromia isn’t a recessive trait, and is actually considered common among… other gene-affected conditions. Blue/Green heterochromia is not specific to Asuna. And it is already known Asuna is related to Negi’s mother, though the exact connection is not known. Because they have the same last name, but not middle name (it actually matters when concerning “royal” families), it is most likely they are cousins of some sort or half-sisters.

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