Natsu no Arashi — The Parody Reference Chart

Natsu no Arashi — The Parody Reference Chart

While waiting for access to the next TWO episodes of Natsu no Arashi, I was made aware of a chart that Japanese fans are putting together to display many of the parody imagery the anime does. I know SHAFT sometimes goes overboard on the parody stuff, but even I am stunned by the sheer volume of parody material that most of us in the west will not even remotely get.

Natsu no Arashi -- The Parody Reference Chart

If this series ever gets licensed, I really do hope the licensing company will take the time and effort to have translator notes to educate the masses on all the parodies, including the ones in the chart.

The chart still has a few holes in it but if I become aware of an updated chart, I’ll post it.

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5 Responses to “Natsu no Arashi — The Parody Reference Chart”

  1. Toonleap says:

    I cant believe I am missing the fun…

    Otakus sure have a lot of free time to do this…

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s insane. What are these? Album covers?

  3. This is kinda ridiculous….

  4. O-chan says:

    Wow! I knew the OP and ED were probably parodying J-Pop covers and somesuch but to this extent….geez!

    BTW, After seeing the last few episodes this series is one I might get if ever commercially released. It definitely is a different series that’s kinda interesting.

  5. […] parody references. It starts with the entire OP sequence, where SHAFT has parodies of countless Japanese album covers. This then continues with customers at the Ark, which are actually from other anime or manga […]

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